U.S. Summer Work & Travel Program: visa questions answered

EVAN MCCARTHY: Sveiki. My name is Evan McCarthy. I am Consul at the
U.S. Embassy, and it’s my pleasure to talk to you today
about the Summer Work Travel Program. So the summer travel program is
great, creative, unique program that allows full-time university
students to spend their summers working, traveling,
and experiencing the culture of the
United States in English. Well, the whole visa
process of a J-1 Visa, because that’s what we’re
talking about– the summer travel program in our parlance,
in our world, is a J-1 Visa. And you can actually
find out a lot about that and many different
programs on j1visa.state.gov. And that’s J, the number
one, visa dot state dot gov. The process with
the program sponsor and the special form and the
visa is your work permit. This is the way to do it right,
to be eligible for something, to prove your eligibility,
and to get that ability to earn some money
in the United States while having a perfect
culture exchange. The jobs really come in
many different forms. They tend to be in
the traditional summer industries the United States. I myself worked in an amusement
park for a few summers as a teenager and loved it. Still one of my favorite
jobs of all time. But they tend to be
things like that. What we’re looking for,
and what the program really is designed for, is a
full-time, real student with a summer free to go
practice English skills, to work hard, and
to see things kind of in that classic American
summer perspective where we do like to work. This is the target
of the program. There are many different
types of programs if you look at the
general scope of abilities to travel and work
in the United States, but this one is for
university students. So, university student,
this is for you. The numbers are around 100. And quite frankly, we
think that could go up. We think there’s more
interest and more there’s more out there
for a Latvian who really wants this type of summer. That’s a two-part question. Some of the programs come
ready-built with a job for you. It’s selected for you,
you know about it, you have a point of contact,
and you kind of show up. You do your part, but you but
you have it all set for you. There is, however, a second
part to that question, and that is, as a
visa waiver country, many Latvians can
travel to the United States for normal tourist
and business reasons without a visa, you’ve
got a different ability. You could sign up for a program
in which you find your own job. Now, for the truly enterprising,
pioneering, and confident individual, that
could be for you. But you know you have to
put that into the process, and know the right rationale
and the right method to find that job for you,
as many Americans have had to do in their summers. Yeah, in our system,
almost everybody does appear for a
visa interview just to make sure that they’re
eligible for the visa that they’re applying. This is actually just a simple,
straightforward conversation where you present
you to a Consular Officer such as myself. It’s a great opportunity
to get to know each other and even ask questions
back and forth. But one has to be eligible,
and that’s the process. Denial of a visa,
while it sounds kind of like a harsh term, can
happen for a number of reasons. One, it could just be that the
student, or maybe the person is not quite a student, isn’t
quite eligible for the program, whether or not they or the
program thought they were. That’s a minority of cases,
and it’s not something we want to worry about. But you need to
present yourself. And need to be aware that
it’s for most people, and that we get to make
that final decision on actual eligibility. I think just to prepare
for a visa interview, you come with a good
attitude, you’re open, you discuss your plans,
you have the transcripts of what you do at school. You just kind of come
and show yourself in person and on paper the
way you are, and that’s it. It was great to just share
a little visit with you, and we hope that you
think about this. And consider the United States
if you’re a full-time student, and you want to show some
cultural just curiosity and some good
All-American work ethic.

9 thoughts on “U.S. Summer Work & Travel Program: visa questions answered

  1. This really helped… I'm frim jamaica and will be doing this program next year… Ive been hesitant but some of my questions have been answered by this video

  2. i will put that in my mind always. thank you so much. on friday, it will be my interview. i hope i could get the visa.

  3. My name is prince.. am a student in krok University Kiev ukraine.. I will also like to go for this program next year.. how can I get the visa if I apply for it ?

  4. hello everyone if you want to practise for learning english writing yor phone number for improve speaking with wattsap just question and aynswer for j1visa

  5. Hey My name Is Van I'm interested about the program !
    I'm in college-high school of architectural and design and wanna go to US for summer work. But here is the thing:I am 17 years old and I don't know could I be eligible to be in program ?
    I have visa but it's not J1 visa. I have been In America for an Year and came back to my country.
    And one more question: is there any way to find job your own or is that better to apply to some people who can help me about.

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