VENUS & MERCURY – A Traveler’s Guide to the Planets | Full Documentary

100 thoughts on “VENUS & MERCURY – A Traveler’s Guide to the Planets | Full Documentary

  1. Yes, Sir, it's so very important to have the world or universal record of flying around another planet. I guess you poor Yanks with your immense inferiority complex as a cultureless warrior entity will never reach adulthood. But thanks anyway for the interesting view into the solar system and the universe. Unfortunately, by the time your endeavors could be of any practical use to mankind you will have destroyed your entity, if not life on Earth.

  2. When I was a child I had a rapture dream (before I knew there was such a thing). There was a sunlike planet in the sky with a large dark sunspot off center. It looked like this and

  3. Acid Rain & Metal Snow.
    900 Degree Temperatures.
    Crushing Pressures.

    Venus Died
    Earth Will Be Next.
    How Will Earth Die You May Ask??

    It's Because Of Us.

  4. Iron is a Star Killer. If Mercury truly does contain all this iron, it could potentially destroy our sun and our solar system as we know it if Mercury Collides with the sun.

  5. Thought: What if the great flood was caused by water from Venus? They said we exchanged material over the eons, so why not water?

  6. Wouldn’t it be a better documentary without all the music and sound effects which, to me at least, only serve as a distraction from the dialogue?

  7. The fun part about studying planets is you have access to most of the information that the scientists and the experts have it’s not like a marine biologist who goes down thousands of feet in the ocean you have the same access to information that the paid scientists had and I find that pretty fascinating

  8. Something in the past caused the orbit spin go the wrong direction. That in my opinion caused Venus death

  9. 47:50 how can he say "universal record" when we don't know if there's life out there in the universe

  10. US Documentaries are always over the top, have a daft narrator and try to put in daft humour , "She loves a big impact". I just cant take them serious at all, time to find something else.

  11. It’s obvious where the water on earth came from melted ice. Perhaps even from the Kuiper belt over millions of years.

  12. Nothing went wrong on the planet Venus.That is how the planets are formed and the earth was exactly the same .You are in fact looking at what the earth looked like long time ago. Venus is next earth.Science knows nothing yet.

  13. her: mercury lies so low on the horizon, it's hard to point your telescope at it

    me: move you telescope to another location where it is higher on the horizon

  14. Mercury-Venus smashed into each other Venus lost its atmosphere on the other hand Mercury lost its mass.

  15. Utterly unwatchable. A show about visual effects and, oh… Mercury. Should serve as an excellent deterrent to further episodes in this series.

  16. PAY CO2 TAXES! DO IT! YOU ARE MY SLAVES! …. Ha ha, why can't they make a scientific documentary without mixing political lies! 😉

  17. Actually Mercury's rotational speed at its equator is only about 11 kilometres per hour, so you could remain on Mercury's night indefinitely just by walking in the opposite direction to the planet's rotation. At mid latitudes on Mercury you'd be spinning slower than a walking human.

    Venus's equatorial rotational speed is only about 6 kilometers per hour, and only half that speed at its mid latitudes.

  18. Venus can't be terraformed, I highly doubt that any level of technology can provide us life there. The Sun will just keep getting hotter and we can't stop that no matter what we do, Earth will suffer the fate of Venus, so that makes Mars our future.

  19. People starving in the world and there's guys who justify sending a teflon coated balloon to Venus that will last for 2 days possibly to set a new world record…

  20. Carbon dioxide doesn't drive climate. Never did in the past. Venus's co2 was baked out of the rocks due to its oceans evaporating because it's closer to the sun.

  21. Venus looks like Hell
    Probably God sends all sinners there after death
    Souls are invisible
    They're probably there already

  22. I'm so used to youtuber's documentarys which is straight to the point and less BS and repeating that I just cannot watch documentarys like that…

  23. Not done by aliens but humanoids and familiar species..nuked venus..all living they try to take our planet: terra..they called it earth because of the mental hologram or matrix they put around it.. Its about control..and kill all life..

  24. I like astronomy vids…actually I love them but I cant stand the american commentary it makes something thats so wonderful and beautiful sound like a trailer to bad movie "THE UNIVERSE IS BACK!! N THIS TIME ……ITS PERSONAL!!!"

  25. Why NASA Money waste on All Death planets?, Why dont spend Money on our Planet?, We must Stop all ICE crashership on south and northpole and save earth, without cool pole we r Finish!

  26. I really think the world should get to use the same metric system and celsius temperature units everywhere on this planet and entire universe..

  27. These scientists must have dandruff!: they are always 'scratching their heads'! Please, someone help them! Maybe just a good, healthy, Soap?

  28. ВЕНУС & МЕРКУРИЙ – А Травэлер'с Гуиде то тхе Планец l фулл документарий l

  29. This video implies 2011 is in the future, though it was uploaded in 2017, which year exactly was the video made.

  30. The ‘spider’ crater (“we don’t know how it was formed”) formed, like all the other craters, not by impact but by electrical discharge. If they were formed by impacts why are they all circular and why no debris? Everyone of them a 90 degree impact, hmmm…. It seems more likely this cratering may have been caused by huge lightening discharges, as postulated by the Electric Universe proponents, and the ‘spider legs’ are evidence of plasma lightening activity scorched into the planet.

  31. Way too many "intros" and "packing" generally containing a question and repetitive footage of the same images and cut-scenes, which I suspect are aimed at lengthening the time to appear like 50 minutes of "documentary". Whereas the real quality viewing is merely half that.

    This is what you get when you stray from quality science resources into mainstream dumbed-down media.

  32. I think, travelling to Mars is much more dangerous instead of travelling to Mercury :), or you could say travelling with a fars(i), is much more dangerous than travelling with freddy mercury.

  33. Why our earth is Only covered With strong magnetic shields? Who created a single planet like that… Earth is a Strange planet in Our Universe 🙄🙄🙄🤔

  34. Man these US docos are the worst. The CGI, overdramatic voice, 20 random Californian professors chosen based on their hair, overdramatic soundtrack, attempts to scare the audience, top 10s, and drum roll climaxes. I really can't imagine how much of an indoctrinated, zombified numpty you'd have to be to enjoy something like this.

  35. lies. the science priests are coming out again. this is one of the biggest propaganda dumps of all time (heliocentric model of earth within a universe). You will not know stars and planets unless you see them for yourself through a telescope. through a telescope stars and wandering stars are amoeba like flickering morphing lights…..NOT spheres. My God, this narrator speaks about this fairy tale conjecture like it is fact. Come on, do they really think we should believe them when they speak of the inner core of these objects like they actually tested it….which they have not. People, please, if they make a presentation like this, understand that it is only a fantastic story. As usual, they should be showing a disclaimer to viewers that all of the content of the video is only wild imagination, not fact. I would classify this as a lie proposed to the American people that should be indicted and brought before a jury within a lawful court of law. We must crack down on these science priests and make them accountable for spreading lies to our children. No more lies.

  36. The aliens left Venus b4 they destroyed it, came here and now planet Earth is becoming more like the Venus green house effect.

  37. Filmed Mercury 1970s high resolution cameras what a joke!!. Considering 420 DPI was the best Quality footage on this planet in the 70s. Also what was used to propel your craft to Mercury once it was in space

  38. We should go and build a plant there using the heat to mix Sodium Hydroxide with the sulphuric acid in the atmosphere.
    then Remove some of the Sodium from the Sodium Sulphate leaving us with salt water and Sodium Triosulphate.
    We could then probably mess with the Sodium Triosulphate and use it on our Fish and Chips 🙂

  39. Mankind will go wherever he's never has gone before, but, he will never succeed in colonizing any other planet, moon, or star. Guaranteed. His place was, is, and always will be right here in this blue and white beautiful planet.

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