Vietnam E-Visa vs Visa on Arrival for Tourists

Alright So when traveling to Vietnam it can be really confusing to figure out what type of visa to get what kind you need so today We’re gonna talk all about that I’m actually here in Vietnam and Hanoi right now And so here’s what you need to know about getting a visa If you are coming as a tourist you have to sort your visa out before you show up at the airport Or at a border crossing this isn’t one of those countries like Thailand, Japan Even Cambodia where you can just show up or sort your visa out at the airport Don’t plan on doing that you can definitely be denied entry but you do still have options I got the e-visa if you are gonna be in Vietnam for 30 days or less only for a single entry meaning you’re not going in and out of the country and meaning to come back in a short period of time the e visa is Definitely the winner and that’s because the e visa is actually cheaper, and it’s easier once you’re at the airport So here’s what you need to know the e visa is actually $25.00 and unlike the visa on arrival There’s no stamping fee, meaning there’s no extra fee once you arrive. What bus is that that’s not my bus I’m waiting for the bus to the airport That’s not it. Okay. I just had to make sure Okay So e visa and by the way applying for the visa is really simple you just apply online you don’t see a bunch of sophisticated information You just need to know your name your passport info have the passport photo Ready to upload and you need a scan of your passport page So very basic information you also don’t need a lot of information if they’re going to do it visa on arrival. So visa on arrival is good for people who are staying in Vietnam For more than 30 days or needs to be able to come and go from the country so if you need multiple entries Or if you need more than 30 days visa on arrival is the option for you But if you do the visa on arrival Option you need to know that it’s going to be a bit of a more lengthy process once you’re at the airport If you get an e visa you have your visa already so you can go straight to the line where the agent is there Stamping people right into the country, but if you’re doing visa on arrival You need to go to a different area Where people are getting actually issuing visas so you give them your pre-approval paperwork give them your passport They check everything over you wait for a little while then you also need to pay and then you wait And then eventually they give you your passport back how long that takes really depends upon How many people are at the airport at that time I think it could be anywhere from a half hour to over an hour. Just depending on the lines for Me since I already had my e visa approved and what I got to the airport. I only stood in line for maybe 15 That was it there’s 15 minutes waiting for the agent. They stamped me right into Vietnam, and that was it super smooth and easy $25 No extra fees. Another thing to note if you’re going to do the visa on arrival option You need to look around because there are actually multiple agencies that offer visa on arrival services Still not my bus, ok So there are definitely multiple agencies that offer the visa-on-arrival Services and they have it for different prices, so just because you see it on one website for $40.00 You can find it on a different website for 30 You know there’s definitely not any sort of fixed price the price that is fixed is the stamping fee Which is the fee that you pay once you get to the airport And you will need to pay that be either in US dollars or in dong which is the local currency But you need to be aware that you will not have a chance, at most Airports you will not be able to get to an ATM Before it’s time to pay for that fee. most of the ATMs are actually located Outside like after you’ve gone through a baggage claim, and that stuff Then you can find an ATM so you want to have either the local currency with you Or you want to have US Dollars on you so definitely prepare for that in advance So you’re not stuck unable to pay for your fee So, you have an e visa you don’t have to worry about that you’ve paid for everything in advance But if you’re doing that visa on arrival for sure and make sure you have local currency or US dollars on you It’s a paper that stamping fee to make sure you don’t have any problems when you’re at the airport So it’s a really smooth and easy process like I said, I personally recommend Getting the e visa because it’s so simple. It’s only been around for less than a year now It came out at some point in 2017, but it’s totally reliable totally fast and easy so If you’re coming for 30 days or less definitely It’s the way to go, but also um yeah. Just check one of the reputable websites I’ll put a link to some of the different sites that offer the e visa. Well, actually is one site that offers that you e visa I’ll put that in the in the description, but I’ll also put a link to the sites that offer the visa-on-arrival So you can have a look at the different prices and see which one works best for you And them I hope you enjoy traveling to Vietnam. I’m here in Hanoi. I really love it here Actually, I did videos on some scams that happened in Vietnam and in Hanoi But I’m also posting some fun things about Hanoi as well, so post the link so you can see those at the same time I gotta get to the airport. It’s time to a continue this adventure, but in a different country So I hope you enjoy your trip to Vietnam. I’m here in Hanoi right now You can tell maybe by all the scooters going by on the road It’s busy, but what’s cool about Hanoi is that all the people they wear helmets Which I find really interesting and a lot of countries people don’t really wear helmets on their motorbikes, but here its really common So I’m having a good time in Hanoi I’m posting other videos about my trip in Vietnam, so I’ll put that up at the end so you can check it out happy travelling

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  1. I'm going to Vietnam in March. So you paid $25 for the e-visa … and how much was the stamp fee? Or the total fee is $25?

  2. Hello , I am going to Vietnam on Feb and staying less then 30 days, I am going to apply for a e-visa but I also wanna go to Cambodia, And I need a multiple entry visa , Can I change my visa from single entry the multiple entry after I arrive?

  3. very helpful ! please could you explain just a bit about the photo that needs to be uploaded for the e-visa ??? Am i right in thinking just a scan of a passport portrait photo would be fine ?? does it have to be a certain size or anything like that ??? many thanks 🙂

  4. Thank you a million for this video. I have been completely confused with the barrage of information out there. You explained it clearly for me. Thank you. I'm going for the evisa. Happy travels

  5. Say if i want to catch a domestic flight from saigon to ha noi for couple days do i need multiple e visa?

  6. For the e-visa, Can I use the same photo on the passport as the photo I have to upload? I dyed my hair so I was wondering if it's supposed to be a very recent picture. Can I just take a picture at home with a white background

  7. Great video and information, thank you! Can you prolong the E-Visa? Or what if you exit the country and want to get back after few days, van you get the E-Visa again? Would be grateful for an answer xxx

  8. Your video was outstanding. I’m traveling to Hanoi in about six months, November 2018. When should I apply for my evisa and long does the evisa remain valid. Thanks again.

  9. Hello
    In case if we apply for e visa will they put any visa stickers in the passport or they just put an entry stamp

  10. I'm in Vietnam now ….I turned up at Noi bai airport without a visa. I was told I could only stay for 15 days then leave. I'm being serious, very serious. No visa at the airport is very bad. I've got 2 weeks to leave and then fly out (get an e visa in Cambodia, then fly in). That's what they told me at the airport….

  11. There is another option if you arrive without a visa, you are given 15 days without any visa….I did this but I don't advise this, get an e visa . Unless your holiday is less than 15 days then you DON'T need a visa…

  12. You should point out that only people from 46 countries can get the E-Visa.

    Country list:

  13. This is soooo helpful! We are going in a week from now. Is the website you went to for Evisa the one you posted the link to? Just want to make sure!

  14. Many thanks. There are a lot of videos spreading misinformation about the e-visa, trying to pass off the online letter & visa on arrival method as an 'e-visa,' because the information for the letter is sent over the web.

  15. Hey, thanks for the video very informative. I have a few questions about the e-visa. Do I need to bring anything else with the e-visa when I arrive?

  16. I applied for a visa on arrival before I found out about the e visa option. Is it okay to apply for the e Visa as well so I do not have to deal with the stamping fee and all the waiting once I get to vietnam?

  17. Great video, good to see a video with someone providing simple information. Questions is, is the E Visa website run by a third party or by the Government of Vietnam? I can tell Visa on Arrival is through a third party. I am always weary about giving info to third party service providers. In either scenarios are pictures required?

  18. Perfect place for recording a video explaining a lot of stuff.
    The cars and horns adds all I need to enjoy hearing you.

    Thanks for the info.

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