Types of people on FAMILY ROAD TRIPS // The Holderness Family

– OK, guys. Eight hour road trip! What do you want to talk about? (soft music) – [Penn Charles] I need to go pee. – [Kim] We just went, honey. – I know, I need to go pee again. – [Penn] OK, get back in the car. Go, go, go, go, go. – [Kim] The GPS says we were supposed to turn there, honey. [Penn] We’re ahead, like
four minutes ahead of the GPS from when we started, so after this, we’re gonna be eight minutes ahead, which is kinda a record for me. Everyone hold still, no bathroom breaks, everyone lean forward and we’ll go faster. – [Penn Charles] Oh, come on! – Daddy, can we play
the license plate game? I Spy! Punch buggy! – [Penn Charles] Hey! – [Lola] I’m going to the moon and I’m bringing apples. – [Penn] Will you bring oranges? – No! – [Kim] OK, I kinda have
to go to the bathroom. Ew, now there. Definitely not that one. It’s on the outside of the building. They tried to give me a
key with a cinder block. No. I actually got in line for that one and it sounds like the lady ahead of me was making tacos in there, so no. They misspelled “diesel”. No way. Maybe we can look for a restaraunt, but only an organic restaurant. Is there a Whole Foods nearby? – [Penn] ♫ Oh oh oh Sing along. ♫ I called you once again last night But a little bit louder so I can hear you. I got harmony. ♫ We are never ever ever I’m the only one singin’. ♫ You won’t talk to your friends ♫ Talk to my friends, talk to me OK so shooting this video, we killed 30 minutes of our road trip. That’s seven and a half hours to go. – [Kim] Do you recognize
any of these people from your road trips? Which one are you? Now I have to pee again, but definitely not there.

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