Visa holders leaving australia and returning again

Visa holders – Leaving Australia and returning
again You have your visa to Australia. Whether it’s a temporary visa (like a tourist
visa) or a permanent visa (like a partner visa), most of those who came
to Australia from Philippines is thinking of returning some
day. Regardless of how much your Filipina lady
loves Australia, she will want to visit her family again
some day. It’s a Filipino thing. The question comes up about whether this will
cause problems. Single-entry versus multiple-entry
A visa can be either single-entry or multiple-entry. It means pretty much how it sounds. Single-entry means you can enter Australia
once only. Even if it was a 3 month stay, if you arrive
today and leave tomorrow…..then that’s it! One single entry to Australia only. Back to Philippines where she
needs another visa before she can travel again. Multiple-entry means you can enter and leave
pretty much as often as you like. The visa doesn’t end
when you leave. You may return, in accordance with the conditions
of the visa grant. It may have a last
date to enter (must not arrive after). It may have an expiry date. It may have a maximum stay period. But basically as long as you abide by those
conditions, you can arrive and leave. Must not arrive after: If this is a multiple
entry visa (and unless this date is ALSO the expiry date) you
may arrive on this last date to arrive and you may stay. Stay period: This means the longest period
you may stay. If this is multiple entry, it means “per visit”
and not “per visa”. Travel facility: This will either say “single”
or “multiple”. This is how you know if it’s multiple or single
entry. How is the “stay period” actually measured? It’s normally set out in months. And months means months. 3 months means 3 months. It does NOT
mean 90 days! And it’s date-to-date. If you arrive on 5 March for a 3 month stay,
then you need to leave on 5 June or before. And the stay period starts and finishes at
the Australian airport! If you leave at 10:00pm from Manila on
the 5th of March and arrive in Sydney at 4:00am on the 6th of March, then your stay period
started on 6th of March! And if it’s a 3 month stay period, you need
to leave at the Australian airport on or before 6th
June! What if you overstay? OK, you have two scenarios. Less than 28 days
They will most likely cancel the visa, but nothing else. However it will still sit on your record,
and may influence decisions about granting visas again
in the future. More than 28 days
They will cancel the visa, and under PIC 4014 (Migration Regulations 1994) issue a 3 year
ban from applying for further tourist visas. Note: This ban doesn’t prevent you from applying
for partner visas. So obviously don’t do it! Look at the visa grant letter. This is your responsibility. And monitor those
essential dates. Don’t assume that Down Under Visa will be
watching the calendar for you. We have
enough to do! Leaving Australia and returning again
Where you can go to, and can you take a boat cruise? When your visa conditions require you to leave
Australia before you return, then you must do this. Don’t
even think about overstaying, as I said above. The consequences can affect you long into
the future. When you are required to leave Australia at
the end of a stay, such as when you are on a multiple-entry
tourist visa, then leave Australia you must do! Do you need to return to the Philippines? Not necessarily. If you would rather spend a few days in Bali
or go shopping in Hong Kong, then feel free. You just need to make sure of two different
things: 1. Does she (or the accompanying sponsor) need
a visa to where they’re going? Many ask about
New Zealand. A Filipino needs a visa! Can’t just arrive there. Do your homework beforehand. 2. Are you actually leaving Australia? The last issue particularly applies to taking
boat cruises. Taking a boat ride is not always “leaving
the country”, and if you don’t leave the country
then you will breach visa conditions. This applies to larger
cruise ships that take “round trips” and come back to the same port as the one they departed
from. So even if you got off the boat at Vanuatu
and in Fiji, it’s possible and highly likely that if you got back on
the same boat and went back to the same port in Australia that you technically never left
Australia. However if you flew back or if you went back
to another port in Australia then possibly you did leave
Australia. And if you don’t leave Australia when you’re
supposed to, you could have inadvertently overstayed your
visa! Our advice has always been this: Ask the cruise
company! Ask them if you will be effectively leaving
Australia if you go on the cruise. Don’t guess, and don’t take a risk. Happy travels!

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