[VLOG] BTS Love Yourself World Tour London (chaotic)

gmorninggg we’re going to london todayyyy it be lit bois chogiwa(wa) someones got a deathwish o nej clari clari clari clari cLari c la r i im gonna go CHHhheck in now a d lungt :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))999 uwu EWU how to differentiate between wendela and a paljettkudde: you dont A D E LI T wegotthis;p :O WANNA BE LOOOVED DONT WANNA BE FOOL WANNA BE KOOL PLEASE DO NO T REMOVE AIRCRAFT (this is v v funny fight me ) still song of the centryeyr wanna fight lisssssssen here AH Miss wendela’s exposing agency LOL. NO. 🙁 WHARRRRRRADO MANE can yall stop saign we got this is tuv ok? :p if you lose sight of This Bag, you are blind we just bought a taxi (I THINK that’s what we’re talking about) das how it works we started as a dance group and ended as a taxi business Look at his scarff big spooky ooooOOOOOo lets be real this is the funniest part of the vlog bless wawi im scared to let u guys share room (valid point) vi kommer inte sova 🙂 eww can they stop we think this is rly cool but no one will get it *leader noises* wendela is bae (aka Some of us were afraid of the stove) get yourself a wendela this is what we do sicc moves ? yes, tha’s the sound of the drain that would’n stop dripping *proud leader noises* oh my god ? Go Back To Your Mum! mEEERLIN>:( watching this lowkey highkey makes me want to die but YOUU HUUUURT ME (so bad so bad) mip mip teeth arent alive tho=?????? jo 🙁 *teeth knowledge* clari does not approve OKEJ Nej Wendela *no pretend* *decides to attack* always ship walien LEMMI TAKE OFF MY HI HEELZ tis but a flesh wound something funny probably i cant hear 🙂 mark’s nose looks funky from one specific angle during one specific move this screenshot is the reason i dont listen to this song I wish thsi was a joke och dansen e så ful— det hjälper inte hans näsa should they choreograph the dance to help mark’s nose? stan nct weaklings ehehehe time to expose FUK THEY MADE THE BED HANNA WE HAVE TO MAKE OUR BED xposd *that’s exactly the pose tho?* even the stairs are bent jag orkar inte imma throw up o! im wavin it up man im wavin it up you dont wanna know what happens when im finished waving it up *hanna cries in the distance* “I KnoW wHAt IIim DoINg” suPer borROCcoly mimimimimiiiiiiiiiiiii *hanna is salty because so much great mimimimi content was edited out HMM” ew stop being so sceptical 🙁 im saying ew but ill be doing it in two minutes ;)) (spoiler she did) the standard akaa activity forget about dancing this is it note how all the snax are gone and this is the beginning of a new episode wendela uwus real fake fans in the house and they drag me to a concert smhhhhh the elbum is good BUT LISTEM actual makeup queen What’s that transition? look at this abomination models wawa might start crying hana has math in ten minutes, gotta blast wawa wants her wife to add a heart on her snapchat name nope give her a yellow heart *****TrIGGerEd** is this what I have to live with? tuva stop it look like ur heiling this shit expencive färgglada k-påpp pojkar *wendela cries internally because she saw the last shirt being sold out* random kpop bar in the arena? the shirt is on tell us wawa We’re actually oing to see them nO stfu it like this, they were supposed to let us in 10 minutes ago but its ok Finnaly this is the part of the video you’ve been waiting for *wrong concert hanna* what do u mean “the queue isnt that long” liek is this where we go insane have heart attacks a die??? psyk-bryt! hjärtattack! dö! psyk-bryt! hjärtattack! dö! WHat kind of sPONtainiOus fnan chant it that? *sings national anthem* *talnikng about how big the arean would have to be is an assumption we made was correct* *decides to change topic* Poor guy who’s cleaning right now We’re deciding how we should try to find eachother in the areana because we have different seats hEJDÅ this was so surreal fight me the waving army bomb up there is Wendela and Tuva just don’t focus on the two uggly faces bellow it to the left with the swedish flag *the concert is about to start* they played music before the concert started *somewhere around here wendela started crying* Där kommer JUngkook dÄr kommer JungkOOk (on his cute little mini stage) called it *is going to buy the cocert cd for this stage no joke* why im a tourtring myself whith subbing this when I know it’ll bring back all the feels fucking genius choreo the light show and the army bombs was a whole show in it self somanny people in the audience 20 000 fans har inget att göra så vi kör vågen och väntar på att något ska hända apparently that was funny? tae ran off to the side to hype the audince You can tell this is Wendela’s footage because the quality is so bad this what a roller coaster of emotions sorry people starts chanting “gweanchana” wyd? it’s not jeon jungkook bless him no u *he made the army bombs turn purple* Hanna is a bad liar He’s an acualy angel. Trust me, we saw it with our own eyes that accent and laugh they are all angels tbh time to use our banners back to the crying Wendela cam rip im i deaf or did i just loose my voice we found eachother again wendela is crying but tuva left on the ground wow clara is slowly turning into chaos line im feeling fine idk why your crying weNDELA A lot happend after this on our journey back to Sweden but the footage was a mess, we almost got run over by cars, and it was lit but we’ll spare you for now. Thank for watch.

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    keep stanning ! love more !
    as part of my mini project I went around YT to like and comment on armies vlogs of their Love Yourself Concert experience and called it @. my intention is to simply appreciate the effort of armies around the world by getting guts to vlog in public and posting it here on YT.
    please appreciate and spread love ! xoxoxo

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