We Forced A Tourist And A Local To Go To Times Square: Tourist Vs. Local

– Hi I’m Dave and I’m from New York. Today I’m meeting a total stranger, and for some reason we’re
going to Times Square. – I am Samuel Swanson. I am from a little small dot
called Pine Level, Alabama. This is my first time in New York City. Ooh, there goes a Chipotle, (screams) yes. ♪ In New York ♪ – I’m terrified. – [Narrator] This is a show
where we take two strangers, a local from the big city. – I’ve lived in New
York for about 10 years. – [Narrator] And an out of towner. – Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. – [Narrator] They go to one
of the most infamous spots in New York City; Times Square. Dave absolutely hates Times Square. – I hate Times Square. – [Narrator] But Samuel
could not be more excited. (screams) The goal is for Dave to
withstand a trip to Times Square, and find one thing he
doesn’t hate about it. This is Tourist vs Local. – I’ve lived in New
York for about 10 years. – Where I’m from there’s no Starbucks. There’s no Burger King. There’s no bodega, you guys call it. Everyone is in a trailer, so
we really don’t see brick. If you do have brick, it’s
because your bougie or your rich. In Times Square, I am really
excited to see characters. – Elmo’s there trying
to steal money from you. It’s awful, it’s awful. – I’m gonna be able to
go to Broadway shows. – I got news for you. It costs like $120 to see a Broadway show, and that’s for the shittiest one. You think you’re gonna see Hamilton? Yeah, good luck. It costs $2,000 to see Hamilton. – Shopping, maybe going out in the street. Maybe get some cool, dope, awesome jobs versus working at a
McDonald’s or at the county. Some of the awesome things
I’m hoping to see here, maybe even Alicia keys. I would love to see Beyonce. I don’t know if she’s here
or not or Kelly Roland. (bell rings) – It’s loud, it’s
expensive, it smells bad. – Discounted items, you
could have a Gucci bag for like 20 bucks. I’m a caught me one cause
you never know honey; stun it till you make it, great food. – I mean, there’s probably some hot dogs that are like three decades
old you could get there. – I’m ready to see crazy hairstyles and crazy stuff. (upbeat instrumental music) Hey, I think we are here. (upbeat instrumental music) – Samuel, bring it in. – What’s up buddy? – How you doing, welcome. – Doing good. – Come on in. It’s five flights up. – Okay, there’s an elevator right? – [Dave] Nope. – I’m already feeling it bro. – We got two more. – [Samuel] Technically, isn’t it three? – [Dave] We can do it. – [Samuel] Talk about calf workout. – Yeah, I got calves of steel. We’re gonna go down this little tunnel. (sighs) (beeps) (“Scared of Heights” by Jersey Demic) – Are there any places you
like going in Times Square? – The best part about Times Square is when you finally leave Times Square, and you’re free again. – I’m a fun outgoing person, but I love the simple things in life. If I see a little monkey, and you’ve probably seen it eight Times, bro we’re gonna have to stop it there. – If we saw a little monkey
running around in Times Square that’d be awesome. That’d be great. – I wanna make you like Times
Square buddy; hands down. You’re gonna have fun with me. – There’s no way. (bell dings) I have no idea what the tasks are. You wanna do it? – Yes, I will open it. Yes, adventures, like Steven Universe. Oh wow, so we have to buy a
hot dog from a street vendor, and eat it on the curb. That’s gonna be fantastic bro. I’ve always wanted to have a New York dog. Is that what you guys
call it; New York dog? – We call it New York diarrhea. (screams) – Ooh, there goes Chipotle. Awe shit and a Starbucks. Dave, you ready to get out now? – Madison Square Garden
is right over there. – Oh, okay. – That’s it. – Sweet, ah shit. It looks like a prison. – Yeah (laughs) it looks awful. (screams) – So we’re excited Dave. We’re in New York City, Times Square. Dude, let’s go over there man. What is that right there? – [Dave] I don’t know. – Yes, this is amazing. This is New York City bro. I’m so sick of seeing a tree. I love all the billboards,
love all the lights, and then dude way to
advertise a movie man. You definitely wanna go see that bro. ♪ We’re in Times Square ♪ ♪ We’re in Times Square ♪ ♪ We’re in Times ♪ ♪ Square ♪ (screams) Yes, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s. (upbeat music) Hi buddy, can we get a hotdog? Two of ’em. I’m excited to get this hotdog. – You’re pumped for this right now. – Bro, I’m so excited
for this hotdog okay. – I’ll take a small hotdog. Thank you, how much? – Nine dollars? (bell rings) A nine dollar hotdog bro? – This is like a play hotdog. – We know bigger is better. – I don’t even want it. (laughs) (upbeat music) – Okay, it’s good. Not Alabama hotdog (laughs). My grandma said, “Never
let food go to waste.” – There you go. – Thanks buddy (laughs). On to task two. (bell dings) – Having trouble with the envelope. Take a photo with a costume character. Elmo’s there, it’s awful. – Oh dude, that’s amazing bro. Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. – I’m gonna get lice. – Take a picture. Take a picture, click, click. What’s up Mickey Mouse? I swear, oh, he’s latino. Latino, hola (laughs). Come on Dave. We have different types
of Mickey Mouses here. All around the globe. Yes, awesome. Cinco de Mayo was amazing yesterday guys. My first time ever. Oh wow, so they just take money like that? I’m sorry. – [Dave] It’s gonna cost us. – What’s happening? She did. All right Dave, come on
Dave, picture with Elmo; yes. (bell dings) – I was terrifying. We were just attacked by
a bunch of Minnie Mouses. My heart was pounding. I thought I was gonna be hurt, but thank God we made it out safely. Now we’re finally on to task number three. – Three. – We’re so close. We’ve been here 40 minutes, but it feels like we’ve
been here 40 hours. – What’s in envelope number three. – I don’t know what’s in
envelope number three, but I’m pretty sure I’m gonna hate it. (bell dings) – Let’s open it. Oh, (laughs). This is gonna be amazing. Just come walk with me. Walk with me for a moment. – [Dave] Oh God. – We have to write a song lyric plus sing and perform
on the large steps, yes. So this bring it or break moment, so David don’t fuck this up. – For you, I gotcha. – [Samuel] All right, so. – Let’s write a song. – Let’s write a song baby. Dave, dude, I’m actually
here at the stairs bro. I’m super excited. This is like a dream come true bro. I feel like Alicia Keys
could come behind me out of nowhere and just go ♪ In New York ♪ From Alabama I’m here. All right, so are you ready
to write the best song ever? – Let’s think, okay. – Let’s write something
about all the things that we see around here. ♪ Elmo tried to kill us ♪ ♪ Hotdog man tried to kill us ♪ ♪ Almost got hit by a bus ♪ ♪ Here in Times Square ♪ – There’s pose, so let’s
write down this first word. ♪ Pose for the camera ♪ ♪ Elmo was great ♪ ♪ The hotdog was nine dollars ♪ – We gotta hurry. We only have seven minutes left. – We suck at songwriting. This task is gonna be a
little bit hard (laughs). – What makes this pair of stairs different than any other pair of
stairs you’ve ever been on? – Because these stairs give you hope. There’s so much opportunity out there. You know what I’m saying? There’s so many things you can do. This is so promising for me, because I know that if
I wanna get up tomorrow and go to a Broadway audition, If I wanna get up and eat good pizza, bro I can come to New York City. Times Square where it’s happening. – I’m surprised, this is
actually pretty relaxing here. No ones trying to steal money from us or do anything. It’s pretty nice here. – See, told you buddy. It’s been such a great
experience being here with you. Hope we become friends. Let’s just write something
about friendships. – I love it. – And this new journey. – I’ll harmonize. – Dave no, you’re harmony’s
gonna sound horrible. I can tell a singer when I hear one. You sound horrible Dave,
but I love you (laughs). – Ready to do this? – Let’s go, yes. ♪ What amazing day it is
to be in New York City ♪ ♪ Times Square ♪ ♪ Where dreams can come true ♪ ♪ If you take the red stairs ♪ – [Both] Yes. (bell dings) – We just finished task three bro. New York City’s still big. We have a minute left, so
what can we do in one minute? – Let’s get outta here. – All right, fair enough. – Hey, I’m sorry I was being
a big ole sour puss earlier. I decided to get you a… – Oh man, thank you bro. I really wanted one of these. – Just to show you how sorry I am, I got one too. – This is dope. – Wanna give ’em a spin? – Yes, let’s go, ready, go. (fairy dust sprinkles) (“Adolescence” by Mel Croucher) One of the most amazing parts of today, is that I got a chance to see something that’s totally different. People, food all over the
place, pigeons, a Starbucks. I got a chance to hang out with this guy which was amazing. So after hanging out with me today bud, is there anything in Times Square you have a different view on
that you don’t hate as much? – It wasn’t the worst
thing that I’ve ever done, and I had more fun than I
thought I was gonna have. Thanks to you I feel like
it wouldn’t have been as fun if you weren’t there. You got a beautiful voice. The voice of an angelic voice. – It was a surreal moment. I feel like he was Jay-Z, I was Alicia. – I thought that too. – We were just going in. – The thing with Times Square is I feel it’s only as good
as the company you keep. – Yes. (“Adolescence” by Mel Croucher)

100 thoughts on “We Forced A Tourist And A Local To Go To Times Square: Tourist Vs. Local

  1. He isn't a native. As a native new yorker who has travelled world wide i can unequivically say nyc is the best city in the world and times square is incredible esspecially 2 to 5 am as a teen. He isn't from nyc so doesn't apprieciate it's uniqueness every few blocks that make it unlike anywhere else in the world.

  2. lol I was born in New York and I still live here and TBH I find it rly boring but when I watch this I learn that it's really not. yet I never go to times square.

  3. I live around an hour and a half south of Pine Level, AL in another small town and I can't say I cant understand her excitement. Even going somewhere like Atlanta makes me so happy because of all the things there are to do. 😂

  4. I have been in New York once, went to Times Square once, forgot where I actually was and bought a hot dog on Times Square for like $8 lol, big mistake

  5. I was literally there a day ago and i was so done with people pushing me and the air is so stuffy but the line friends store was there so i had to go

  6. I was born and raised in NYC but usually avoid times sq but once I walked through and saw traffic on the side walk for people walking. I was walking on the other side but it made me laugh that people walking had traffic lol

  7. I'm a New Yorker , and the time I went to Times Square is scary , mini mouse wouldn't let go of my arm and my dad had to argue . Hells no going back there !!

  8. Every tourist I’ve met in Arizona has either visited or will be visiting the Grand Canyon, something that as a 19 year old native I haven’t done 😂

  9. I feel.bad got new Yorkers. My city is becoming popular again and I HATE all the visitors 😤 I miss 10 years ago Detroit where you could park wherever you wanted and there was no one else around!

  10. I'm from New York City and let me tell ya time square is a tourist trap everything cost triple the price even Applebee's in time square don't got the 2 for $25 deal that's how expensive it is smh

  11. What a beautiful voice. I hope Samuel did go to some auditions. There is so much potential. I understand the excitement because there is something there.

  12. If you haven’t lived in New York for more than 20 years or if youre not born here…. I’m sorry to tell you you’re not a New Yorker

  13. GTFO “lived here 10 years so I’m a NewYorker.” I’m a native; born in Manhattan, lived in Brooklyn, raised in the Bronx, schooled in Manhattan, and living in Brooklyn.

  14. One time I was in time square and I walked by a group of the Mickie and Minnie Mouse people and they just start grabbing my arm and asking me “PICTURE? PICTURE? PICTURE NOW!”

  15. “I can get a Gucci bag for like, 20 dollars”
    That would be amazing but probably never gonna happen unless it’s fake

  16. I think people like her are the best – she’s fun, nice, outgoing a really warm friend, person and she’s the type of person that makes the world a better place.

  17. I avoid time square like a plague. I have taken the sub past my exit and walked 4 blocks down with heels to avoid going through time square even tho where I needed to go was right on the edge of the square.

  18. Please do this for Miami! I think the equivalent would be ocean drive. No Miamian actually goes there, just tourists

  19. I saw the Lion King in Times Square. 250$ ticket. Worth it? Yes. Because it’s been on my bucket list to see the Lion King in NYC. But after the show? I got the heck outta Times Square! LOL.

    Hell. If I’m hungry, I’ll grab a hot dog from any vender. I don’t care. Hot dogs are the bomb. XD

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