Visitor Visa Refusal & Renunciation of Permanent Residence

Hi everybody. My name is Mary Keyork,
I’m an immigration lawyer. Today we’re launching our first video of a series of
videos called: Keyork Immigration Law Immigration: Real Talk, where I answer
questions that are sent to us. So we receive a lot of questions everyday by email, by phone, by text message, in the office. Walk-ins, on the street, all the
time. And we decided to do these series of videos to help you with some
of the questions. I’ll be able to give you more details in the next video but
essentially you’ll be send your questions in. You can email them at: [email protected] and we’ll take your questions sometimes and
I’ll answer the questions you’ll also be able to comment at the bottom of the
videos and they’ll be able to answer you you’ll also be able to subscribe to our
youtube channel which we’re setting up right now and in order for you to get all the notifications. So I have my coordinator Tanja here what we do is
we’re going to put the questions in a jar and then I’ll be picking one or two
questions each time and answer them. So I’m going to go ahead and pick a
question. Thank you. So this question is can I reapply for a visitor visa if
refused. So that’s a really good question we get that question very very very often. So essentially yes you can reapply for a
visitor visa, as often as you want actually. Two times, three times, five times, ten times. The problem is that if you’re refused once, it’s very difficult to get re-approved again. It’s not impossible and I’ve done
some visitor visa applications that have been refused once or twice before and
then when we take it as a lawyer, a law firm we have a certain way of applying
that’s a little bit more complete so there are chances of getting approved
again with good documents, a strong submission letter. A submission letter is a cover letter that as lawyers we prepare it could be like two three pages
with the background and details but just know that it if you’ve been refused two or three times and you keep reapplying with similar things or even sometimes a
better documents you can be refused. So it’s important to maybe seek legal
counsel or do a lot of reading before you reapply a multiple times. So the answer is yes for that question. We’ll take a second final question for today. So this question is: Can I renounce my permanent resident status? A good question. Not a question that I get very often because if you are permanent residence
usually people want to hold on to that permanent resident status. However there
are some specific cases where people want to renounce their permanent
resident status and there is a way to renounce it, if you go on the
immigration website and type renunciation, voluntary renunciation of permanent resident status you’ll have all of the steps. So for example who
wants to renounce their permanent resident status? So for example, if somebody was permanent resident let’s say in the 1997 a person became a permanent resident and then they left Canada and now they want to come
back. It’s 2017, they want to come back as a visitor. They don’t want to live here but
they want to come visit. That person essentially is still a permanent resident.
So in order to you know do proper paperwork to get a visitor visa it’s
important to maybe renounce that permanent resident status. If not there
might be some confusions when you’re applying for status. Or for example if
somebody’s a permanent resident of Canada but once to, doesn’t meet the
residency requirement anymore, the two years out of five
residency, but wants to come back and will be denied a permanent resident card or travel documents. And wants to be let’s say re-sponsored to a spousal
sponsorship we have a recent file like that. Then that person has to first
renounce the permanent resident status which is a pretty straightforward
application and I think it takes usually a couple months. I think I’ve heard recently it could take like six or seven weeks. Then once you have the
renunciation then you can apply, this person can apply
for the spousal sponsorship to become one, you know, another time, for a second time become a permanent resident. So yes, renouncing permanent resident is possible. So those were just two questions for today. So please do send us your questions and
then we’ll be we have, we’re committed to doing these videos once a
week every Friday starting this week for one year. I don’t know what will happen after, but we’re going to do these series of questions to help you out. So have a great
day everybody. Thank you!

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  1. How much time it will take to get pr for canada , is it a very difficult process can you please let me know how much points that I need to score in crs to get selected for pr from canada embassy

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