UK Spouse visa extension Part=8 || Spouse Visa Application form filling

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=8 English Language Requirement and Section 8B So, lets go to section=8-page number 41. This is page number 41 English language requirement. Now we are very impotent section about English
Language Requirement. If you are first time applicant from outside
country, you need to pass A1 Speaking and Listening test. And if you are spouse visa
extension applicant, you must need to pass A2 Speaking and Listening test.
I seen some of people confused to complete A2 certificate details on Section 8 FLR(M)
Application form. My wife passed the test Trinity College London. And remember I am
not solicitor, I am just sharing our application processing. This is page number 41 Section
8 – English Language Requirement. Applicant must pass the A2 test if you have
not any exemption. So, question 8.1 Are you aged 65 or over?
NO 8.2 Are you a national of a majority English-speaking
country? NO You can see some note is here for majority
English-speaking countries. You don’t need take an English language test.
If you included majority english countries. page number 41 is complete. now go to next page. you can see i missed the, if you have answered yes to 8.2 tick the box
country below, then go to section 9. If you have answered no, continue to 8.3
Now page number 42 question 8.3 about academic qualification a Bachelor’s or Master’s
degree or PhD. So, our answer NO Note 2: If you answer yes 8.3 you need to
provide specified evidence and fill in the box.
And if you have answered NO to 8.3, please go to question 8.4. page 42 is finished. Page number 43 english language certificate. most important for A2 certificate details.
8.4 Have you passed English Language Test? Answer: YES
Note 3: please see the list. This is the link to find Home Office approved awarded body
for test. If you answered yes to 8.4 provide details
below. this is the question. we answer YES. So, need to complete this section. you can see question. What is the CEFR level you are required to
meet? Answer: A2 tick the box Title of qualification: ESOL INTERNATIONAL
Level of qualification: LEVEL A2.1, I written same as like certificate. I will show you
certificate and other documents when I will packaging for submitting.
Date of award 27/03/2018 Tick to confirm which body awarded your test:
answer Trinity College London. Provide the SELT unique electronic reference
number provided by the awarding body: you will see in your certificate starting TCL************,
20 more digit. You can write smaller way starting TCL,,,,,,,,, al of digit.
I hide some digit for our privacy. Page number 43 is finished, now page number
44 Question 8.5 Are you claiming an exemption from the English language
requirement because a physical or mental condition prevents you from taking an English language
test? See note 4 answer: NO. 8.6 The question is like similar any exemption?
answer is NO. And page number 44 is done. Go to SECTION 8B – Other information page number
45. 8.7 if you have any reasons or grounds for
wishing to stay in the United Kingdom? You can answer if you have any reason to stay.
I think and find any good comments and simply explain here, our application will
be more stronger. That’s why my partner is applicant and she is saying that “”
I wishing to stay in the United Kingdom, because I have a baby daughter and husband. She is
born on I hide date of birth and name miss. She is British citizen.
I didn’t include daughter with this application because she is already British Citizen.
Page number 45 finished. Also, section 8 and 8B completed.
So, guys thank you very much for watching very important video for UK spouse visa extension.
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