Victorinox Werks Traveler 5.0 – WT Porter SKU:8560925

Hi! My name is Richard And today we are looking at the Porter tri-fold garment bag from Victorinox This bag is made out of sturdy ballistic nylon materials, so keep your stuff protected on the inside You have these dual haul handles on the top, seeing is pick it up and go but you also have this fully adjustable shoulder strap with some good padding on it to keep your shoulder comfortable It’s also removable, so if you don’t feel like using it, you can just take it off Also on the front here, you have these dual pockets in the front for those smaller grab and go items so you’ll access them too quickly On the back, it also has that zipper pass-through design so you can slip it on top of your rolling luggage for easy carrying On the inside here, you’re gonna have a ton of space, we have these two mesh pockets for great organization and this little pocket up here that contains this hook, you can attach for easy hanging And when you unzip that top flap, you’ll get the main compartment here where you have this little loop on top so you can hang your clothes, and you also have these dual foam bolster straps so that way you can lock your clothes into place and help prevent wrinkling This bag easily fits in the overhead compartment and keeps your clothes wrinkle free So make sure you pick it up today It’s from Victorinox

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