Was This Man A Time Traveler?

In March 2003, the FBI arrested a 44-year-old
man called Andrew Carlssin. Carlssin had just enjoyed the luckiest run on the stock market
in history. In the space of two weeks, he turned an $800 investment into $350 million.
Naturally, this caught the eye of the authorities. Yet, instead of the usual denial, Carlssin
shocked the FBI with a full, four-hour confession. He was no ordinary insider trader. His 126
high-risk trades had paid off because he always knew they would – because Andrew Carlssin
was a time traveller from 250 years in the future. At first, Andrew Carlssin’s confession was
not believed. A spokesman for the Securities and Exchange Commision said, “He’s either
a lunatic or a pathological liar. Every trade he made capitalized on unexpected business
developments, which simply can’t be pure luck. The only way he could pull it off is
with illegal inside information. He’s going to sit in a jail cell on Rikers Island until
he agrees to give up his sources.” But Carlssin never gave up his sources. He
maintained that he had travelled from the year 2256 and profited from his knowledge
of the past. However, he admitted that he made a tactical error. “I had planned to
make it look natural – you know, lose a little here and there so it didn’t look too perfect.
But I just got caught in the moment.” As part of his plea bargain, he offered to
tell authorities the whereabouts of Osama bin Laden and a cure for AIDS. It is not known
whether he did reveal these secrets. It is known that he refused to reveal the location
of his time craft, in case it fell into the wrong hands. Though determined to prove him a liar, the
FBI could find no records of Carlssin’s existence before December 2002 – merely three
months before they picked him up. More puzzlingly, an unidentified benefactor posted his $1 million
bail. On the 3rd April 2003, Carlssin was due in court for a bail hearing. He disappeared
on the way to the hearing, and has never been seen again. Andrew Carlssin’s story may sound fantastical,
but is it possible to travel through time? Surprisingly, science says yes. We travel through time already, at a rate
of 1 hour per hour. That is how we perceive time, measuring our progress in annual birthdays. But Albert Einstein’s theory of Special
Relativity says we each perceive time differently. The closer you travel to the speed of light,
relative to other objects nearby, the slower time passes for you. Furthermore, Einstein’s
theory of General Relativity says that time passes more slowly for objects held in gravitational
fields, like us on Earth, than for objects further away, like satellites in orbit. That’s
why clocks on GPS satellites have to be regularly corrected, to keep them synchronised with
clocks on the planet. All this means that, if you were to get into
a craft to travel away from Earth at close to the speed of light for 5 years, then turn
around and come back at the same speed, you would have aged by 10 years, as you’d expect.
But on Earth, everyone would have aged by 29 years. With this in mind, scientists agree it is
possible to hop into the future by taking advantage of how time is distorted by extreme
gravitational fields and lightspeed travel. By orbiting a black hole for some years, or
by going through a wormhole – a bridge through spacetime predicted by Einstein – we could
go forwards in time. Einstein concluded it is impossible to travel
backwards in time. On the other hand, his friend and logician Kurt Gödel argued that
the theory of Relativity does allow us to travel into the past. Gödel postulated that
if the Universe is rotating, and you travelled around it fast enough, you would arrive before
you left. You could travel back to any point in your own history. Unfortunately this method
of time travel depends on the Universe rotating in a steady state, whereas most scientists
think it is expanding. Another way it may be possible to travel back
in time was put forward by Dr. Frank Tipler. He hypothesised that if a spacecraft accelerated
along a massive, infinitely long cylinder which was spinning on its longitudinal axis,
spacetime would be warped in such a way that the craft would travel into the past. Unfortunately, all these methods of time travel
are well beyond the feasible capabilities of mankind. Lightspeed requires far too much
energy to attain, wormholes have yet to be observed, and building an infinitely long
cylinder is literally impossible. Sadly, all this scientific theory is moot
in light of the truth behind Andrew Carlssin. Though his story was reported all around the
world by legitimate news outlets, neither the FBI nor the SEC ever heard of him. The SEC spokesman said, “This story is pure
fantasy. There is no truth in it at all. … We have had an enormous number of calls from
the media on this one […] but as far as we know, it’s just not true.” FBI spokesman Bill Carter said, “I am not
aware of any individual who has made $350 million on the stock market with an $800 stake…
The notion that there may be a time traveller out there has not reached the attention of
FBI headquarters.” In reality, the tale of Andrew Carlssin first
appeared on the Weekly World News, a satirical website that specialises in creating fictional
stories. His claims and the statements of officials were all invented. The article was
shared by Yahoo! News’ gossip section, and from there spread to more and more news outlets.
It was an early expression of the Internet’s power to share information rapidly and without
thorough fact-checking. This is why Andrew Carlssin disappeared without
a trace. He never existed in the first place. Yet the FBI’s Bill Carter still pondered,
“There might well have been an individual by that name arrested for fraud in any one
of our field offices out there – we arrest hundreds of individuals each week.” This does not mean that Andrew Carlssin the
time traveller ever existed. But if the fictional Andrew Carlssin exposed his secret by being
careless, how do we know a real time traveller is not among us right now, carefully observing
the world as it was – at least, from their point of view.

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  1. How can they just hold him in jail until he reveals the sources they merely suspect him of having, no matter how long it takes? I don't really care where he came from, but I'd love some stock tips from him!

  2. If, and that’s a huge if, he was from two hundred something it’s very probable that technology advanced far enough that light-speed is a cinch and time travel could be what space travel is today, possible but really expensive.

  3. Remember the 19th century memory disk?
    Remember the computer device back then?
    They all said, "impossible".
    There is no limit, the only limit is in your "mind".

  4. Or did he? Did they send him back or maybe he cooperated and then they fabricated the fabrication in order to hide his identity and the truth about time travel…😄😄😄

  5. if he vanished Without a Trace that means he went right back into his time machine and went back to his own time where he actually came from he knew he was getting in trouble with the law he didn't want to get known for his powerful knowledge

  6. Gravity does not alter entropy, it alters the means we use to count time, which is just a measure of entropy.
    That coupled with the finally done study that proves light does not travel in a constant speed, finally shed some "light" over the bullshit Einstein politically shoved into science, making the lives of automation engineers dealing with sensors a living hell.
    Now at least engineers can work with that they have, rather than enable stupid physicists.

  7. Well this story would actually make sense, the FBI wouldn't just let a time traveling agent free they would make up fake news to the media and keep him until he shared what he knew of the future and information not yet told.

  8. The very simple logic on how time travel works is this; you can travel into the past, and when you change one thing, you change everything. But when it comes to travel into the future, if you travel 20 years forward in time, it means you've been gone for 20 years.

  9. Maybe the universe is both spinning and expanding. It would explain while all things from galaxy's, to planets, to the atoms that make up everything all spin.
    If you could figure out the spin direction of the universe and either travel with or against it at the speed or faster than light then maybe it would allow you to time travel. Brb building time machine.

  10. Why all time travelers from america or go to america? american dream?
    It's like why all ppl who abducted by aliens are from poor and uneducated places…hehehe ^^

  11. When I heard he disappeared in the video I was like, myyyyyy g yessssss fk those greedy American authorities

  12. Time travelling claims are impossible as even if time travel exists, it cant be accessed by anyone or else anyone can go in the past and the past will change all the time because of the future.
    Also, so many people coming from the future cant possibly function in ancient societies without drawing attention

  13. So if you go really fast you can travel forward in time. maybe if I hold really still for long enough I'll travel back in time

  14. But do our cells actually obey our concept of "time" like "you would age by 10 years while others would have aged by 29" I dont think it works like that

  15. Most people with last name Carl-son is spelled like Carlssen, Carlsson, Carlson, Carlsen maybe, but never Carlssin, weird

  16. You need to go back to the second grade and work on your basic English grammar, OK? You don't say " seiz" (says) but "sez", OK ?

  17. I don’t think people fully understand the fundamental flaws with “time travel” on earth. Not possible, and if for some reason you are able to bend time to date X, you will find yourself far far far faaaar away from earth.

  18. Oh he is real, he is even in another time travel picture! The time travel hipster pick by the bridge! He is near the hipster!

  19. When you're in a YouTube funk …. and waiting on someone … you end up so far down a rabbit hole that your now debating to yourself if time travel is real…… FML

  20. The navigator did it ….. his younger brother was now his older brother when he got back … genius … now all we need a ship to travel the f#@%$ng speed of light !

  21. Forget that he time travel did he. Get away with 350 million dollars from a 800 dollar investment. That is the question.

  22. infinitely long cylinder is a cylinder bent on an axis around a single point in space -time. think about a hamster wheel.The point of argument is gravity vs centrifugal force

  23. Escaping from the present day authorities by traveling 250 yrs into the future is the shiz-nit… unless an overzelous hater of a cop campaigns to aggressively pass word forward in the law enforcement community to await your arrival in the future.

  24. whats the point of doing all that effort … if he's really from the years 2256 he must have known that the FBI is going to catch him , don't you think so?!

  25. For starters. This isn't a true story, nor these accounts ever existed. There was no Andrew Carlssin. Its a highly made up story. This article was printed in the Satirical tabloids known as WeeklyWorldNews.

  26. Y wait to the court date if he wasntnt going show up he could of left way ahead of time n not on that date ..

  27. Time travel is bull crap and y'all believe that…if it was possible to time travel then how come nobody went back and killed Hitler when he was a kid and stop all these children from getting kidnapped and killed…if you believe we can can time travel…then I sell balloons filled with farts… anyone want one twenty five cent…

  28. No because time travel will never be real. There is no way a person right now can travel in from one time in material existence to another time much earlier or much later in material existence. Its impossible and I laugh at any scientist that will waist there grant money on an experiment.

  29. If time slows for you as you approach the speed of light,
    Does that mean at some point it stops and reverses (in comparison to the universe)?
    By that logic, at twice the speed of light wouldn't time reverse one hour per hour?

  30. That's why I don't use my powers to help people,,,if they seen me fly I'd be sitting in that same jail…….we all can do it they just make you don't learn how..

  31. For fucks sake. I’d have liked to have heard that story but 15secs in, the IROBOT impression is waaaay too much.

  32. This will get lost in the comment and right above this comment will probably say __ years ago. Those who see this in the future. Hi.

  33. In place of an infinite cylinder, what about one that went in a loop- like, say, the Great Hadron Collider? Maybe I'm just watching too much The Flash, but it's a thought.

  34. Maybe he is a time traveler and I say the government has this technology but they don't want to come public with this knowledge hopefully in the year 2028 we will

  35. My dad traveled 15 miles without knowing it. He had no memory of driving that 15 miles. He wasn't asleep though because he was driving at 50-65 mph.

  36. But what if tho? I go back in time, make a few changes! !! My first stop will be? Finding Hitlers dad n cut is nuts off, ,then to see jfk ,n tell him to change is route, peace ✌🌍✌💖

  37. So you can time travel if you go millions of lightyears away from earth in a minute and stay there for about an hour and then return to earth will you have traveled centuries into the future and if that would work

    There’s no going back

  38. I have a relative in the upper government ingestion office and he checked all about this story and it's 100% a fantasy story someone made out.

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