These are the price of mobile Sims I asked him – how to catch a Metro! I used this machine to buy the metro card These people who are using the escalators behind me They have just got off from the Metro train and now going out of the station but instead of rushing towards the escalators, they stood in a queue This market remains open till 2 AM It’s 8:55 AM Another day has begun This is my hotel room I am leaving now as people are waiting for me in the lobby We were supposed to assemble at 9 AM And then we are going to visit a new place The name is Everland It will take one hour to reach there It can also be said as Disneyland of Korea I am uploading a video Internet speed is very good a 1 GB video will get uploaded in just 2 to 3 minutes That’s it. Now we are going to leave the hotel I can clearly see one thing from the front seat of this bus This city has managed to tackle one of its biggest problems Traffic jam, which is a problem for almost every big city This city tackled the problem by making a separate lane for buses Exclusive lanes for buses I saw so many cars stuck in the traffic jam Whereas our bus is moving non-stop there used to be an exclusive corridor for buses in Delhi But probably due to its poor implementation it failed But it is successful here Even in the US, I saw this system is successful While visiting Washington DC I saw separate lanes for buses and cars carrying three people in rush hours Rushebh told me an interesting thing We are moving towards South on this highway This carriageway has three lanes Likewise, the northbound carriageway also has three lanes But there is one more carriageway between both of them Traffic’s directions on that carriageway keep changing based on the traffic’s movement But that carriageway can only be used by cars having at least 3 passengers Otherwise, you have to pay to use that carriageway When everybody starts using his car on the highway The problem of traffic jam gets aggravated to balance the traffic load they brought up a new solution I think it is clearly visible now You can see all the three carriageways clearly The middle carriageway is used for traffic going towards south in the evening So this carriageway can be used only if you have three passengers in your car or you have to pay to use it If you are driving alone in your car and you want to use that carriageway then you can go to the ‘commuter’s lot’ to find 2 more people going to your direction so there is a concept of Commuter’s lot here I hope we also implement such things in our cities wow! you don’t even have to halt on toll barriers in this city I appreciate it The highest speed limit on this expressway is 110 km/h This is Naver Google for South Koreans Naver has local maps, translation app You can use Naver map to find the best transportation from one point to another Based on your priority this app gives you suggestions Yesterday I tried it while travelling between Hongdae to Itaewon After putting ‘From’ & ‘To’ points, It told me it will take 20 minutes to reach and you have to catch subway number …. the other way suggested by this app was to take a car 3rd was to catch a bus This will tell you how each option will cost So you can get information based on fares and timings by using Naver app This is my ticket and resort guide This ticket is valid for all the rides for one day I can’t even think of doing this Are you going to this ride! I wont go Are you going? He is Gaurav She is Vanshika who invited us on this trip I CANT DO THIS… but I will do it is that T-Express? YOU WON’T GET TEA THERE! This is huge I’m not able to say roller coaster it’s a tongue twister my tongue gets stuck while saying roller coaster BUT ON THAT RIDE, YOUR TOUNGE WILL COME OUT Last time I tried this ride while coming down from Auli to Joshimath The only difference was there It was snow all over the ground these are like Gondolas in Gulmarg, Kashmir WHERE ARE THESE KIDS COMING FROM? No, they are coming from somewhere else We have reached the rollercoaster ride Here are a few instructions rollercoaster’s speed is 200 km/h If you are suffering from backache or neck pain Or suffering from some other health condition then don’t do this ride This is what happens when 2 YouTube Vloggers are at the same place I’m back in one piece I enjoyed it I had to wait for 50 minutes to do this ride but it was hardly 2.5 minutes long! The highest and the steepest falls were the most dangerous ones I couldn’t open my eyes in the beginning but after a while, I open one eye like this I NEVER CLOSED MY EYES We don’t have Pandas in our country So I am going to see a giant panda Ambience looks good panda’s favourite food – Bamboo is all over People from around the world have come to see these pandas but he is sleeping It said people in Korea follow lots of etiquette’s but he is hardly bothered about them! My energy level is down Now I’m going to restaurant to have something I also have to charge my camera’s battery It’s 12:30 PM After Pandas, We were supposed to see a few more animals But they were kept in captivity So I didn’t feel going there I don’t want to speak much about it Please watch one of the videos of my Mauritius series And you’ll know why didn’t I go one hot chocolate for 4500 won If you also get tired like me then you can come to this place between 12 PM to 6 PM and take rest I could have come here to charge my gadgets and take rest for a while We are going to visit a tower we can see a lot of things from its Observatory Even he wants to say something you will see such ‘tax-free’ stickers in many shops Have you seen my video of Georgia? where I took the tax refund at the airport while departing from Georgia I bought Mac’s charger for Rs.8000 in Georgia and Paid a significant amount as a tax While going back from the country I claimed tax refund You Can get tax refund if you do shopping from such shops You have to show will and the tax refund slip at the airport So this is the way to get the tax refund at the airports Many countries offered tax refunds to foreign tourists So do remember this whenever you go abroad For example, Thailand, Singapore and Sri Lanka offer tax refunds Even Georgia let us know if you have claimed tax refund in some other countries Name the country in the comments section And tell us how much refund did you get so that if people watching this video visit those countries They will come to know about this through your comment

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