USA Tourist Visa Interview for Indians 2019 | Questions, Rejection reasons & Interview experience

The US tourist visa process involves
submitting documents biometrics and a dreaded interview. In this video I am
going to share with you my experience and all the research that I
did to get through this interview and get a 10-year US visa. So in this video I
am going to be covering how you should present yourself in the interview what
are the things you should avoid saying and some special tips, so keep on
watching. By now you will be familiar with the basic outline of the US visa
process. Here is a quick summary – You need to book your appointment well in advance,
it’s a two-day process & there is biometric and document verification
involved. But in this video I’m gonna be focusing on the last and the most
crucial part of this entire process which in fact is the interview. So
let’s jump right into it. When you go for your interview 99.99% of the time this
is the first question that you’re going to be asked, ” why do you want to visit the
United States of America”? The way you answer this question pretty much sets
the tone for the rest of the interview. Now keep in mind that these interviews
are short they are just three to five minutes so you need to be very well
prepared for this question and also you need to make sure that you are clear and
concise. So while preparing for this question why do you want to visit the
United States of America the most important thing to keep in
mind is that you need to have a clear purpose of visit which means that you
need to have a clear agenda or a clear plan as to why you want to visit the
United States of America. Some of the good answers to this question could be that
you want to go to USA to visit your friend ,you want to go to visit a
relative ,you want to go to attend an event or you want to go for a vacation.
Whatever your answer is make sure that you have done enough research and you
have enough supporting material to support your answer. Now let’s say for
an example that you want to go to the United States of America for a vacation
now the embassy officer is going to ask you where you’re going, how many days you
plan to go, where are you staying what are the things that you intend to
see and so on. You should be prepared to have
answers to all of these questions so this shows that you have a clear purpose
and a clear plan of visiting the United States of America. Now while applying for
the visa it is not necessary or not compulsory to have your tickets booked
and your hotels booked but it’s a good idea to carry a travel itinerary or a
travel plan with you which basically shows that you have a clear agenda in
mind.Let’s take another example let’s say that you are going to the United
States of America to attend an event.Now if you say that you want to attend a
particular event you will be expected to know all the details of that event so
you should be able to tell him or her what the event is, what’s the venue, what
are the dates ,what’s the purpose, who’s the sponsor and so on and so forth. At
this point let me also tell you what are the answers you need to avoid so when
you are asked why do you want to visit the United States of America the worst
thing that you can do is to be vague and to lost. So saying things like I
haven’t really thought about it, I’m applying for visa for my future plans, I
plan to travel but I’m not really sure where I want to go .These are the
things which are not going to lead you anywhere and will just get you in
trouble. So avoid being vague ,avoid being lost
and be as clear and concise as you can. Now that we have covered why do you want to visit
the United States of America let’s move to the second most important part
of the interview process and this is the question, ” why would you come back to your
country” or “what are your reasons to come back to India “and the way you answer
this question will probably be the deciding factor between you getting this
blue slip which basically means that your visa is approved or you getting a
pink rejection slip. This question might be asked explicitly to you the embassy
officer might just directly ask you what are your reasons to come back to India
or how do I know for sure that you are going to come back to India or he might
ask a bunch of questions around your work, around your life in India, around
your family to decide whether you are somebody who’s likely to come back or
not. Whatever be the case here is how you need to prepare for this question.
When you answer this question it is very important to show that you have a set
grounded life in India and you have enough reasons to come back to your own
country. This could be your job , the company that you’re working for,
it could be parents or siblings who are dependent on you
it could be investments or funds that you have in India,
it could be properties or other assets that you have purchased here. Another
thing which can add to your credibility is your passport itself. So in the past
if you have traveled outside of India to Asia, Europe or in fact anywhere else
make sure that you highlight that. This shows that you’re a person who
loves to travel, who in the past has gone outside the country and has come back
and this will add to your credibility. Now I want to clear something here I
feel like a lot of people who are freelancers or who have their own
business feel like they’re at a disadvantage here because they cannot
really show a set job or a fixed income. But that’s not really true
I’m a freelancer and when I went for an interview I told them that I make travel videos on YouTube and that I’m a freelancer.
Because when story checked out, I had a YouTube channel , I had uploaded enough
videos to prove that I was in fact taking it seriously and I my passport
had stamps from other countries I had traveled enough in the past all this
contributed to the fact that my story was valid it checked out. I indeed wanted
to go to USA as a tourist and hence I got my visa. This of course combined
with the fact that my entire family was in India, my base was in India and I had
investments here in India .So if you’re a freelancer or a business person do not
feel intimidated by the fact that you cannot show a fixed income or you know a
fixed job make sure that whatever story you’re telling checks out and that you
have enough proof to show that you have a base in India. The third thing that
I want to cover in this video is the documents that you need to carry with
you for the interview process. If you read about the u.s. interview process or
the US visa process it does not explicitly mention any documents that
you need to carry with you for the interview. I spent days preparing
for documents that I would probably need and in fact during the interview I was
not asked to show even one single document. But nonetheless you need to be
prepared and next we are going to discuss what are the documents that you need to carry
with you. These documents are everything that will
support the two things that we discussed earlier in this video – what is your purpose of
visiting the United States of America and what are your reasons for coming
back to your country. The reason you need to have these documents ready is when you
are giving these answers if you’re asked proof for anything that you’re saying
you should be able to show it to them then in there for example if you say
that your reason that you need to come back to India is because you have
properties invested here then you need to be able to show prooffor that. It
could be property tax it could be ownership papers or anything
else. Similarly if you say that you have enough funds invested in India and
therefore you will come back then you need to show proof. It could be
an FD statement, mutual fund statement and so on. I have classified the documents you need to carry
with you into three different categories and now let’s quickly go over them. The
first category are the financial documents. Now in the financial documents
you most definitely should carry your salary slip, your income tax returns ,your
bank statement ,your proof of funds and additional things like mutual fund
statement property tax statement or anything else which adds to your
financial credibility. One thing that you need to keep in mind here is that if
you are an individual who is planning to visit the USA and if you are saying that
somebody else is going to fund your travel then you need to carry with you
all the financial documents of that other person who is funding your travel
as well so this would include their bank statement their salary slip their
investments. The second category is the travel documents. When you apply
for a US visa you don’t need to have booked flight tickets or booked hotel
accommodation but you do need to carry some travel documents with you. The first thing that you need to have is a travel itinerary so you
need to have a definite day-by-day itinerary of what you plan to do during
your visit you need to have address of your friends
or relatives with whom you plan to stay or a list of two to three hotels that
you are most probably going to book when you visit you also need to carry with you
details of all the events, venue sightseeing locations that you
are going to cover during your visit to the United States. The third and the
final category of documents that you need to prepare and carry for
the interview process is You. This might sound a little confusing but what
I mean by this is that this is basically all the documents that checks out your
story. For example if you are married and you’re saying that you are going to
travel with your husband then you need to have a marriage certificate if you’re
saying that your husband is going to fund your travel then his financial documents his proof of funds are required. If you’re a
freelancer then you would need to show some proof of your work so probably you
know carry some work with you or if your work is online then probably you know
carry a list of links that you can show to them. So basically this list is
endless and the best way that you can prepare for this set of documents is by
practicing what exactly you’re going to say what exactly is your purpose of
visit what exactly are your reasons for coming back and then double-checking
your story and seeing what all are the proofs that you can add to support your
story. So guys this is how you can prepare for a US visa interview clear it and get this
pink oh sorry get this blue slip which basically means
that your visa is approved. I hope this video has helped you out now if you want
to know more details about the interview process and in fact if you would like a
personalized one-to-one coaching on how to clear this interview then do get in
touch with me via Instagram you can send me a DM Instagram. My Instagram bio is
right here and it is also mentioned in the description box. If you want to
see a detailed video on the entire USA visa process it’s a two-day process so
if you want to know what exactly happens what are the steps that you need to go
through in those two days then do comment below and let me know I will
make a separate video for that. Thank you so much for watching if you like this
video do give it a thumbs up and please share it with your friends and family.
Signing off for now I’ll see you in the next one bye

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