UK Visa Fee Check Yourself

Hi, guys welcome to my personal experience.
Today I am sharing a very simple and easy way to check UK Application fee. Specially
Spouse Visa Application Fee and FLR(M) fee for inside the UK and outside country. I am
making the video that How can check yourself UK application fee. If you watch full video,
then hope you learn How can check your self any application fee for UK visa. Make sure
select correct Application type and visa category. Some people written comments on Facebook page
about how much is spouse visa fee that’s why I record the video quickly to help them.
So, lets go to Google Website. Yes, right now GOOGLE WEBSITE,
Now tipping Just UK visa application fee, its simple then select and search. Now you
can see UK Visa fee- GOV.UK, Governments official website. Enter the site. Yes, use this tool
to work out the cost of your UK visa application. So, this is the start button.
Start now, Visa application Fees, now select the country. Select the country you are making
your application from. Its depends which country from are you applying. That’s why you need
to choose your country. So, I’m applying from Bangladesh. I will choose my country
where from I am applying. Look at this Bangladesh. Its calculation for Out side country.
Then next step selects the visa category you would like to see fees for, Visit visa/ Study
/ Work / Joint / family / Transit / Crown dependencies / Settlement / Other. Now maximum
people applying for settlement visa, its means spouse/ as a child/ parents/ to join with
family and any other dependents. Lots of category about is the settlement
I will choose Settlement. then next step. Go down, yes
Now days everyone wanted to settlement in the UK. I know settlement means Spouse or
as a child or Parents already I told again more categories. Next step. Now you can see 1st question about
country, 2nd about Visa category, it is very important visa category and 3rd about Visa
type. So, make sure visa type and category is very important to find fee.
If I choose to show all then I will see Settlement all type of Visa
Fee. I choose to show all, next You can see Family of settled people (settlement).
This is the list, full list for settlement visa. Who want to join with family? This is
the Visa types, all is the visa type list. The
one Fee is Bangladeshi TK rate. For spouse or civil partner of a settle person.
Family life as a parent. Parent, grandparent or other dependant relative of a settle person.
Its lots of money 378898 TAKA. And visa guide. Now if you change your country this question,
then you will know your country rate fee. Now if I change another country like Brazil,
so change the answer. Look at this visa application fee Bangladesh. I will change Brazilian. The
brazil yes. Next step says visa category. So, you must need to select visa category.
It’s about settlement then visa type shows all.
I will see everything about settlement visa. Yes, you can see now visa application fee
for Brazilian. Visa application fee for Brazilian visa type spouse for $2,109 USD. Also, other
settlement visa fee is available here. The fiancé/child/family and other. Go down,
you can see now settlement for current and former members of HM armed forces, and their
dependent. Returning residents, family reunion for asylum
seekers is the visa fee. You can see. Now if you want to see type of visa fee List
2018 inside and outside country, I showed already is about outside country. Just what
you need to do? Just change your country, settlement and show all.
So, you will see all type of visa application fee. It is about your country. how much money
cost. If you want to see all type of visa fee List, let’s go to GOOGLE website again.
Yes, right now, write here UK VISA APPLICATION FEE 2018. You can see government website new
publication, it is official site. Go to link Yes, you can see UK visa fees.
Immigration and nationality fees for all application made from outside and within the UK. Both
is here. You can see Home Office Immigration and nationality fees from 6 April 2018: PDF
format. If you just select it, it will download automatically
in your phone. Is here fees category, current fee. So, let’s
go download this one. Yes, I got it. Home office Immigration and nationality Charges
2018. Current fee, New fee from 6 April 2018. Fee
change this year how much difference. Fee category and this is the all of visa category.
Application made outside the country (UK). You can see the settlement previous fee £1464
for settlement visa and New fee £1523 pound from 6 April 2018. This year, it is latest
for everyone. Make sure read carefully because the list for inside and outside the country.
Let’s go down. You can see application for outside country
continue. Optional Premium Services outside the UK. Optional Premium Services in the UK.
Optional Premium Services at the Border. Yes, right now, application made in the UK.
Indefinite leave to remain it is inside the UK fee is £2,297 pound and
this year’s 2018 is £2,389 pound. Extra £92 pound gone up. Leave to remain other
and leave to enter for person in the UK who are liable to immigration.
Just now I’m applying for FLR(M) fee about £1033 pound. I’m applying spouse visa extension.
Both categories fees are same £1,033 pound. It is for me because now I’m processing
an application FLR(M). Its cost the amount. So, guys it is easy just read and understand
carefully, inside and outside the country, this is the full list for UK APPLICATION FEE
2018. So, guys See
you soon with another video. Thank you, have a nice day.
Bye Bye

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  1. Hi there. Thank you for information.Could you please upload the link with FULL LISt of documents that You must have for your Spouse Extension visa .Best regards.

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    I went to Croydon for settlement visa and it was premium service.2 day gone and still waiting.women said to me today or tomorrow u will get the email or phone call.wt can I do now but i paid £3000 pounds

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  4. Hello, I wanted to ask how do I apply for priority fast track to apply for my husband to come over ?

  5. Hi I have been trying to submit my parents visitor visa application. But when the payment section comes the card gets refused. I have tried with 3 different card and the response has been the same. So while paying on the Worldpay on the website do we need to use international debit card or just normal debit card which is valid only in India.

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