Universal Studios Hollywood Tips: 10 Things to Know Before You Go

– [Announcer] Yellow Productions Presents. – 10 Things to know before you go to Universal Studios
Hollywood in Los Angeles. I’m Chris (chuckles) and today we’re gonna tell you everything you need to know if you’re considering
visiting this theme park. It’s a cross between a movie studio and a working theme park. Number one, let’s talk about tickets. Where should you buy your tickets? Anywhere else except in front of the park, they’re gonna be the most expensive at these gates right here. Buy them online, buy them from Costco, buy from the AAA, you’ll find discounts from a lot of places
online before you get here. There’s regular tickets,
there’s express tickets, which are like bypass the lines tickets. Those can be between $170 to $250, and that depends on how busy the park is. Universal Studios has
implemented demand pricing, those are probably only
needed if you’re here on some of the busiest days. Then, if you really wanna splurge, there’s the VIP pass, which is like $400. You get a private tour
guide, things like that, so if you’re rolling in the dough, check out the VIP pass. The second thing to
know before you to go to Universal Studios Hollywood,
is about getting here. Most people drive here, $25
is the cheapest parking, $50 if you want front of the gate. If you’re staying around downtown LA, you can take the subway, or the LA Metro, there’s a subway stop right in front of Universal Studios Hollywood,
shuttle up the hill, Lyft or Uber is also a
good option to get here. If you’re here in Southern
California for Disneyland, a lot of the Anaheim hotels offer shuttles to get to Universal
Studios Hollywood as well, so that is an option. But, I’ll tell you if
you’re coming from Anaheim, or points far away, expect traffic in LA. So, if you’re trying to
get here at opening time, add a good hour to whatever
Google Maps tells you. That’ll give you time for traffic, and time to park, get through
security, and get in the gate. The third thing to know
before you to go to Universal Studios Hollywood,
is about when to go, to avoid crowds, and I will
say do not go in summer. Summer is the worst time to come to Universal Studios Hollywood, it is the hottest, it
is the most expensive, because the ticket prices go up, and everybody and their mother is here. Also, Christmas is the time to avoid, the rest of the year, probably not so bad. Weekdays are gonna be the least busy, but if you wanna pick
really the least busy day, use one of the crowd tracker websites. If you type into Google,
Universal Studios Hollywood Crowd Tracker, you’ll find calendars that’ll tell you when the
least busy days to come are. Also, to avoid the crowds, you can come an hour before park opening
if you buy your tickets from Universal Studios
directly from their website, and also the crowds have
a tendency to thin out at nighttime, so stay
til about park closing. Then you’ll probably able to just walk right on the rides, no big deal. The fourth thing to
know before you come to Universal Studios Hollywood is about how to get the shortest lines. I think I just said a
few things about it but, get here when the park opens, no not when the park opens,
before the park opens. You want to be through
security, and at the park as they drop the rope to
let you into the park, and the best place to go
for the shortest lines, it’s down the lower lot. The lower lot, it’s down low, and so people usually don’t get there right when the park opens,
so that’s you wanna go for some of the shortest lines. Also, at park closing time, you can walk on a lot of the rides between eight or nine o’clock at night. I will mention, if you’re
taking the Studio Tour, which you should, because it is the quintessential ride here. Make sure to do the Studio
Tour before it ends, it closes before the rest of the rides do. The fifth to know when
it’s related to lines, is about single rider lines. A few of the rides here
have what they call, Single Rider Lines, and
those will be the best ways to get on the rides, the quickest, as long as you don’t
need to sit next to you, and your closest friends. Look for the signs that
say Single Rider Lines, and that’ll be your fast way on to lines that have long
lines for the rides. The next thing to know before you to go to Universal Studios Hollywood,
is about the shows. Universal Studios Hollywood
has a lot of shows, well three main shows. Waterwold is probably the biggest of them, it’s based on the movie of the same name. Here’s a little bit from
the Waterworld show, this is Universal’s
most action-packed show, water splashes, guns, fireworks, people diving into the
water, lots of excitement. There’s an animal show where they have lots of cute animals that run around. The show is great for animal lovers, and the whole family. They show how Hollywood trains animals to do really neat movie tricks. There’s a special effects show, where they show you
behind the scenes of how they make some of the coolest movie magic. But, one of the things they show you, is actually setting someone on fire. This is something that
virtual fire isn’t very good, so they still do real fire. This guy burns for about 20 seconds, he’s got a whole bunch
of protective layers on, and then they’ll put him out. It is real, cause if you
were sitting there in person, you could feel the heat from that fire. What I’ll tell you about the shows is, make sure to get there
about 20 minutes early, because if you don’t, you might not end up not having any seats. By the way, if you go to see Waterworld, make sure to not sit in the green seats unless you wanna get
wet, and when I mean wet, I mean really wet. By the way, they also
don’t print the show times. So if you wanna know the show times, this leads us into the next
thing to know, which is you need to the Universal Studios app. The app will tell you show
times, and wait times. It’ll also give you a park map, and if you’re trying to do the shows, make sure you don’t wait too late because, pretty soon you’ll run
out of show times if you do. You should also know about the escalator from the upper lot to the lower lot. This can six and a half minutes to go from one to the other, so minimize the time you go from the upper lot to the lower lot. Go down to the lower
lot, ride all the rides, then head up the lower lot. If you’re doing this a whole bunch, you’ll be wasting a bunch of time, just hanging out on the escalator. Wee! So the escalator, see these
are the other segments about it, but I’m going
down here to ride the Mummy. So, let’s talk about rides now. Universal Studios, in addition to shows, has a lot of cool rides. The biggest and most popular ride, it’s the Harry Potter Castle ride. It’s like a motion ride,
that has a projection screen, so you go through the castle. Down here, where I’m going, to see the Mummy, or ride the Mummy, it is a indoor roller coaster. There’s Jurassic Park,
that one you’ll get wet on, so do that one only if you’re not worried about getting wet. But, the epic ride, the
one you have to take, is the Studio Tour. Don’t leave Universal Studios without taking the Studio Tour, did you hear me? Take the Studio Tour, I’m
just trying to make sure I don’t fall down at the end. I’m gonna restart and talk more about the Studio Tour
at the next escalator. The best time to ride the Studio Tour, late afternoon, early evening. Typically cause it’s
the must-see attraction, most people do that on
their way into the park. So, as your walking around the park, you’re looking on your mobile device, check out the wait times
as it starts to get less later in the day, that’s when you wanna
check out the Studio Tour. We just got off it, it is super awesome, it is worth the wait, let me tell you. The other thing I wanna say about the rides here at Universal
Studios in general, a lot of them are sort of
these projection screen rides. If those make you dizzy, well then, take a look, and maybe skip those rides. Or if you’re dizzy on the
motion projection rides, just close your screen, close your eyes, then you won’t see the screen for a while. Just one more thing about rides, a lot of the rides have these lockers that they’ll have you put
your small belongings in, and you have to put them in there. If you have big belongings,
the lockers cost money. But, if you have small
belongings, the lockers are free. So, don’t bring any really big backpacks, otherwise you’ll paying a bunch of money to store them in the lockers. The tenth thing to know before you go to Universal Studios, is
about Universal CityWalk, right here at this outdoor shopping mall located right next to Universal Studios, there’s a whole bunch of restaurants, there’s a whole bunch of shops, there’s a movie theater,
there’s nightclubs. If you’re looking for some
of the cheapest food to eat at Universal Studios,
and I think the best, the cheapest, check out
the food court upstairs. The best restaurants are around here. It’s a pretty neat
complex, it’s open usually a couple hours after park closing time, and by the way there’s a, there’s a really big King
Kong, that’s pretty cool. Well hey, I hope you enjoyed this video, and Topper does too,
so thanks for watching. If you enjoyed, please
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