VAUDE – Fantastic Highball in Patagonia

Around El Chalten there are a lot of
blocks, including ones on the way. For example, when you’re heading
towards Fitz Roy there’s a really nice bouldering area on
the hill above El Chalten. A really amazing block is right on the top of
the summit, which is maybe about a lower eighth
grade and very nice and airy for bouldering. Bouldering around El Chalten It’s important to go bouldering with several
people, so you have a few to hold down the pads. Otherwise the wind blows them out from
under the boulder, and you end up landing in the dust. You would be pretty misunderstood and
meet with a lot of head-shaking if you only went to Patagonia to go
bouldering, but the bouldering in itself is pretty

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