It’s really hard today.. Ran 51.90! Hey everyone. Look outside, pretty Germany. Wait, I’m going to turn off my music. So yeah, I’m in Dusseldorf. I race on Tuesday, it’s Sunday now. I’m in my new workout gear. I’ve training soon. The hotel is across the stadium. Or next to it. It should be close. This is my new habitat. This is from my roommate, she’s here already aswell. They cancelled the World Championships obviously. So I actually have zero stress now. With racing and the pressure to be fast. So that’s pretty nice. I enjoy racing much more now. I’ll bring you with me to the training. You guys missed the whole warm up. The schedule is 150 and 120m. Two times. It’s time for the 150m. I forgot what I said.. Oo yeah I need to check my rest. So I’m texting Sven. I’m already at the track. I was a bit early, because Sven already arrived. So we went to the track immediately. Wow my brow looks weird. I think I’m the first person here. I think? I know for sure. Nailpolish is still wet. I’ll show you the warm up area. There’s my stuff. Not sure where the ballroom is. Sven will be sitting here. This is the track, but you already seen that. I’ll also warm up outside at the track. Behind that door. That’s nice. Hey everyone. I’m on the plan again. On my way to the next race. I’m going to Torun. I’m waiting until we’re off. I got an upgrade to business class. Joris is here aswell. So I’m not alone. After the flight, we have to drive for 2 hours. This is my room. It’s a special bed tho.. I’m hoping no one will join me. That would be very cozy. I’m going to eat now. I’m already hungry. No I’m not actually. Still going to eat though. I got cookies. Trying after the competition. I’m in my room. Gonna eat that now. And getting some coffee. Or to the track straight away. Because I can get coffee downstairs too. But I saw a few nice coffee places where I wanna go to. This is my bathroom by the way. This mirror is pretty cool. I was thinking. I don’t even know why I suddenly talk English.. Probably because it’s easier with translating the video. That’s how I’m walking in my room. By myself anyway. I need to bring this. And my massage gun. You probably know it from our last vlog. This one too. And this. That was it actually. The rest is already in my bag. I thought: let’s film what I put in my bag. But everything is already in there. And I’m to lazy to get it all out. They could’ve organized the World Championships in here. But no. What did you say? That’s not appropriate in your vlog. This is when you come out right? With the 60m hurdles. I think I can manage the woman’s height though. Not me. I will fall for sure. I’m ready to go. Didn’t filmed much today. I drank some coffee this morning. Had to talk about something with my agent Mario. Then another coffee and eating some food. And after that I was just in my room. Getting ready to race. I’ll see you after! Hi everyone! A ran a new PB! I wanted to film at the track. But people called me. So I forgot. I already changed and showered. I’m going downstairs now to eat dinner. There’s an official dinner which starts at 22:00. I’m already too late. I don’t want to. I just want to eat. Oo and my flight for tomorrow got cancelled. So now I’m going home monday evening. Suddenly I’m here for 2 more days. Pretty much. 2 more nights. So I think I need to go shop because I don’t have enough clothes. That was my update. Ran 51.90 whoop Just missed the National Record. So I’m a bit sad about that. Because it was only 0.08 seconds. Now I’ve to try it again. Bless you I wanted to go to a shopping mall. I was in the taxi already as you could see. But it was closed. I almost got attacked by these birds. Now I’m here. Back on this track. Where I ran my PB. I’ll be here for one more night. Luckily I could train on the track here. I think I’m going to start. First some drills and then tempos. It feels like it’s so early. It’s 9:30. I woke up at 3:30. Couldn’t sleep anymore. And it still feels very early. Even thought I’m awake for 6 hours already. I don’t know the whole schedule. Oo now skipping. You see the pole vault? Is this the height of the new World Record? It’s possible it’s still the same height. I’m going to do 3 more strides. And then: more running. I’m struggling a lot.. My legs feels so heavy. But yeah, we keep on going. Coach says: Torun is not a fast track. You so right coach.. I’m on the plane, hopefully my flight will departure.


  1. 7:22 kijkt naar spiegel… OMG 8:10 meer mannen in de vlog! 😉 11:02 leuk of niet je hebt een extra dag om door Duitsland te lopen 😉 helaas alles was dicht >_< minder ook Miste ik Laura 🙁

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