Visa-free countries for Indians having US visa

You can visit a lot of countries without a visa if you have a US visa stamped in your passport Let me share an important information Indian passport holders having a valid US visa can visit many countries … without visa or with e-visa or get visa on arrival For eg, Mexico You don’t need a Mexican visa if you have a US visa likewise you can visit…. Guatemala Nicaragua Belize, Honduras, El Salvador, Costa Rica Panama and Columbia You don’t need to get their visa if you have a US visa on your passport You can also visit Turkey You just need a e-visa registration Check this wesite After arrival, your passport will be stamped by Turkey officials by showing e-visa printout likewise UAE You can visit Dubai, Sharjah & Abu Dabhi in UAE You can get Visa-on-arrival in UAE if you have a valid USA visa You can also visit Peru in South America Another country is Philippines Georgia is another country So if you have US visa, no need to visit these country’s embassy to get their visas When I say US visa, I am talking about Tourist visa Usually it is given for 10 years It is also called B1/B2 visa usually you get a visa with Multiple entries it cost around 12,000 rs or 180 USD Though the amount is very high, but it is valid for next 10 years also you can visit a lot of other countries besides USA with a US visa If you dont have a US visa, then you have to visit these country’s embassy to get their individual visa You can check my other video to know how to get US visa

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  1. List of countries which also accept US visa:
    This is a short but quite useful video. To aaj is chhote video ko dekhein. Kal phir milenge. Will be back tomorrow with a regular video.
    Stay connected.

  2. Plus how can you forget the main country for Indian passport holders to trave 10% visa free ……NEPAL. ..

  3. Sir i am a international student in canada i wanna go to kazakhstan so how can i go easily and tell me the way cost me cheap.

  4. If possible, pls make a video on cheap countries to travel to from India. I recently visited Thailand and found it to be reasonably cheap. I would like to visit more such countries.

  5. you surely need to have a visa every country you enter not that if you have American visa you can enter any country. The only difference might be the visa on arrival. Also we can just enter into Mexico and Canada as we are green card holders or permanent residence of United States of America.We are American permanent residentsThen also for European countries you need proper visa. Recently I got my shenzen visa To enter European countries. But you will be lucky enough not to have a visa and get into the other countries only if you are an American citizen. Please check your facts right before Sharing such kind of informations.

  6. So you mean to say its easier to get B1 & B2 visa and its not expensive and its valid for other different countries as well but can you tell me what would be the total cost and what are the procedures to get the B1 & B2 visas like in the consulate what will they ask us….. and also are these visas company oriented or personal….

  7. Sir please ek video baniye visa ke bare main kaise le sakte hai visa aur kya process hai please make a video on this topic in detail

  8. Agar app ke paas us visa he to Norway me app ko visa free he but apko Norway ka embassy me jaaker unse batt karni hoti he

  9. B1b2 visa lene ke baad kit ne din tak stay kar sakte hai America main? And kitne din ke baad vapis jaa sakte hai?

  10. Yes true!! 🙂 There's visa free entries in many country if you have US visa. You can visit few central American and south American countries!! 🙂

  11. Bhai sorry me pura episode dekhne k chakar me kaibar video ko like nai kar pata hu but I'm your fan 😇 nd I like traveling 😍

  12. Dear Varun ,
    Hope you are doing well , when are you going to travel Japan ??

    Thank you very much for your travel videos and information always
    Be safe all the time ,

  13. Bro list send ke na ….. indian passport me … America ka visa lag jaye to kon kon si country ja skate hi

  14. Bhaiya , ,Please make a separate video with live demo as to how to apply for US visa , along with the docs requirement ,

  15. sir apko kaisa lagta he
    ki bhahar ki country kitni clean aur india kitna dirty he
    jab koi USA se india to india k bare me kya sochta hoga
    log her jagah kuda fek dete koi kuch karta he yaha

  16. Sir kindly please do upload all your videos with English subtitles as I don't know hindi and there are lots of people exist without hindi knowledge. So if u help in this case those videos will be very helpful for us. Thanq for your videos..

  17. Hi..
    Is the list given by you is applicable for only tourist visa or even H1B visa also do..
    Can we enter country for few hours using transit visa during longer layover??

  18. Mian pakistani.hun mera mexicon imgration visa(merriage )laga hi mujhay mexico jana aur suna hi k mujhay mexico janay k lia tranzit visa of USA lena paray ga …its true

  19. Varun bhai USA k sath aur countries visit kar sakty hain plz video banaye Jo apnay bola ha is video ma k ye short ha ma detail ma banaunga

  20. Hie Varun,i have one small querry related to this video.I have Multiple Entry C1/D US Visa.Am i also eligible for the above said benefits ?

  21. I am an Indian passport holder. I have US Visa and I am a Canadian Permanent Resident. I was on a cruise that touched Bahamas, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Mexico. Before landing in Nicaragua, the port representative of the Cruise company said that we had to pay USD 64 per head to enter Nicaragua. Fortunately, I had an email from Nicaragua embassy in Canada and also a lot of printed material that says that Visa is not required. I think that port representative was trying to make a fast buck!

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