VICE News Daily: Nepal Reopens Damaged Tourist Sites

16 thoughts on “VICE News Daily: Nepal Reopens Damaged Tourist Sites

  1. Interesting news. Always waned to be a trillonaire, Zimbarware seems like the best shot.

    And I don't know if Iran needs more babies…. pretty sure about 30% of their population is under 30 already….

  2. State sponsored marriage in Iran? That is just WEIRD. Are they concerned about falling marriage/birthrates or something?

  3. ENOUGHHHH with The Sensationalist Music and Tone of narrating. Fuck!!! Just try not shoving a fucking agenda up my colon, I can do the doubting myself, without having the music and the narrator assist me.

    Good job tho, but fuck, seriously. It actually saves work to NOT DO THOSE THINGS.

  4. Ok someone explain to me because I'm not that great with economics, if they fuck up in Zimbabwe with the dollar would that fuck up the dollar for Us too? This might be a stupid question but I'm just lost right now.

  5. Whats the fucking point in trading any ammount of ZWD for USD? Come to your local bank with a wheel barrel full of rolls in cash which totals ZWD $10,000,000,000,000

    equals……. USD $4. 😛

  6. All the dresses in that Iran clip look like they are for Westerners,because any Iranian woman caught wearing any of them in public would be arrested.

  7. A state sponsored and controlled dating website.  In other words. Their government arranges who they can fall in love with and who they can't.  Or maybe it's not even love. Arrange's who they can spend the rest of their lives with and who they can't > in a "marriage"

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