UK Visa Documents | Rent deed | Rent Receipts | Proof | Part 3 | 2019

Hello Friends | Good Evening | I am Akbar Ali Ansari | You are Watching Akbar Ali Ansari vlogs on youtube Channel. Our today’s topic is UK Visa Documents | Rent Deed | Rent Receipts Friends, If you write in your UK visa application that you have an additional income in shape of monthly rent then you cannot justify it orally that you receive monthly rent one Lac rupees. In that case as per UK visa rules you have to attach receipts of Tenancy Agreement or Rent deeds with UK visa application of which you could prove that you receive such monthly rent from the tenants, because it is not proved orally that your additional income is in shape of monthly rent.Please keep this in mind in particular, so that UK visa officer consider your visa application and he could assess that you are receive an additional income in shape of monthly rent. Thank you so much for watching this video. Good Bye

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