U.S. extends travel ban on N. Korea for another year: Report

the United States has extended its ban
on American citizens traveling to North Korea for another 12 months the US State
Department says the extension comes as there continues to be serious risk to
Americans of arrest and long-term detention in the north-eastern Jay
reports according to The Associated Press on Monday the United States has
extended its ban and Americans traveling to North Korea for another year amid
continued worries over the risk to US Nationals of being arrested and facing
long term detention in the north the measure was extended once in 2018 and
will now remain in place until August 31st 2020 the move follows a separate
action by the US earlier this month were foreign nationals with a record of
traveling to North Korea after March 2011 must obtain a visa in order to
enter the u.s. prior to this measure countries that were part of the visa
waiver program including South Korea could use just the electric system for
travel authorization to visit the u.s. the travel ban was first imposed in
September 2017 in the wake of the death of American college student otto
warmbier who was detained in the north and died shortly after his return to the
US however Americans interested in visiting North Korea for humanitarian or
journalism related purposes will still be able to apply for exceptions through
the US State Department isn’t a Arirang news

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