Undercover Interview with “Harry Styles”

(upbeat music) Thanks for clicking through, I’m Rhett. And I’m definitely Link, and we’re doing an undercover interview. Why? We can’t tell you
because it’s top secret. Let’s welcome our multi-talented guest, the amazing Harry Styles. (audience laughing) – [Rhett] Whoa, yeah. – [Harry] Hey boys. – [Rhett] Harry, thanks for coming in. – [Harry] Hey boys, thanks for having me. Thanks for having me guys, super cool. Love your suit, Harry. Oh thanks, right on, right on. Harry Styles, tell us
about your latest album, Harry Styles. Well, what’s your favorite
song that I do, do you think? The… The one where you sing
with the other guys. Right, with all the guys, right? Yeah, the Directioners. Yes, bad news. I got rid of all the guys, now it’s just Harry Styles. (audience laughing) Okay, that’s cool. Now, it has been a while since
you worked with the guys. Do you still remember all their names? Um, let me think back to when
I was doing One Direction, which was the name of the
name of the band that I did. You’re right about that, yes. Which camera’s for me,
by the way, this one? Yes. (audience laughing) That one. Any one you want, Harry, but let’s do– (audience laughing) So yeah, the guys that I
was in One Direction with, that was like Steve and
Kip and Terry and Glen, (audience laughing) and they’re all great, everyone’s doing great, we’re all friends, we’re all doing great, but I’m doing especially great. Yeah, you are. The song with them, What
Makes You Beautiful, that really propelled you to stardom. – ♪ What makes you so beautiful, ♪ that one? Yeah, that one. That one, exactly, that one. Yeah, people love that one a lot. I also love– Can you sing the verse? Yeah, let me do it right now. Two, three, four ♪ Because you are so beautiful, ♪ ♪ That’s why you are so beautiful. ♪ Who do you think is more
beautiful of the three of us, or actor Rob Huebel? Hmm. Take your pick. To be real, Rob Huebel is a dear friend, so cool, so funny, got
a cool new show called Do You Want to See a Dead Body? On YouTube– You know about that? You’re a fan of it? Such a huge fan. One time I saw Rob Huebel at a party, and he was acting crazy and I thought, “I need to be friends with Rob Huebel.” And so we became friends. He’s friends with Rob Huebel. That’s great. In fact– (audience laughing) Calm down, calm down. I don’t know how to–
(laughing) I get it, I get it. Listen, let me look at
you like you’re stupid. (audience laughing) You are, on YouTube you appear to be much taller than you are. Just now, looking at you, I’m realizing you’re a very short man. Yeah. Very, like very shrimpy man. Right. Like a man that was like
shrunken down with like a, a shrink ray gun. Like how did it happen? Like a tiny, teeny, tiny boy man. Diminutive. – [Harry] Yeah. Very diminutive. And of course I’m very tall. You are like a Sasquatch. Like a big, hairy, stinky monkey man. Yes. With a crazy beard. It’s not real, I just– It’s a fake beard. It’s a fake beard. But your face looks totally clean shaven. (audience laughing) Like a little boy. Like a baby’s bottom. Like a tiny baby butt. Wanna touch it? Oh, no thank you. (audience laughing) Now you had to cut your hair for Dunkirk. Great question. Yes, I did, I had to cut my hair, which is hard to do
because my hair is so sexy, that’s what everybody likes about me, when I talk I flip my hair
around with all of my answers. But I had to cut it for the movie Dunkirk. Did you see it? Yeah. What’s it about? It’s uh… (audience laughing) It’s about a– It’s about a guy Kirk who’s
finished with something. He’s so done, he’s like
“I’m Kirk and I’m done. “I’m outta here.” The whole time, just from the beginning, he was like, “I’m done,” in the first act. That’s what I thought it was about too. And then he was like, “I’m still done,” and then he was like, “I’m totally done.” “Now I’m done,” credits. – [Link] Yeah.
(audience laughing) At the end. It is very sexy, I’ve been
thinking about nothing else except your sexiness. Your hair, mate, your hair is so spot-on, it’s so cool. My entire identity is wrapped
up in the hair on my head and on my face. There’s so much hair going on over there, so little hair here. Right, yeah. But that looks so cool, do you style it yourself? Yes, I spend about four
hours every morning, just looking at myself in the mirror, saying things like,
“Rhett, you can do this, “you can style your hair, “you’re beautiful.” And then I write letters to you, have you gotten any of them? I will say, mate, I’ve
gotten all of your letters and I have to ask you to stop. Okay, now, I really admire your clothing. How do you feel about adult
men wearing tight graphic tees like constantly. Well, “save the drama for your llama,” it feels like you might be
trying a little too hard. – [Link] Right? Yeah. Yeah, well, what about shirts that just have patterns on ’em, like I mean this one, I look like a washed-up dad who’s gone on vacation, you know? Constantly like, “Where’s
my other flip flop?” You like that, right? It sounds like something
a dad would say, right? – [All] “Where’s my other flip flop?” Um, but yeah I feel like, your shirts, eventually
you’re gonna run out of cute, funny animals, and eventually you’re
gonna run out of cool, super-tight pattern-y shirts
from dads on vacations. I definitely feel like I’m
washed-up in a lot of ways. (audience laughing) I feel like my friend here
is totally carrying me, let me say that. I have terrible news
about your beard, man. What? – [Harry] Don’t look in
the mirror right now. You might get freaked out. (audience laughing) You might get freaked out. Okay, help me out there. Now I’m sorry to go back to Rob Huebel, but I just cannot get
enough of that guy either. Me either. I’m a member of his fan club, is there anything that
guy Rob Huebel cannot do? I mean, really, drama,
comedy, comedy, drama, he’s got both things covered totally. Yeah. Dead Body? Did I mention that? So here’s what he does on the show. Do You Want to See a Dead Body? He takes different comedians, every week, to go see a different dead body. (laughing) I’m just gonna look at you
as if that’s a little weird. (laughing) And look at him like he’s weird. He’s funny. You’re weird. Both of your reactions are so weird, it’s almost like the way the
other guy would normally react. Yeah, it’s a weird day. It’s a really weird day, it’s as if you guys got
into a head-on car crash, switched bodies, and that’s what’s happening. Well that’s an interesting theory. Well thanks for coming in, Harry Styles. Thanks for having me, mates. You should check out
Harry Styles as Rob Huebel in the new YouTube Red show Do You Want to See a Dead Body? Available right now. Thanks, guys, always great to be here. Thanks for liking, commenting– (audience laughing) Oh my goodness. Sorry, sorry guys. Pull it together, Harry. What’s that over there? Thanks for liking,
commenting and subscribing. You know what time it is. – [Crowd] T-R-O-Y. We’re the Sound of the
South from Troy, Alabama, and it’s time to spin
the Wheel of Mythicality. Click the bottom link to watch the episode from the beginning. And click the top link
to watch us find out who our staff is undercover as, in Good Mythical More. And to find out where
the Wheel of Mythicality is going to land.

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  1. How is it, that Link is a handsome guy, but when he's dressed up as Rhett he looks like a beautiful woman dressed up as a man? 😂

  2. they have each other's mannerisms down so well. even to the way they sit. especially rhett! if you covered their faces, you really can't tell!

  3. Bro. This is the dumbest video Rhett and Link have ever made… Like I'm laughing so hard because it goes way past the joke and just keeps going and going and it's funny because it's ridiculous. If you read my comment this long tell Obama I said hey

  4. What is Harry Styles? Is it a blog for harry men’s hairstyles? And why do Rhett and link look so off in this episode? Plz hlp

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  6. Link totally missed that thing Rhett does where he looks at the camera and smugly smiles and his cheeks squinch up and he looks like a young chipmunk that just made a dirty joke

  7. I clicked on the video thinking it was the real Harry Styles and I was so excited and I seen the fake Harry walk out. 😠😩😭

  8. Oh god I really hope link doesn’t actually think he’s “carrying Rhett”. As if Link is some ultra talented comedian while Rhett is just an average person. LOL.

    It really seems like he meant what he was saying that whole segment. So painfully childish.

  9. He legit has some sort of messed up Cockney/New Zeland accent and I’m kind of living for it?

  10. Rhett’s Link is amazing? He gets the like, intrigued puppy face that Link does (with his mouth open) just…perfect.

    Also ‘Rhett’ remembering to look at ‘Link’ like he’s stupid but also announcing it every time isn’t the best but it has its own charm

  11. It would be funnier if the parody would be a little more precise, the only thing like Harry's costume. It's meaningless if you do not know o do anything about the character you parodies.

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    "HAhHaHahahaaaa HahAaaa!"
    "I don't know how to handle your actions..let me look at you like your stupid."

    😂😂😂Rhett and Link's imitations of each other were absolutely hilarious!!

  14. I love gmm but… HARRY IS NOT LIKE THAT AT ALL. I get this is a joke, but for be personally it makes me mad. And btw he did not cut it for his movie he cut it for charity. again I GET ITS A JOKE. I’m not one of those people where they complain. I personally think you need to have the ACTUAL Harry Styles on I would love it 😂

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