Van Tour: Seasoned Traveler Builds a Beautiful and Stealthy Off Grid Custom Camper Van

Hi my name is Brandon and this is a tour of
my Ram Promaster camper van. I completed the build myself and it took six weeks to complete.
I hope you enjoy the tour. Ok,so starting with the interior. It’s a Dometic CFX 65W
fridge. It’s a nice and large, can fit lots of fresh veggies and cold beers. I have a
chest I build for a seat. Lots of storage inside. It has a false floor that houses my
Propex Heater, It an HS2000 that’s the vent for it. Also there is a propane detector right
there in the corner And that would be the thermostat for the heater there. The van has
cypress cabinets throughout and a cedar tongue and groove ceiling. The bed is a 5 inch memory
foam mattress queen size. And these a spice cabinet up top there and with a smoke and
CO2 detector along with a reading light. Down here we have kinda the command center with
the remote for the max air fan. Some plugs there dimmer and switch for the lights and
the switch for the renogy power inverter. Here we have our sink and faucet with foot
pump, some running water. A two burner stove, soft close hardware for all the cabinets and
the grey water and freshwater are housed inside of that cabnet there. There’s a little loft
up above. Storing some bags and jackets. Below the fridge is a little pullout I keeping shoes
in. also soft close hardware. And there is the max air fax has 10 speeds and the remote.
Very nice. Ok so on to the garage. Not whole lot in there at the moment for storage. Just
a couple storage containers. There a sealed cabinet for the propane that vents through
the floor in case of any leaks. It’s my Kona Process, Over her is the electrical system,
we have a 200 amp hour Renogy battery, a 1000 watt power inverter, and a Renogy Rover MPPT
charge controller for the 160 watt panel that is on the roof right now. The bike is also
on this nifty slide out here. And it just makes it easier to get it on and off. So that
wraps up the quick tour of my van. If you have any questions or comments you’re welcome
to comment below ill answer your questions as soon as I can. Safe travels guys.

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