United States Visa Scam Targeting Foreigners

Hey, I’m Roman Lillie and this is my channel Roman Around The World and today I have a really essential video for you, so if you are interested in a visa for the US or really for any foreign country Today I’m talking with a man who works at a US consulate He’s talking about scams that he’s heard about people getting fake visa documents He’s also talking about what not to do if you don’t want to have your visa not be approved a lot of really helpful information So lucky that I met him and was able to chat with him so stay tuned for this talk You don’t want to miss it and also make sure you subscribe to my youtube channel if you haven’t done so already I’m here in India traveling around. There’s lots of fun and interesting chats coming up and all over the world so There’s a lot to come subscribe and let’s get into this chat right now All right, I’m excited because today I am chatting with Lee who By the way, we met just only earlier today. It’s so funny How life works and travel works and you never know who you’re gonna meet And I had the good fortune of having lunch with Lee who works for the US Consulate here in India, but we’re not talking on Official consulate, you know this is like an official consulate interview, but he is an expert so we’re gonna get some of his expert personal opinion about Scams and actually a lot of the time if you watch some of my videos I talk about travel travel scams, and what not to do. by the way we’re on a swing I’m gonna try to keep this mildly still but if you see us moving and you’re wondering why? We’re sitting on a nice swing here in varkala India But so I talk a lot about travel scams and what to do to make sure you’re not scammed But by the way, it’s not only travelers that have to worry about some travel related scams Locals people here in India can also watch out because you were telling me about some Scams that you found that about that were happening with Indians about trying to get a US visa Yeah, yeah, it’s very interesting so Of course most Indians are very tech savvy and use the internet a lot And they often are looking for opportunities in the world similar to uh to how a lot of Americans look for opportunities as well and It’s happening the sort of an increasing Consistency here that Indians get job offers via the internet and They often are from Somebody out in cyberspace be that in India or in the US or maybe a third country who knows Where they’re told oh if you just pay the certain amount of money, then you can have this job And you can have this American visa and so unfortunately some people Are convinced that that’s real and they send money through wire transfer waiting for their Plane ticket and American visa and I see how this could seem very plausible because I Mean if I was applying for a job I would apply online and look for jobs online I mean there are real jobs as we all know online so I guess are there any red flags before even that when we get to the part of sending the money which is a huge red flag But are there any things that you hear about like in the job offers or sort of in the setup of these stories that can Sort of alert people that maybe something is strange Yeah definitely so one of them is any promise of an American visa because Here here in India as well as in lots of countries to go to the US you need a visa But that comes from the US Embassy or consulate and so anybody who says oh, just send this money, and you have the visa Probably just scamming you and waiting for your money Cameras bouncing around so a Guaranteed visa is a red flag because no one can guarantee a visa and of course companies can try to get one Sure and also anybody who is purporting to be from The American Embassy or consulate who are using a .com address or a .net address okay? Anything? That’s not a Govt address right so US government is .gov there’s no exceptions Now there can be stuff though before the .gov be right ?different There’s that .gov on the very end always for American government for an American government Yeah so sometimes the scamming entities will go to the American Embassy website and take the ambassador’s name or Take the name of the official Americans from the website, and then basically copy and paste those and make things look very official but again the correspondence if it’s coming from any sort of .com even if it’s like US Embassy.com right .tnet That’s not official and they’re trying to look official and trying to get using the money and in in the end It’s a scam, and you mentioned before this like we’re here in India you’re here in India Um, but this doesn’t even just unique to India this is happening It’s kind of Anywhere this can happen? Yeah, cause that could be like who knows where these are originating from are they originating in India are they in another country It’s not clear because it’s internet-based so if something sounds too. Good to be true Then it probably is And like how much money are some of these scammers getting yeah hundreds to thousands of dollars that people are willing to send for promises Now is it always tied to a job? Or is it sometimes just like where people are told they can pay for a visa can be both Absolutely yeah, but it’s I mean in general You can get a US visa at a US consulate, or a u.s. Embassy only and not from a travel agent and not from any sort of internet-based Entity the claims give money. We’ll give that to you right so no shortcuts And by the way we were chatting earlier about like how people come to try and get a visa sometimes and they lie That yeah that can happen unfortunately that people misrepresent themselves Best thing to do is of course be honest about your intentions right this one tell people so if you are interested in a visa avoiding scams is key, but also don’t waste your own time and your actual money On a visa application if you’re gonna lie because if you lie and they find out I mean that’s just like a guaranteed no Right and it can actually lead to a permanent ineligibility to access the united states Right I was watching like some kind of like Border Patrol show At one point and they were saying how like certain infractions can lead to a lifetime, ban So it’s really not always worth it And I guess I wonder what kinds of things do people lie about and what kind of lies? Can get you banned from entering the US yeah, so in general any material Misrepresentation, so that’s where you present something. That’s that’s not accurate. You’re you’re showing that For example you have all this business or all this money And you actually don’t or if you’re claiming that you’re going to be studying, but you don’t have Acceptance into the university there’s all sorts of ways that people misrepresent their their their true intent of travel to try to access You know various countries in the world the u.s. Is just one and that can result in the lifetime, ban of not being able to visit that’s right and then so I guess the question that I would think and I guess maybe some people might be is like oh So you actually check because by the way I’ve done certain visa Applications where it’s so quick the approval didn’t check anything. I don’t even think they checked my last name. You know. Thank you I really wonder so I guess you do some checking just to legitimize some some things you know and I Almost feel like some people are also just bad liars. It’s like you need to check yourself if you’re a bad liar Please don’t lie to a consulate That’s good advice Any tips for travelers who want to travel want to come to the US or an or any other foreign country things They should do or kind of have in order before they set out Sure well it’s
It’s always good when when traveling to make sure that your for example family back home know where you’re going in case you need to Be reached for an emergency. It’s good to have the contact information of your embassy or consulate In the foreign countries where you’re traveling in case you were to lose your passport Or have your money stolen or have an emergency yourself and need assistance So if an Indian for example is travelling to the US. It’s great to have the contact information for the Indian Embassy in the United States were any of the Indian consulates same for Americans traveling here Yes for example has the Embassy in New Delhi the capital and then there are four consulates here in India They assist Americans when they’re traveling There’s help There’s help available. It’s just nice and then any other tips for people who want to make sure they’re not getting scammed yeah, so it’s Always good to Verify and the information if you’re for example getting a job offer, and it’s just through the internet and you have an actually talk to somebody and They’re promising all sorts of things that you just send money It’s kind of a red flag because they’re just trying to get you to send money for a service that you have no guarantee of getting so the Internet’s always a Murky place because you don’t know who’s on the other side of that that email or that internet chat yeah And I think extra verification is always helpful like when I was I had like a whole binge-watching session recently of watching all these Catfishes and different shows, and it seems like what a lot of people don’t do with certain scams is that extra layer of verification Right calling a certain place does this person actually work there? Don’t just call a number They gave you call a number from an official website Right like to actually kind of do some real checking and digging and save you a lot of hassle Good advice there you go. That’s it right now anything you want to leave us with no I just Think it’s great that you’re out traveling and you’re sharing your experiences, and and your your wisdom with with your viewers here Oh, thank you. Good work Thank you. I love it so nice, and if you haven’t done so yet make sure you subscribe to my youtube channel There’s a lot more coming up from here in India and all around the world so I’ll see you later

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    How come your hair still looks the same and doesn't grow in your videos? (Sorry if that's a rude question)

  2. You know what, those travelers who travel to India and give the wrong information about India, India is a rapist country. You guys are really scared of going out at night , and pretending that India is safe. Can you go out and night and walk down the streets and take selfies at the same time? Nope , Stop lying here.

  3. your vlogs never get boring, you manage to get something totally different every time 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 some of the comments from your viewers make me cringe though sometimes 😂😂😂 lol

  4. it would more helpful if you could find guys who can actually get the visa for money. Many communities are getting desperate as they no future in India for their kids because of reservation politics. Not the EB5 though.That is too expensive.

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