Unser Münchener Büro – Neu in den Lenbach Gärten

We have very attractive premises. We moved here in the summer of last year. We are in the Lenbach Gardens with 1,400 m² on one floor, right in the heart of the city. The new Munich office has a very central location, everything is modern, very light and very friendly. We are on one floor so that we meet each other in the hallway and have a better sense of being part of a team. I made the intentional decision to be a clerk at Graf von Westphalen because this positive working environment simply convinced me. Graf von Westphalen emphasizes working together as partners, taking lunch together and having events in which we are all involved. One great aspect is that the elbowing that often occurs among lawyers is much less notable here. I have just returned from the skiing vacation. We went skiing last weekend at Zell am See. We had colleagues there from all offices including Hamburg, Frankfurt and Munich. Regular firm events here in Munich are the Christmas party, the Oktoberfest visit, which is always a lot of fun. The law firm does a lot to reinforce this team feeling. Of course, Graf von Westphalen is one of the leading law firms in Germany. Most German firms have their headquarters in foreign countries. That is not the case at Graf von Westphalen. There are no longer many firms like this in the top 50 in Germany. This is really something special. I was especially impressed by the emphasis this law firm places on the development as an attorney. The cases are won and not lost. The client is very satisfied, and we are all highly motivated.

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