100 thoughts on “Visit USA – 10 Things That Will SHOCK You About America

  1. Im new to your channel from Sweden and honestly love how you can joke about yourself thank you. One good thing about americans is how talk friendly they are one of the reason why I want to visit the US.

  2. Oh and you forgot to mention that the us also have every country as a community there for instance…. You have lil Haiti, China town, places where Russians are, you can travel a great distance and not see a single white person and then you can travel to another part and all you see is white people its so great there

  3. I remember being 6 and going to florida, from uk, I loved it! Got stickers from a sheriff when waiting for our hire car, he could see I was bored and he let me wear his stetson hat 😍 never forgot him, I am 30 now and hopefully will be back soon 🇺🇸

  4. Rootbeer and sweet tea are 2 of the best things in existence. It still baffles me how the rest of the world doesnt have these. Also tipping should be a worldwide thing. It promotes good service.

  5. Jamaican here: sizes shocked the hell outta me!!! Lol especially trying to find small portion snacks, everything is jumbo!!! I don't need that much!!! Lol.

  6. Yeah, so in the US people are super friendly and helpful and in Europe everyone who is nice is trying to rob you. At least according to some of your other videos.

  7. If you rent a car and are driving dont go by the speed limit go with the speed of traffic. We get tourists jamming up our freeways all the time drives me nuts In California 65 means 80.

  8. One thing travelers are shocked by, is how few people speak a language other than English. In most cases, a traveler has a much better grasp of speaking English, than we do of speaking anything other than English. I personally know some Spanish, but I can guarantee that almost anyone visiting from Spain can speak English more fluently than I can speak Spanish. The language barrier can be a real problem in some places.

  9. Being English, I found the extroversion overwhelming for a while in America. I went to a basketball game at a small college and it was like being a premier league football game. There was so much going on without a second to think. It takes a bit to adjust coming from London but it seems a very positive city. Also taking the piss that is common in London isn’t in America, they generally take sarcasm literally. Not everyone is like that but a large part. Also everyone had fake ID, like fake driving license! You’d go to jail for that in the UK

  10. I highly recommend just going somewhere you can walk to places nearby. I'm an American myself and I'm terrified of driving. People in my neighborhood go a minimum of 60 mph in a 45!

  11. You're a Friendly dude. I'm a fellow yank but watched this anyway. Fun videos and good commentary. Maybe do a Top Ten US landmarks so foreigners know what sites are in which states. (grand canyon, Disney, Statue of liberty, Rushmore,) or maybe 10 amazing places you NEVER hear about like the finger lakes region, The Smokey/Appalachian mountains of western Carolina, Coastal Maine, etc…)

  12. I'll return to the USA next fall and I am literally terrified of forgetting the tips because here in Italy they are not mandatory (they are given only if the waiter was particularly kind to us). By the way, I'll go to Ohio and Indiana, could someone kindly suggest me interesting places to visit in the area?

  13. The only thing stopping me from visiting is the thought that anyone, anywhere, could be carrying a gun. Why do they sell machine guns in Walmart? Very strange.

  14. Lol! We don't eat cheese in a can!🤣Wouldn't touch that with a stick! Many people don't drink the soda and don't do the refills too much sugar 🤢. Get a togo box and eat your meal in two to three sittings. Love your energy. Love how you explain the craziness of our country! You rock! Love the perspective. Too funny 😂

  15. Americans: Come to America. We got 24 hour Walmart, fast-food and 1$ soda!!!

    Me: I mean in Scotland we have Iron bru soooo…

  16. Lol I hate when people in stores ask me how I am and what I want. Let me shop in peace. Otherwise yes we are friendly and helpful especially towards tourists. I never supersize at restaurants. Yes, everything is ridiculously expensive here. Avoid most (not all) forms of public transportation (I want you to live) use Uber. 4 lane highways and we drive fast. P.s. love your videos 😉 hello from the northeast!!!!

  17. I'll never forget when I took one of my good friends back home to the US for the first time and he was so shocked (in a good way) at how many strangers made small talk with us. I've found the extraversion and confidence that lots of Americans have can be very useful abroad (even if it rubs some people the wrong way), it will instantly make you the life of the party

  18. Having just visited Alabama, I can say these points are very true, but I had the best time there, so good I got that horrid homesick feeling, oh and I proudly wear an Alabama T-shirt all the time , and I’M from little NZ.

  19. Not all Americans eat cheese in a can. Not all Americans eat all their food. We have it put, usually we put it, in take out boxes.
    The speed limit. Talk about that. We Americans on our interstates love speed. The police don’t. You will get caught. One way or another. Talk about there are speed traps in towns.
    Talk about toll roads.
    Bed bugs. There are motels that can have bed bugs. Also in hotels.
    Talk about certain areas that have crime. Bad areas.

  20. OMG. Do NOT listen to this guy if you are planning to visit New York City. And by NYC, I generally mean Manhattan. Maybe some if his advice is accurate…if your skin is not black or brown.

  21. I don't understand some people. What is superior about my SJW shithole country England. America is an amazing country. However it would be more suitable for me when my social/emotional problems gets better when I'm a bit older

  22. Why don't you switch to metric? Don't you realise it makes sense, whereas the imperial system is like the product of a bunch of baboons? I mean no disrespect but come on.

  23. Don‘t geht me wrong but in the USA there probably are more flags than there were in Germany during national socialism. I think belonging to a certain nation also is not really something to be proud of as on the one hand you didn‘t have to afford anything to be an American for example so it‘s nothing you achieved or can do pretty good but you just were born by the right mother and on the other hand apart from mostly any people in the world being proud of their country as it‘s just „their“ country, a nation is quite an abstract construct and nothing specific to be proud of but just a hole phrase to mention if you have no individual properties to be proud of. Of course you may like certain behaviours of a people or a kind of organizing a society for example as a very tolerant one but the idea of patriotism in principal I dont consider making sense.

  24. I once tried a can of root beer. I can safely say that I will never try something like that again. It tasted like aquafresh toothpaste

  25. Hey, I am enjoying your videos! However, that is not cheese! LOL! You need to travel to Amish Country in rural Ohio or..skip over Austria and visit Italy! That is cheese!

  26. Good service in American restaurant means fast, different than you know in Germany or Europe in general. My tip would be do not have a conversation with the others at the table. The server will be asking you what you want immediately, even on a Sunday morning, everyone "seems" to be in a hurry. Also, don't be surprised when the server brings the check right with the food. You do not have to leave and you could ask for more. I do all the time.

  27. Right on red is optional, although many will toot. We drive left, in the passing lane and then don't pass. We often pass on the right. Very dangerous for Europeans not accustomed to driving here.

  28. People who say waiting doesn't pay well… I work as a cashier for 2 dollars over minimum wage. My roommate and I can barely pay for the appartment we live in and all of our other bills. I wish I could get tips! If I can make it work, waiters can make it work.

  29. If you want to get a feel for the locals, particularly if you're in a smaller city or town, go to a diner. A diner is usually any municipality's local watering hole, and you can eat any meal at any time of day. Pancakes for dinner? Yes you can! Burgers for breakfast? Yes you can! Ice cream for lunch? Yes you can! Another plus, diners are often open 24 hours.

  30. I noticed that most tourists , have the same opinions about America but depending on where there from. These things about Americans being fake, you hear only exclusively from Europeans. Different things like : America is so clean! You hear that from Africans or Indians. Sometimes you hear that Americans are straightforward or blunt, that’s from the Chinese.
    It seems like the description of Americans is heavily colored by the tourist’s precious host country experience.

    It seems like Mr. Walter has mostly shocks that he’s heard from Europeans. The bathroom thing, the fake friendliness, and the flags. So far, only Europeans don’t proudly display their flags around. Many other countries fight people if they have other flags in their countries.

  31. Much like the $40 taxi ride in Las Vegas, hotels are ancient technology compared to the great homestays at Airbnbs….that have any extra fees upfront.

  32. It's sad that the customers are the ones paying for waitresses salary. Very sad. Must be cheap to run a restaurant when you don't have to pay the front of the house

  33. We also have free refill in Norway. But one thing is for sure is that they give you a lot of food in America. Like I couldn't even eat all of the food they gave me because I wasn't used to eat so much food

  34. I expected to see foreigners in the comment section (I do) but not as much other Americans like me watching on the stuff I grew up on. I’ll be honest, traveling is great, even though our country is so big with sub cultures, ironically you get to know your country more when you visit other countries. You know what stands out in your country. Love from California, USA! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  35. I've coincidentally come across your vid. Love how genuine & informative facts of the US. I, now, have more encouragement and more choices. Yeah right, I love your clear accent AE.

  36. Im an american by passport only, born and raised abroad, and only after watching this am i thinking of moving to this “homeland” my father always talked about.

  37. “We like to give free stuff away in America”
    Really hmmmm what about free or reduced healthcare and post secondary education?🧐🤔

  38. A few states don't have a sales tax. I know, I've been to the Glacier National Park area in northwestern Montana just earlier this year. Montana has no sales tax. So a $1 cheeseburger is $1 in Montana. And a $5 "Biggie Bag" from Wendy's is $5 in Kalispell, MT. I live in Wisconsin, so it was a great cross-country trip to save on sales tax for a week. Even so, the sales tax in Wisconsin is reasonable, around 5-5.6%. So I'm familiar with it and it's easier for me to understand it because of my math skills.

  39. Nope, I do not need free refills. I find it hard to keep myself accountable as is. Haha, and I struggle to finish an Australian small-medium sized meal so I guess that means I’d have stick to entrees in America 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️

  40. This video needs to be updated. Foreign tourists would be shocked at the crazy gun culture here & daily mass shootings. In fact tourism to America has dropped since that mushroom dicked cocksucker took office!

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