Venice Facing Pollution Crisis | NBC News Now

6 thoughts on “Venice Facing Pollution Crisis | NBC News Now

  1. Venice has ALWAYS been polluted. If you read old travel books, they all mention the smell of Venetian canals. There have been efforts to clean the waters of human refuge from time to time, but it has never worked. The locals just keep using the canals as their personal sewer and dustbin. But hey, what more can you expect from italians?

  2. This must be a joke… This is ludicrous. This guy is totally serious and this sounds like clown world in venice. Those homes have water up to the front steps with global warming, melting ice caps and rising sea levels and instead of relocating to higher ground they are worried about blaming tourists for trash in the water. Effin idiots

  3. NBC is talking my language now. You have my subscription, for the moment, which may be unsubsribed at my whim at any time.

  4. It was polluted during Roman era…and it will continue to be polluted…gods plan…just because the Romans created an empire does not make it a CIVILization…that old Roman system of plunder and leave has polluted the world…we need to move forward as a civilization and forget about this destructive empire with its plunder and leave mentality…our earth is on the verge of throwing up and discarding humans…that old Roman Neanderthal structure is killing us…

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