Ultra-Trail® World Tour 2016 – Episode 6

The North American continent welcomed the World Tour in 2016 First stop in California this summer One of the oldest trail running races: Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run The Far West of Trailers in the feet of gold seekers Then in September, a FUTURE race in Canada Ultra-Trail Harricana A race which has the potential to integrate the World Tour Our cousins from Québec are always willing to play in the nature and make it discover to the world The Ultra-Trail World Tour stopped in June in California for the 43rd Western States A historic 100 miler, the oldest of the international schedule between ski resort Squaw Valley and Auburn It has been a foot race since 1974 Trail running is a singular sport in the US With different codes than European races The national Parks limit the participation to a few hundred runners Special atmosphere in wild places Zach Miller is a former cruise boat employee He’s become shelter guard in Colorado Top class trailer revealed by CCC in France last year Winner of MIUT, UTWT race in Portugal this year Zach will be pacer at Western For Amanda Basham A new very important role for him A duo that will form at mile 40 To get to the finish line! Race day at Squaw Valley Runners come to pick their bib before the start Nice atmosphere: only 353 runners are picked for this race It’s a bit different than usual here for me The lanscapes, the heat… It is also a special atmosphere, with not many runners. it’s familiar and nice It’s good to live 3-4 road parts where everyone can run with us, this is how I see trail running So it is a different race and I was happy to be able to come On Monday I went to run on the end of the course It went pretty well After 27-28k I fell on the bad rock at the bad time I try to put things into perspective, it is just sport But it is long to prepare so it’s not easy It’s not the most important thing in my life but it’s always a difficult time The elite pool is pretty heavy this year last year’s top 10 is invited to come back Rob Krar is not here but big names are here Top girls are also presented under big cheering from the amateur runners This course takes historic tracks From Squaw Valley to Auburn A descending course No break for brave runners, start is at 5am Atmosphere is relaxed despite the pressure of winning a UTWT race No stress but joy before this adventure Let’s go for the 43rd edition of the race The aim is to finish under 30 hours to win a bronze belt buckle Under 20 runners are awarded the famous silver buckle After 45k, favorites are very close to one each otther Sierra Nevada has fast forest tracks The best can run despite the ascents Shadow is well welcomed while sun is shining Atmosphere is nice on the trails Runners keep smiling despite the intensity of the effort and American rules authorizing topless running A freedom feeling in America At Michigan Bluff Sage Canaday and Tom Lorblanchet arrive quietly It’s the second time for Thomas 5th in 2015, he loves the atmosphere on this American race I feel very good in this culture I travel a lot And I feel good here in the US In France I have a special relationship with Templiers Who were born in Auburn Founding principles of the race, the pionner spirit… “Am I able to do it?” To prove oneself something This is the pure essence of the sport More than 1500 volunteers work for this race That is 4 volunteers for 1 athlete, unique! At refreshment points, volunteers escort each runner Atmosphere is less electric than European races! The limited number of runners lets them fully enjoy the trails For the women’s race, the local athletes dominate Kaci Lickteig was 2nd last year, she’s at the top at the moment Runners seem lost in the middle of these lands They find a path through trees to follow the way of the pionners Forest Hill is a key point of the race Kaci Lickteig is closely followed by Amy Sporston To fresh up mountain rivers are perfect Security vests are mandatory in case of falling After Jim Wamsley’s course mistake, Andrew Miller is with his pacer for last 40 miles Hermansen is 2nd and close Thomas Lorblanchet runs for podium with Jeff Browning behind him They try to make the best of this natural fresh part before the last ascents The young Andrew Miller enters in first place in the stadium at Auburn An outstanding performance for this young runner from Oregon He is the youngest winner of the race After 15 hours and 39 minutes on the course Didrik Hermansen managed the heat well He is 2nd 45minutes after Miller A 2nd American to complete the podium, Jeff Browning who passed before Thomas Lorblanchet 10 minutes between them 10 degres more than expected It’s mythic! A long day but fabulous!! I’m very happy to be here and I will come as long as I can run Kaci Lickteig wins for the women A bit less than 18 hours on the course for her At night, Amy Sporston finishes 2nd Amanda Basham, paced by Zach Miller, won her TOP10bet She’s 4th woman! Pierre Loic from Lyon (France) finishes after 20 hours on the course The heat was not easy I’m not used to that I didn’t expect a tough race like this We say it’s an easy race but it is not I did other 100 miles but… Here it can be compared with more mountainy races The finishers keep arriving all night long and the day after 280 runners finished the race this year 80% of success, a very good figure Everyone has fought hard to finish this race sometimes on their last legs All these finishers deserved to get their buckle Andrew Miller and Kaci Lickteig win the prettiest trophies but souvenirs are for everyone Calm will now come back to the Californian national park Athletes of the UTWT go to other adventures With the feeling of far west conquest Change of landscape 3 months later Quebec, in the East of Canada, close to La Malbaie For the 5th time, a Ultra-Trail is organised there Harricana Ultra-Trail It’s a UTWT future race this year With great potential to integrate the series in the future 125k with 4000m of elevation gain With very cold temperature at some points Grands Fonds, a ski resort, is the place for race HQ No big stars yet here, and around 100 runners for the long distance race What did this integration to UTWT change for you organizer ? Now we can welcome other cultures it makes me think about Expo 67 I meet people from South Africa, Brazil… I launch a message at the same time Come with more friends in Charlevoix Bib collection, pre race briefing, press conference Everything is set before the 125km of the race Our everyday job is to make trail running more popular than it is at the moment It’s a beautiful sport Which appeals to core values of sport solidarity, authenticity Have a good success, thank you for letting me talk Good luck to all the runners I’m proud to be the ‘godmother’ of the race, thank you! I now declare the Harricana Ultra-Trail open Have fun and thank you for being here Harricana Ultra-Trail is first a family festival for all generations Races are made for kids in different ages’ categories Different distances from 5 to 85k to train before the longest distance! It’s a line course in half circle with lakes and 3 summits Welcome to Canada Simona, why here? First because Harricana is a UTWT Future race so I thought your race was a fast course It’s not true, everyone can come there are different parts on this course fast, rolling, tecnical A lot of single tracks too, unusual for a race on the American continent I think it’s a different experience for European athletes Night is here when athletes go to shuttle bus for the start Start is at 2AM Athletes already think about the effort they will have to face The city room is warm A last briefing before dropping bags Everyone heads to the start line Organisation’s forecast is true Sebastien Coté had warned for low temperature The rain could fall Which is true on the first kilometers of the race Runners have to run on a slippery course I don’t know the course here I am more used to races with elevation so it’s going to be a bit more difficult for me I like long ascents and descents I don’t have specific objectives Enjoy and discover, that’s it! At km33, after the first difficulty, bib 23 is 1st! Jean-Francois Cauchon is followed by the Spanish runner Luis Vilagran Soon the blond hair of the first woman Jessy Forgues First women are running as fast as men, like Simona Morbelli Just before Luca Papi At the rise of the day, the fog is here The 80km race starts at 7AM here Sun is back in Charlevoix Smile’s back too! Outfits can be lighter and the terrain is dry Jean-Francois Cauchon and Jessy Forgues remain strong leaders Under the sun, the deep forests let the runners enjoy their fast tracks A few road parts allow to increase the pace A big crowd waits under the sun for another startline of this trail running day! More than 800 runners discover the sport on a 28k course A fast course despite a start with Grands Fonds mount All the runners arrive at the same place Finishers medals await their new friends Winners come one after the otehr On the long race Jean-François Cauchon wins after 12 hours and 54 minutes 1 hour and a half before the 2nd runner Suprise, at 3rd place, the 1st woman of the ultra race Jessy Forgues, 14 hours and 41 minutes This is an incredible feeling I am happy, it’s not bad! After 2nd refreshment, there’s a 8-km forest track It’s long and hard I didn’t have cramps as I said earlier I managed well food and drinks I had fun and didn’t know where the 2nd was I knew I was faster in descents After the last refreshment, it’s only descent so I know I had won To run at night is really great You and your light The course is beautiful With the sun rise, it was awesome To run at night is something special Marc Bouliane finished 3rd man, 4th overall 3rd overall, 1st woman, is it something you expected? Not at all! It was my first on the 125k race My longest race was a 100k last June It was really good, the course was amazing the course is well marked under the starred sky I feel really lucky Beautiful and well marked courses Nice atmosphere The smile of hundreds of finishers And nice climate conditions This edition of Harricana was a great success In an area made for this sport, 2 hours away from Quebec This year Harricana Ultra-Trail gives 20.000 dollars for multiple sclerosis research Great atmosphere for prize giving ceremony A $20.000 check was given to multiple sclerosis research We stay here, we celebrate and we welcome you in 2017 Registrations are open with a new 42k race Thanks everybody and see you next year! Next stage on the other side of the world Mount Fuji Japan! Fernanda Maciel, Xavier Thevenard and Sebastien Chaigneau will be at the start of the race For one of the most beautiful destinations of the Ultra-Trail World Tour!

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  2. C'est vraiment extraordinaire que vous avez oublié de raconter la histoire de Jim Walmsley!
    They just totally forgot the epic story of Jim Walmsley?!!??? That makes me sad.

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