Umpires Threaten to Boycott Serena Williams & Tourists Tempt Fate with a Lion | The Daily Show

By now,
you’ve probably heard about Serena Williams accusing
a U.S. Open umpire of sexism during her finals match
last week. Well, today,
he’s returning her serve. WOMAN:
The Times of London says that tennis umpires may boycott
Serena Williams’ matches after her confrontation
at the U.S. Open final. They think that fellow umpire Carlos Ramos was,
in their words, “throne to the wolves”
for upholding the rules. The Women’s Tennis Association
and the U.S. Tennis association backed Williams’ claims
of sexism. Wow. The umpire strikes back. (laughter) Get it? Because the ump…
Anyway, uh… And look, I-I don’t know, man. The tennis umpires can say
whatever they want– that they’re gonna boycott
Serena– but don’t pretend you can actually boycott
Serena Williams in tennis, because
she basically is tennis. Or the umpires
are gonna be like, “From now on,
I’m not umpiring for Serena. “I’m only gonna umpire games
for… “I-I want to say
Stephanie or Sus… Look, I don’t know the other
ones, but you get my point.” In other news, you know
that iPhone you just bought? Well, as of today, it sucks. That’s right. Apple announced
the new iPhones today. Although, I’ll be honest. Apple has spoiled us so much,
right. These launches don’t really feel
exciting anymore. It’s like,
“Yeah, screens are bigger. The phone can predict
when I’m gonna die, whatever.” You know? Like, if Apple
wants me to pay attention, they should bring back… They should just bring out
Robert Mueller in a turtleneck. That’s what they need–
just him walking out like, “Introducing
the 2018 iDictments.” (laughter) “This changes everything.” Oh, and moving on
to some stupid news. Here are some stupid people
being stupid. We want to he show you
this wild surprise for tourists at a safari park. A lion jumping into their cart,
climbing on top of the tourist, even licking one guest
as they all try to get the perfect
Instagram shot. Luckily, the big cat
was feeling friendly. Just weeks ago,
a woman was actually mauled by a different lion
at the same park in Crimea. Mauled by a different lion? This lion is not a lion. I’m always shocked at how much
white people love animals. ‘Cause, like,
they’ll go to a place where someone was just mauled
by a lion, but they’re like, “Yeah, but this is
a different lion, okay? They’re not all the same.” I’m like,
why can’t black people get the same benefit of the doubt? (laughter) It’s true, because… (applause and cheering) Because you know they wouldn’t
be that comfortable if a black guy started crawling
through their car like that. They were like,
“Take a selfie. Take a selfie.” And I’m not saying it’s racism. I just think maybe white people
are more comfortable with lions because they have cats.
Maybe that’s what it is. Yeah, so when they see lions, they just think,
“Oh, it’s a big cat.” So maybe what we need to do
is invent tiny black people to live
in white people’s houses, yeah, so that
they’re comfortable -when they see the real thing.
-(laughter) Just be like,
“Nice to meet you, Darnell. You remember mind me
of Mr. Whiskers!”

100 thoughts on “Umpires Threaten to Boycott Serena Williams & Tourists Tempt Fate with a Lion | The Daily Show

  1. I'm not white and I can see he is so anti white, I don't understand why most of white stand up for guy like him who are against white, whites are the only race who hate whites, I just hope my future son/daughter don't hate their own race, as the girl I'm gonna marry is white making then half white

  2. Serena Williams isn’t “Tennis.” She is the biggest baby in tennis though. She still manages to make a great win for her opponent all about herself. Gotta disagree with you here, you sounded like a complete idiot in this video Trevor.

  3. TIL Trevor is fine with guys crawling over him. And that he thinks white people should have house… African-Americans.
    I don't think they thought these jokes all the way through.

  4. Everyone is now expected to bend over backwards for women and blacks now, don't you know? So she gets two passes on bad behavior!

  5. You guys should see the video. The way Serena Behaved was completely unacceptable and should be bannable. If she can't behave like a professional Tennis player, she shouldn't play professional tennis. By the end of the match, the real winner was crying because everyone was booing at her and supporting Serena, even though even without the Umpire's help, she completely kicked Serena's ass. There is no sexism nor racism in this match. What happened is fair, except for the fact that not only did she stole Naomi's excitement, she made it so that she was booed during victory. I used to watch this who and feel smarter, but now I'm starting to feel like Trevor is a sellout. We should be booing Serena, and cheering for Naomi.

  6. If a white person made a show like this it would be all over the news . Black people destroying their own neighborhoods . Then complain about how much nicer white neighborhoods are and that it’s unfair

  7. Ban that stupid cry baby from tennis. She got her ass kicked. Black's alway complain about unfair treatment when they get their butt kicked in a fair contest. Retire and have a little dignity fool

  8. Serena is pretty UGLY in and out…. poor sportsmanship and ethically weak. Don't worry though, she is an elitist multi millionaire while the rest of you are not.

  9. Trevor Noah is actually racist if you see from the other side. He is biased against white people. No matter how much inclusive whites are, he will always play the color card. When you defend someone who is actually wrong, we doubt your inclinations Trevor. Sorry but you are on the wrong side this time sir.

  10. I've been watching Trevor grow over the past few years and I used to love his work but nowadays he's become biased and so SJW that I can't tolerate him anymore

  11. Why do americans always have to involve race in everything? I know Trevor is South African but he clearly has an American mindset.

    This isn‘t about gender or politics either. Everyone in their right mind knows that Serena was wrong and deserved those penalties.

  12. The problem, Trev, is that you're confusing Tennis with Soccer.
    Tennis is the one with the little yellow ball and players respecting umpires. Soccer is the one with the big predominantly white ball where the players act like little two-year old brats. I know the similarities between the two sports are uncanning, but if you put some effort into it, even you might spot the difference.

  13. Lots of people in the comments complaining about the race jokes. I feel like we should get used to it?
    Someone from a minority should be able to make fun of the majority and have those people laugh at the joke.
    Also I would totally pet that lion so it's not even an inaccurate joke. I'll probably die trying to pet a hippo

  14. Your pathetic Trevor…Backing up a sore loser and using race as an excuse to defend her while her own opponent was asian and black!

  15. Serena claimed sexism in a situation that had nothing to do with sexism. She talks about activism for women and more acknowledgment towards women yet she stole the spotlight from another woman who deserved the win, and she couldn't even acknowledge her own wrongdoings.

  16. Why are you not talking about Osaka? She is the real victim here because some sore loser went nuts. I admit Serena is one of the best tennis player in our era but that doesn't mean she can't be punished for a penalty. Also no one is boycotting anyone, I mean the coach literally admitted that he was coaching and was caught on camera. So please stop the "blacks are victim" mentality and sexism that doesn't apply in this scandal.

  17. Serena knows how to play her cards best- "not coached", " I dont cheat because I am a mother", "woman", "men say worse things", could've used the race card unless Naomi was black. She should be banned from the game.

  18. Oh I see, I'm black she's black… …TO THE RESCUUUUUEEEEEE! She's arguably the most talented tennis athlete on the planet, how about BEHAVING AS SUCH and not as a c***!

  19. She basically is tennis ?
    No, trust me, she isn't.

    Tennis isn't a bad loser, stop being so biased because of your preference for her.

    Be more factual.

  20. 2:03 "I'm always shocked by how white people love animals"

    I have said "I'm always shocked about how black people love chicken" and the whole world would consider me a racist mf

    But him saying that kinna stuff about white people, makes him funny..

    Minorities you said huuuummmh.

  21. Responses of people on here.

    "Unless you can talk about every kind of racism everywhere, you can't talk about ANY!…. Including racism you and your family may personally experience… What happened isn't bad unless you point out all the other things that are bad.

    But if you do want to talk about all those things, don't do it too much because I like having at least three to four weeks between being reminded people are getting screwed over by my government."

  22. Let us all UNSUBSCRIBED.

    Hey Trevor, I think you should hand back the position to Jon Steward, he was far more fair than you are right now when it comes to this issues. You are a disappointment. a BIG DISAPPOINTMENT. I actually liked your jokes too. Tsk Tsk. UNSUBSCRIBED.

    Serena: "I'm a mother, say sorry" <— you are defending this? wow

  23. That Serena acted like a spoilt Child in a temper tantrum and it's a fact the Umpire was correct , with her being in the wrong and you are just like the rest, trivializing it instead of having the Balls to condemn it. Is it because you're racist biased yourself, a bit like the Jury was on the O j Simpson trial.

  24. Africans over there know not to fuck with lions and tigers, white folks think it's a fine petting zoo but will call the cops and walk away from black people in America smh lol.

  25. Women Card , Mom Card ……..Thanks god her opponent was black or else she would have played the Black Card too

    It was everything Serena's fault. Abusing Referee, Code Violation and then blaming Unnecessarily.
    No sportsmanship. She is a bully. Pathetic Women.

  26. She's a national American. He's a Portuguese immigrant. Shame on her xenophobia for threatening and bullying him during the match.

  27. Complaining about racism, and simultaniosly being racist towards caucasians.. im not mad about it, its a joke i get it. But then maybe dont be so hypocritical

  28. Oh and Noah is a shill that will hold water for his masters. He will do and say anything to get young people fired up to hate each other. Orwell warned us about this shit. Now it's here. Now it's too late.

  29. Dude u must be stupid to say Serena is tennis. She is a sore loser!! Knowing she was losing she started throwing tantrums like a kid. She's done this in the past. Also saying he was being sexist in a women's match is plain stupid!!

  30. No one is commenting about that lion? I have to admit that he looked so friendly at that short video that i would have loved to pet him too. That should be a great experience.
    Though i wouldn't just go close to a lion unless i saw that it was friendly to others first.

  31. Wow i never knew that there would come a day that id disagree more than never with Trevor noah. My brother used to watch you and i really did enjoy your show. Although im so dumb for just realizing that some of the things being said arn't right and even sometimes completely bias.

  32. Trevor you may have your own opinion. But as the host of daily show, you have the responsibilities of keeping your shit in check.
    For the name of comedy, most of the time audiences let some of your shit slides. But there is a limit.

  33. I just don’t get how he’s supposedly sexist when there are two women playing. Did he just refuse to give either one of them points?

  34. That was painful, glad I stopped watching when this clown took over. Also, she isn't Tennis, maybe int he United States, but other people like Tennis regardless of whether an American is good at it.

  35. Serena did tell the umpire that he would never officiate one of her matches again. Who the F is she to tell him that. If Trevor feels that its strange they should boycott her. Non tennis people irk me with their stupid comments.

  36. Come on, man ! I am certain that Serena Williams had to face racism and sexism in her career and it's a shame, but this instance with Ramos was not it. He was just enforcing the federation rules (which you could argue need to be changed, but that's not on Ramos), and she shamed him for no reason. She probably spoiled the victory for Naomi Osaka, and hurt Carlos Ramos by calling him sexist and racist (I know I would be mortified).

  37. Serena Williams is just a stupid little brad!
    Something doesn't suit me, I accuse someone of being sexist! What a bullshit!
    #fuckmetoo feminists leaves greet!

  38. Trevor is not funny… serena does deserve to be boycotted she acted like a 5yr old out there and doubled down by calling the ump a sexist…

  39. This is what's wrong with claiming sexism at every instant. Saying that Serena "is tennis" is really demeaning to countless successful (and struggling) female tennis players. Do you really not see the irony?
    Serena's entitled rant really overshadowed Osaka's well deserved win.
    Trevor's not so good anymore. Sorry, not sorry!

  40. She has to respect the sport and the referees. This is valid for any sport. It wasn't referee that was yelling or smashing stuff while making parenthood excuses. The officials have full right to uphold the rules. It's also not her first time. I bet you follow the Daily Show Rules by the network and obey pretty strictly otherwise you get kicked out 🙂 Right? Riiiiight?

  41. How surprising all the guys in the comments hate that Serena exposed the referees hypocrisy (and white people expectedly can’t stand racism being brought up)

  42. Serena gets ratings and brings in money, this sport never cared about petty rules before, did that stupid umpire really expect the organization to appreciate him fucking up their money?

  43. Who said Serena is tennis?
    A game is a game . Bigger than any player ever.
    Sarena is just a player and she must respect game.

  44. Guys, what he meant when he said 'Serena Williams is tennis', is that she is one of the biggest players out there, and most people know her. While I disagree with how Trevor went over this issue, being mean is going to do anything but change his, or anyone else's mind. For those of you complaining about how he focuses on race mostly, I agree he could use a little more diversity in some of his topics. However, he is a black man, so that is most likely why he focuses on those issues, and brings them up for jokes when others may deem them unnecessary. I mean this in the utmost respect for both those who love and hate Trevor.

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