US Fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad’s career in 360° VR | The Female Planet | Episode 4

43 thoughts on “US Fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad’s career in 360° VR | The Female Planet | Episode 4

  1. I don't get why you have to say black girls and Muslim girls that's kind of like dividing this is the problem in this world that we're having we got to stop dividing and for all people if it was the other way around you have a problem with it we have to stop stop dividing if you want to categorize for girls that's fine but to do it by race religion is stupid

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  5. She achieves this only in a culture that doesn't think a women should have to wear a uniform. And it is a uniform, not a fashion choice.
    But hey, she's doing so well and doesnt have time to think about how such a culture that accepted her might see it as a step back instead of forward.

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  11. This is a PERFECT example of confidence and following your own path with conviction and how not to get influenced by so called progress n modernisation.
    I am a Hindu but I was so freakingly inspired by her story, i added this video to most of my YouTube lists. Below are the lists which i added this video to :
    1. Extremely Important
    2. Really Wow
    3. Favourite
    4. Determination
    5. Important Spiritual Videos

  12. Εγώ δεν μπορώ να διαβάζω ενημερώσεις και βίντεο στα. Αγγλικά διότι δεν γνωρίζω την γλώσσα

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