UK Family Visa | Adult Dependent Relative | UK Relative Visa | Part 6

Hello Friends | Good afternoon | I am Akbar Ali ansari and your watching Akbar Ali Ansari vlogs on my youtube channel. I am going to provide you some basic information about UK Adult Dependent Relative Visa. Firsts of all, we see what is the eligibility criteria for Adult Dependent Relative Visa. There must be two things | Number One | The applicant must be from outside the UK. The applicant needs long-term care from a parent, grandchild, brother, sister, son or daughter, and the sponsoring relative is living permanently in the UK. Now we see what are the basic requirements for UK dependent relative Visa. The sponsoring relative must be a British citizen; He is settled in the UK or have settled status or proof of permanent residence in the UK. or have refugee status or residing in the UK under Beneficiary humanitarian protection . The applicant must be 18 or over. Now we see what is the burden of proof on the applicant and the sponsor. The applicant needs long-term care from his sponsoring relative to do everyday personal and household tasks because of his illness, disability or age. The care applicant needs is not available or affordable in the country he lives in. The applicant joining his sponsoring relative in the UK who will be able to support, accommodate and caring him without claiming public funds for at least 5 years. Now we see what can you submit as proof of relationship ? Birth certificate | Adoption Certificate | Sponsorship undertaking for 5 years or or alternatively Sponsorship undertaking which we all it SU07 3 Months Bank Statement | 3 Months Salary Slips | Employment Contract | A letter form the employer in which his Job Title, Duration of employment and Current salary has been mentioned. If the sponsoring relative is owner of a house in the UK, a Copy of Land Registry If the sponsoring relative lives at a rented house, copy of Tenancy Agreement. A letter form the UK Surveyor in which he mentions that there is an ample accommodation where the dependent relative applicant could reside in. Now we see what specified evidence that dependent relative applicant can provide? The details about specified evidence have been provided in Uk Immigration rules FM SE. Independent medical evidence that the applicant cannot perform everyday tasks due to his physical or mental condition. Independent evidence that the applicant is unable, even with the practical and financial help of the sponsoring relative in the UK, to obtain the required level of care in the country where he is living, Independent evidence or medial evidence in the form of: Government hospital, Private hospital, Local health centres, Doctors or other health professions, You may obtain a letter from a Doctor in which your mental, physical, your age and illness have been indicated. or your mental and physical condition is that which prevents you from everyday personal and household tasks, Now we see what is the length of stay for UK adult dependent relative visa ? or how long can a dependent relative stay in the UK? The applicant who is going to join his sponsoring relative is British Citizen or settled in the UK. In this case the applicant does not need to extend his visa or be settled in the UK. The sponsoring relative of the applicant is residing int he UK under refugee status, or residing under beneficiary humanitarian protection in the UK. In this case the applicant does not need to extend his visa or be settled in the UK. Now we see how can we apply for adult dependent visa | How to Apply | You will have to fill out VAF 4A online application and has to submit it online. In addition, there is no proof of English language, For this you have to pass an English Language Test. The fee of this visa Category is GBP 3250, which is equivalent to 6,00000 or 6,50,000 in PKR. At the end, I would like to advise you. I have provided some information about UK Adult Dependent Relative Visa. It does not seem complicated primarily but practically its so complicated. It has been described by UK Appellate Court extremely rigorous and onerous. meaning extremely difficult and hard rules. It sounds like if your relatives are settled in the UK, especially your parents who are residing in Pakistan. whose age is 65 or over. Many people wish that they will settle in the UK because their sons are settled in the UK. but if you apply Adult Dependent relative visa, It is almost impossible, because it has lot of practical complications. You have to prove all that. I have provided you some basic information UK Adult dependent visa, It seem very easy, but practically its so complicated. Apparently many people wish that especially whose sons and daughters are settled in the UK and their parents are residing in Pakistan with their other sons and daughters. Please keep this in mind that so many Pakistani are settled permanently in the UK, and ask this question that their parent are old and living Pakistan. How can they invite them in the UK? Please remember, do not apply UK Adult dependent relative visa in any case, Just apply in case, If your parents are living all alone in Pakistan.They have no other relative living with them to help them, care them and do their personal and household tasks. Then you should sponsor their parent in the UK, otherwise, I do not think that you should sponsor your parents in the UK who are in the care of or help of other sons, druthers, brothers, sisters, and any other relatives. In addition, Please keep this in mind, The visa fee which you will pay is GBP 3250.00 which is equivalent to PKR 6,00000 or 6,50,000 If your parents are old or sick in Pakistan, and their treatment or are is not going well. You better prefer and apply UK Medial treatment Visa instead. Its visa fee is less and chances are visa to be successful are very high. Thank you so much for watching this video.

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