US Medical Treatment Visa Tips | Pakistan | 2019

Hello Friends | Good Evening | You are watching Akbar Ali Ansari vlogs on my youtube Channel. In today’s video lecture I am gonna tell you some useful tips about US Non Immigrant Medical Treatment Visa from Pakistan. Fist of all, we have to mention those diseases and specialist treatments which almost not curable in Pakistan or not available according to the latest technology. In diseases, there are Heart Diseases such as heart stroke, Cancer includes Brain cancer, Breast Caner, Liver Cancer, Lungs Cancer, Diabetes Melitus, Tuberculosis, HIV Aids and acute Dengue. If we look into Specialized Treatments such as angiography, angioplasty, Liver Transplantation, and Kidney Transplantation in case of renal failure. These are such diseases which treatment either impossible or specialized treatment is not available in Pakistan. Keep one thing in mind, the diagnosis should be very accurate. because if the doctor does not diagnose the disease accurate, the patient will be face mental and financial problems. Recently, My dear friend Dr. Wahid who is MBBS Doctor, practices in Sialkot. His niece was having Tuberculosis.They got her treatment from Specialist Doctors in Sialkot for 3/4 months. Thereafter, she was hospitalized at Doctors Hospital Lahore, but the specialist Doctor Shahid ul Islam at Doctors hospital could not diagnose his disease, and end of the day, she was expired. Please again keep in mind this thing in particular, the diagnosis of disease should be every accurate. I have divided today’s video lecture about US Non Immigrant Medical Treatment Visa in six parts, First of all, Part 1 | You have to obtain a letter/medical diagnosis from a local physician explaining the nature of your ailment and the reason for treatment, and why the treatment of that diagnosed disease is necessary in the United States. Part 2 | You have to get a letter from US physician, or Doctor, or Hospital or Medial facility in which he expresses his willingness to treat the diagnosed disease and detailing the period of treatment or projected length of treatment. The US Doctor has to mention in the letter about cost of treatment (including doctors’ fees, hospitalization fees, and all medical-related expenses). The US Doctor or Physician should mention these things in his letter. Part 3 | We see What are the documents which patient applicant should have?

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