UK Trip Part 2: Scotland + Travel Tips + UK VISA Application

Hi guys, mommies, besties and gays! This is my UK tour Part 2, Scotland! So how did I go to Scotland? From our last video, we came from Belfast,
Northern Ireland We rode the plane, EasyJet, to Edinburgh
International Airport. Where Scotland meets the world. After that we took the tram, since it’s cheaper
than taxi, to go to the city centre. When we arrived at the city centre, we looked
for our dorm which we booked via, I think. Brae House, it’s like a dorm type which is
rented by students. After that, you know Filipinos
So tip number 1, do some grocery when travelling. It’s cheaper, food here is so expensive
One meal in the restaurant costs 10 pounds. So that’s how much? McDo Chicken Fillet is just 50 pesos. Anyway, always look for, first of all, rice. There’s no rice here, when you eat in the
restaurants you’ll hardly find rice. So that’s what your girl looked for first. I noticed in their grocery stores, they have own check-out counters. So you do your own. You need to work, no one will do it for you. So it’s my first time to try checking out
my own grocery. To those interested in guys, just play dumb
Then ask assistance from guys there to check out grocery.
So that’s my tip for those who are looking for foreigner boyfriends
Just kidding. Next, after the grocery, we went back to our
dorm We cooked, you know most filipinos
instead of eating in the restaurants we prefer cooking our own food, it’s cheaper. So the next morning we went to the city centre
in Princes Street, Waverly Bridge There you will see a booth where you can book
Hop-on, Hop-off Bus Tours So since, we only had one day in Edinburgh
We booked three bus tours since it’s cheaper Than one day only, with less destinations
So those three are valid for 48 hours But since we only have a day,
we finished the three bus tours in one day. First stop is Scott Monument
Very victorian gothic monument style Just search for the meaning
But it’s a tall landmark So it’s nice to take photos
It’s just a little hard to do selfie. My trick if you do selfie
is to take it from below So you can capture the full height. Other things to see in Edinburgh
is the very good architecture There are different styles
Like gothic, medieval, or very modern. It’s very beautiful
Like you’ll want to live there. Actually I want to live there. So whoever is watching,
if you can bring me to Edinburgh, you’re the one! Just kidding. Next stop would be,
St. Gile’s church, which, I’m not sure what is its significance
But it’s beautiful. It’s nice to look around. You can see in the video. And I noticed in UK, their churches are very beautiful. It’s well planned,
well our’s are also well planned But their designs are very beautiful. Next is, Art Gallery
Well we did not enter that since we only have one day
And, we’re saving money. And then botanic garden
Queen’s Botanic Garden The plants are really beautiful
Wow! Is there something special there? I think none. So the main highlight of our Edinburgh tour
would be the Edinburgh Castle. And as soon as we arrived the city centre,
it really captured my attention. It’s so beautiful, like very magical
While riding the tram, you will see it the hill,
on top of the big rock there’s a castle And you’ll think your prince is there
waiting for you Then he will propose to you. I’m just kidding. It’s just a joke. Anyway,
as Filipino we just stayed outside. I did not pay for the entrance fee. Well, they said
as long as you have a photo in front of the place
it’s considered as you went to that place, you don’t really need to enter. If I marry a prince,
maybe I can tour you inside the castle. Just kidding. In hop-on, hop-off bus tour,
you can actually hop-off to any stop you choose from the tour. Then you can walk around.
My favourite is the Royal Mile, It’s so beautiful,
A whole street of pubs, nice buildings The feeling like you’re in an old century
trying to emote, as if I’m in a music video. It’s so beautiful! Walk around, look around then go home. Your girl doesn’t have anything to say. So I’ll just let you watch a montage
then I’ll put a nice song, so you’ll see how beautiful
Edinburgh is, and also me, of course. Someone’s laughing in the background. Well, enjoy and good luck watching. So a lot were asking how I got my UK Visa They asked who my sponsor is. Why? I have my job. So how to apply for a UK Visa? Step 1, go to
to check what kind of VISA you’ll need or if you need one. So mostly choices there would be tour, study,
work and you’ll be able to identify it through
the questionnaire in the website. Then once you identify,
so for me, I got Standard Visa, for 6 months. Answer the online application form,
questions there include, of course, your personal information, income, where will you stay in UK, what will you do there.
Answer in English, so be ready you’ll type in reason why you’ll go to UK,
something like that Then who will sponsor your trip
Do you have invitation? For example, in my case, I visited my aunt
there I indicated it in my application form. And then, in the website, you’ll see what
documents you’ll need. Make sure you only submit what is required. Don’t submit unnecessary document. So what are the documents you need to submit? Of course, number one is your birth certificate. Certificate of employment, bank certificate, bank statement, family documents, like your parents’ birth
certificate, ID’s, of course, valid passport.
It’s the most important I think I also submitted a letter of invitation from my aunt, details of her residence,
to make sure I will not stay illegally. After you cross-check all the details you
need for online application You will book an appointment date with BFS
Global, same website. When you get the date you like, make sure
you have complete documents. You will pay 93 pounds, around 6 thousand
pesos. For the processing fee. And then, go to the date of your appointment.
You’ll just submit the documents They will scan them, then return them to you.
There are some biometrics, finger-print, ID picture Be formal, no wacky shots. No one will interrogate you actually. Most of us think there will be interview for
UK Visa But there’s no interrogation for me,
like where are you going? Of course, you’ll answer, London! Just kidding. After submission, you’ll leave your contact
details then you can go. It’s fast, like I finished in one hour. You cannot submit directly to UK embassy here
in the Philippines. So you really go to BFS Global instead. There, after 2 weeks, I received a text message. It said they have your passport already. But it doesn’t say if approved or not. So there’s some anxiety there, for me,
it’s like, oh my God, am I approved. My 6 thousand will be wasted. My passport was sealed
in like a resealable, like when you buy from Zalora, the plastic.
So it’s inside that, when you open you’ll look if there’s a Visa. If you don’t see any, you can cry. But if you see one, you can cry as well, for
joy. When I got my Visa, that’s when I booked a
flight to UK So it’s more expensive. So that’s it for my Part 2 of UK tour! Please wait for the Part 3,
It’s the last one, just understand me please. If you want to ask anything about my UK tour,
you just have to message me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.
or you can talk to me in person so we can have a chit-chat. See you! Bye! Bye!

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