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My name is Tariq Nawaz
I’m an OISC level 3 advisor I am authorized for work in both the
immigration and Asylum fields Spouse Visa is as the name suggests is to bring
your partner into the country and the spouse visa is not limited to somebody
who you are married to. For example I can call my wife but if I was not
married and we were engaged. So, she would be my fiancee. So, I could call her. You
are also allowed to call in a same-sex partner as well and it can also be
somebody that you have lived with for two years in a relationship which is
very similar to marriage. So, two years co-habitation but though you’re
not formally married. All of those are considered as partners so the term
spouse visa should really include all of those. There are requirements both for
the sponsor in other words for example if I’m in the UK I want to call my wife
here. There are requirements for me and our requirements for my wife. So
the requirements for my wife are quite simple; she has to pass a very basic
English test at A1. There’s a very simple listening and speaking last perhaps no
more than 10 minutes the other thing is if she comes from a country where there
is TV so she would have to have a certificate to show that there is no TV
in her system as to me I will need to show that I’m earning enough so
minimum yearly: £18,600 and this is before tax that our relationship is genuine in
other words we maintain contact, maybe I have visited, we have keep a record of
our calls social media and so on and the last thing is that I have adequate
accommodation here so the accommodation needs to be sufficient not the cause of
the county for example if you don’t meet the full requirement of £18,600 let’s say
you are earning £16600 you are £2,000 pounds short
now the figure can be made up the shortfall and we made up through savings
and the way the savings are calculated is the shortfall which is £2000
multiply that by 2.5 which gives you £5000 then you have to
add a figure of sixteen thousand so for a shortfall of income of £2000
you need saving of £21000 so very substantial saving as you can
imagine and if you go to the other extreme let’s say you’re not working at
home then you’ll need savings of £62500 they will get
33 months leave and this is for spouses for unmarried partners and
same-sex partners the fiance’s they only get six months visa and the way it is
done is when your application is approved you will get your passport with
a sticker in it or vignette it will show that you have one month
and once you enter UK as part of the application process you would have
identified a post office where to pick up your biometric card
so as part of your application in the home country your fingerprints that we
take them digital photograph will have been taken so when you come to the UK go
into the pool you can go to the relevant post office and within 10 working days
we should be able to pick up your biometric card. if you come here as a
visitor and you get married it’s not possible to get a spouse visa I think
you will also have quite a lot of difficulties in getting married here
because the Registrar will look at the leave you have and if it’s six months or
less or you’re here as a visitor they will not marry you. they have come on a
visitor visa as I said it’s not normal for them to do that but it is possible.
so if somebody comes in that situation here as a visitor already married and
especially if there are children involved then it is possible to make an
application and I’ve done this successfully but this is not what the
home of his recommends

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