VAN TOUR – Solo Female Traveler Converts A Campervan With Natural Materials

Hey, I’m Viki, this is Cleo and for more than
one year we are living and travelling in our self converted campervan van illa. Vanilla is a VW T5 longwheelbase from 2009,
first generation and I converted her myself one and a half years ago. For the van conversion I use as many natural
materials as possible and got many things second hand. Eventhough everyone said that it’s not possible
to insulate a van with natural materials, I made it. I insulate the van with cork, 4 cm of insulation
cork and the finish layer is the one you can see. I glued it on top. Because many people ask: My roof and my floor
are insulated, too. This is actually the most important Insulation
you have to have because the cold is coming from the ground and the heat is coming from
the top. For the flooring and as a cover for the cupboards
I used Linoleum. This you might know from kindergardens and
schools, it’s based on natural materials and it’s really easy to clean. My conversion was planned around the bed. It was really important for me to have a fix
bed, so I can sleep really comfortable, I have a proper mattress here, proper bedsheets. I know myself, I’m a lazy person and I will
not do the bed in the mornings and in the evenings. To safe myself some work, make the conversion more easy and the access of the stuff faster I used those boxes which I already had. For a van this size I have lot’s of strorage. I have all my clothes in here, big boxes on
rolls under the bed. Under the closet I have my Battery. When I converted the van I thought of having
a proper closet so I don’t miss anything. Now I can tell that this part, where I hang
my clothes was pretty much useless. I would not recommend to do that. I have a mirror in the closet so I can have
a look or put make up on which I never did on my travels. I hang my jackets in the back. It’s really nice to have a place where I can
hang my jackets. The electricity in this van is really simple. I have still the original lights here. I have a couple of USB charged lights so it’s
really easy to charge them and they are running with battery so I don’t have to have any cables. While I’m driving my battery is charging. I also have two solar panels in the back which
I can take outside if I need to and if I stay for a while. The main light I use in the nights are my
fairy lights which are also charged by USB. The kitchen in our van is outside. The main reason to put the kitchen outside
was to be able to stand up while cooking. This way I have lots of space for cooking
and a big storage underneath. Because I don’t have opening windows or a
vent system I prefer to have the smells and the humidity outside. You might have thought the question already:
what do I do if it rains? It never rains all day long. In case it does, I have the rule: Pizza just
on rainy days. We do not have a toilet in the van. What we have is called a poo with a view. Using this and all of this. This sounds like I’m shitting all over the place. Do you hear my belly? [Hysterical laughter]

13 thoughts on “VAN TOUR – Solo Female Traveler Converts A Campervan With Natural Materials

  1. Oh my, you are beautiful, bold, and amazing! I love the energy you bring! I appreciate what you are doing with your channel. Here's to supporting you…new subscriber! I wish you the best on your journey! Much respect! Much love!

  2. Privet 🙂 ich komme vom Kanal Pam the van . Als Du in dem Video Linoleum gesagt hast dachte ich mir gleich, Du bist for sure Russin 😀

  3. Hello Viki, you are so smart and pretty. I admire your strength and courage. I like your van build out. It is so lovely, inviting, and cozy. Have great fun on your travels.

  4. Wow, die Küchenidee ist ja geil! Sowas in der Art hatten wir bei unserem Bus auch überlegt, aber die Idee mit dem Stauraum finde ich mal mega😲

  5. I hear you on the permanent bed situation! I also couldn't be bothered putting a bed up and down everyday, lol.

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