TVJ Midday News: US Must do More to Stop Illegal Guns Coming Into JA – August 26 2019

good afternoon I am Andrea Chism with
the midday news a special welcome if you’re watching on one spot Mediacom at
least one security expert believes that the flow of illegal guns into Jamaica
from the United States will continue unless the u.s. intervenes Ian Roberts
says the problem should be addressed from the source details in this report
weaken or Thorat is continue to grapple with the flow of illegal guns in the
island despite efforts to stem the flow of illegal guns from the United States
one security expert believes the problem will continue unless the u.s. puts a
stop to it treasurer for the Jamaica and a chapter
of the American Society for industrial security Ian Roberts says the issue of
illegal guns entering Jamaica is best dealt with at the source because there
are limited in our own resources as it released or security forces on their
capabilities and abilities and so I think if we can plug the source then we
can always mop up the back end or the the recipients on this side but I think
great efforts should be made by the u.s. other allies to help protect us as a
small developing state mr. Robertson’s us should do more to prevent the illegal
controls Jamaica we don’t have the I mean they can detect anything coming
into the u.s. so I think by the sea I’m talking on a very same means they should
be able to detect what’s leaving the u.s. especially a farm that are
manufactured in the US it shouldn’t be untraceable
she was commenting on a New York Times report which chronicles how weak the
measures are in the United States in illegal guns being smuggled to countries
like Jamaica where criminals use them to commit thousands of murders or Shane
masters TVJ news work on the south coast highway improvement project is expected
to begin by the end of September the highway runs from Harbor View to Port
Antonio and from Morand Bay to Cedar Valley in st. Thomas it will be financed
by a 384 million u.s. dollar loan from the China Exim Bank a contract was
signed this morning the government and representatives of
China harbor engineering company permanent secretary in the office of the
Prime Minister Audrey Sewell outlines the scope of the project is one such
which involves the construction and rehabilitation of roadworks along
existing alignments and as you know it is in two segments one from Harbor View
to Port Antonio hence the presence of mrs. vos and the
other segment which will commence later on is from map and to Williams field map
and in Clarendon to Williams field mrs. su L also noted other improvements which
will take place segment of the project will involve water line improvement
works in all major roadworks new transmission and distribution lines will
therefore be installed in areas where a supply network exists and will be
directly impacted by the roadworks additionally we’re systems are to be
optimized based on the recommendations of the National Water Commission this
will also be included and I suppose that will help to reduce the criticisms of us
that after n Doble does the work and WC digs up the campaign manager of the PNP
s rise United camp says no showdown is looming in the opposition party dr.
Dayton Campbell was replying to headlines following yesterday’s
elections in which all six regional chair persons for the PNP returned
unopposed as we hear in this report dr. Campbell was speaking at a sports
meeting in central st. James as amiable right fatah the truth
me assign myself retard the truth campaign manager of the rise united
campaign date on Campbell is complaining about rumors surrounding the strategy of
PETA buntings rise united campaign he says he has noticed that the one PNP
camp has coined false narratives about the rise United’s strategy because what
I see one PNP want to do is to set up a narrative they say we are short on
knowing that without challenging opposition and then compose it away by
people and answer them with it’s like whenever a sticker on a pole and I said
Amsterdam better on him because Aaron class Arcola nobody may Satan who think
potent nobody may say nudity or anybody said the mecca pointing and mmm
definitive M style that we had no intentions of offer and also in their
original positions today no intentions dr. Campbell says that the
one PNP camp demonstrated that they are not confident about the presidential
election based on yesterday’s delegate election a cinema confident local
slightly Sunday local stylings on it now the work I was a regional one meeting
today and when the meeting done mr. Mukherjee Invictus a note endorsement to
dr. Phillips he added that chairman Victor Wright was
being disingenuous with his loyalty and that the one PNP camp has exhibited
similar characteristics more TVJ News the National Hurricane Center says
tropical storm durian is expected to become a hurricane in the Eastern
Caribbean within the next three days that’s when it should move near Puerto
Rico and eastern Hispaniola Dorian is forecast to go into a lower level
category 1 hurricane meaning sustained winds would narrowly top the 74 miles
per hour threshold Doran currently has maximum sustained winds of 60 miles per
hour just before noon Eastern Time on Monday
it was some 135 miles east southeast of Barbados the storm is expected to follow
a path that could take it through a number of islands and it’s time for a
break here on the midday news but stay with us more stories right after these
messages welcome back and we’re continuing the
news PNP presidential candidate Peter bunting has joined those who are
criticizing the Andrew Holness administration over concerns about
possible mining operations in the cockpit country the government has
indicated that no decision has been taken on the matter although an
environmental impact assessment was done according to mr. bunting those who have
concerns about the activity should support his campaign when all local
environment is threatened when a carpet country an environmental treasure
recognized by all is at risk locally if you believe we have a responsibility to
preserve this environment for our children and grandchildren Sarai’s
united finance minister dr. Nigel Clark has called representatives of the
islands air traffic controllers to a meeting and mince reports they are
restive earlier this month the employees served noticed that they were on the
verge of taking industrial action the Jamaica air traffic controllers
Association warned that normality could not be guaranteed due to outstanding
wage issues the association also complained that its 2017 2019 wage claim
has still not been settled president of the association card solomon says the
meeting with the finance minister will take place tomorrow we’re hoping at this
juncture that we will be able to settle the matter this claim was indeed
presented in 2013 so we have actually been at it six years now and we have had
interim settlements on some items as we went along but right now we need to
settle the matter and get down to the real business of enlarging aviation in
Jamaica the Jamaica public service company JPS has escalated its
streetlight repair program this as the utility company has repaired
approximately 14,000 streetlamps details in this report in October
20:18 under jamaica public service company JPS made a commitment to the
government to repair all non functioning streetlights across the island media and
public relations manager at the JPS or Joe Williams says the utility company
has appeared a fourteen thousand two hundred and ninety streetlamps between
January and a June of this year miss Williams says the company’s focus
will be on repairing the remaining defective lamps our and wide therefore
there will be further improvements before the end of the year there are
some pillows the vast majority are working but there’s a ministry load and
we do understand our customers concerns so we are on an escalated program is
right across the island and person can expect to see us working in their
communities we do expect by the end of the year we’ll have a fairly normalized
situation the utility company says its work shadow for the remainder of this
month involves appears in several communities in Kingston and Saint Angelo
st. Catherine as well as st. James in the meantime JPS as it now has a more
robust monitoring system for streetlights but is another layer of
maintenance where the smart LED lights are concerned because we can remotely
monitor and maintain those so we can know without even doing the patrols
which lights are giving a problem which ones need to be maintained right now I’m
sorry machine masters tv2 news and in sports TV jet sports understands that
Arnett Gardens FC have parted company with a long time coach Jerome wait it’s
understood that weight has been dismissed because his duties as national
assistant coach have continued to conflict with his coaching duties at
Arnett gardens with Arnott preparing for the start of the new Premier League
season wait also has national duties with the
reggae boys this as they will play Antigua and Barbuda and Guyana in the
CONCACAF nations league next month wait led Arnott gardens to four of their
five national Premier League titles with the most recent coming in 2017 he had
returned to our net for a third stint as head coach in 2013 honoured Gardens made
it to the quarterfinals of last season’s our SPL
they were knocked out by Cavalier TVJ Sports understands that Alex Thomas will
take over as head coach and that’s the midday news I’m Andrea Chisholm join us
at 7:00 for the prime time news package on behalf of the news sports and
production teams good afternoon

56 thoughts on “TVJ Midday News: US Must do More to Stop Illegal Guns Coming Into JA – August 26 2019

  1. US Must Do More Or JA Fi Stand๐Ÿ†™๏ธOn Their๐Ÿ‘ฃ& Stop Being LickyLicky Why Would The US Do That๐Ÿค”They Wanna Be Able To Say JA In๐Ÿ”25 Drugs/Guns Countries Acting Like Ya'll All Ain't In It Together Get Outta Ere๐Ÿ˜ด

  2. The illegal guns, and drugs that America is shipping into Jamaica through the Chinese owned border of Jamaica. Tell Chang to tell is source to tell the gun Smugglers to stop it. Black people wake up, you're being set up buy wars, and rumors of War. violence and rumors of violence.

  3. The Beast America create this violence. in your country and you're looking to the devil to help you with the problem he created, talking about allies. you're not allies to America your subject to America they own you. And while you're at it ask America to get the whitetail deer out of Jamaica that America brong in. it's just destructive as the guns to the ecosystem they are destroying Jamaica for what purpose. Read the imperialism Charter.

  4. I have said this many many times for a number of years. The foreign affairs minister needs to lodge a Complaint through diplomatic channels instead of staying silent. This foreign affairs ministry do not look after Jamaicans abroad so what is it's role. The Government of Jamaica needs to tell USA or the President of USA to stop the exporting of their arms of destruction to Jamaica and the Caribbean.

  5. Peter Bunting needs to go and check his history before opening his mouth. He needs to go back to the year of 2004 when the then so called Minister Philip Paulwell did the deal on the cockpit country which went horribly wrong with bauxite levies. The then Prime Minister of the time PJ Patterson described it as "youthful exeurbance ", at the time, and as we can see till today Paulwell is still sitting in the house of representatives. Added to that we are still trying to grapple with mining in the Cockpit country. Has everyone notice just how quite Phillip Paulwell has keep on this issue.

  6. Are you kidding? U. S. Probably the ones bringing them in… You haven't heard what they did to America's ghettos? Y'all act like ya don't know but we know y'all know… Ya need that American dollars tho.. Don't it?

  7. after so many criminal gangs are now armed to the teeth , after thousands of jamaicans are dead , after so many decades , they are just seeing this ? lol

  8. TVJ needs to start live streaming the news or at least delay it. You can delay it and add the same YouTube ads. I guarantee you would getter better numbers and subscribers than with one stop media

  9. Americans are getting massacred by guns in America and the American government does not care . Now why would America care about Jamaica's gun problem ? Remember now we all just a bunch of ……

  10. Everyone concerned about the guns alone? Where the criminals get the bullets? Gun alone doesnt kill, bullets does. The same corrupt jamaican policemen supplying criminals. Crime will not stop until the force is cleaned up

  11. The US is reluctant to do much about their own citizens shooting up the place due to the relaxed gun laws, and we're over here telling them to fix out gun problem? No. It's our responsibility. So the government body in-charge of this kinda thing needs to get their shit together.

  12. Nasty peice of shit dem, is Jamaica fi protect what comes into Jamaica and do something about their own crime, Politicians are deadly.

  13. The US will not intervene because that's the way the NRA makes their millions. Every weekend there are many gun shows in South Florida and it's easier to buy guns than it is to buy cigarettes

  14. … years waiting for JPS to fix the street light at my gate, and the ones up and down the road, and the others throughout my community.
    At night my community looks like 1989, no street light!

  15. Blah blah blah!!!How the U.S. must do more to stop the illegal gun's from leaving their shores and the Jamaican government are a puppet to the U.S. government!!!…. both J.L.P. and P.N.P.๐Ÿ˜’

  16. Once you are a puppet to the U.S. government. worse you are depending an them they don't give a damn if a whole arsenal of weapons leaving their country to Jamaica!!!!and that's for sure!!

  17. Have you seen the mass murders in the US? They won't help their own people, so who are we? Don't hold your breath.

  18. no gun no mek a Jamaica…the shottas can't Import them so smady know how they are Coming in, the criminals are not only the ones shooting…who is Handling the Logistics?

  19. When is the Government going to stop selling off our blessed JA. We don't want dem dutty Boxite. Wid all dem big brains, dem must caan find another way fe de country fe earn money. By de time Boxite done JA will be one big rockstone. I will hate any Party who allow this to happen

  20. Why would they stop it? When they don't have to hang us anymore. They realize that we have a appetite for guns plus we don't love our brothers n sisters neither ourselves so give us guns to kill ourselves they won't stop it

  21. Why would they help with the flow of gun in Jamaica when the president of USA is telling people to go back to they crimes reading Country,, they should have ask five years ago when there was a good president in the White House.. not this punk who looks like he still have is white treat lock up in is suitcase

  22. Government officials is not understanding. Word to the government of Jamaica or analyst .all 1st world continues don't want to see other countries develop. It's going to take away from their economy. Nuff 3 world countries can capitalize off those 1 world countries because nuff of them is starting to crumble and people are going to look for other countries to live by developing countries you will see greater growth

  23. These governments in Jamaica are really behind time, please wake up "Black people, it's a third world country, you all really think they're going to detect what ever harmful to whoever in Jamaica are any other third world countries, black people neglect themselves, what's nice to Y"all is sour to the "Almighty. Am here trying to make sure my "Soul be accepted, hey, hey!!! They make sure it reach there, kill each other off, go prison mad out and all these things.

  24. The US have thier agenda, when they knowingly flood poorer African and African descent countries , they know exactly what they're trying to or are achieving.

  25. The guns are not the USA problem, the guns is Jamaica problem. The guns are coming right through the wharf, and whatf workers are turning a blind eyes, and I think they are getting paid to do just that, and I tell you y I say that if send a borrel with a few cans of corned beef they can tell me how much corned beef I have. I bet if the government terminate those workers at both port, and put some new workers on good security measures in place all the guns stop come in to the island it's just common sense

  26. You all hear what the US talking about marijuana coming from Jamaica they're not talking about the guns that is coming from the u.s. to Jamaica look what they lack up the man for Honey Honey look at Honey and call it drugs and have the man in jail for all most 3 months yet they have guns flooding Jamaica Lord the prime minister Andrew take over from Porsha Simpson and doing the same things selling out Jamaica he is licky licky

  27. Check all them big boat them that out a sea coming to Jamaica who using the gun can't bring them in too much corruption

  28. Jamaica need a tougher law for the gunmen " more time and harder time in jail , in America if you get hold with a gun and don't have a license 5 years off the top , Jamaica need law's like that


  30. Truth, theres corruption in the government's over the years crime benifits both parties, but if someone has the whill to do it it can be done , as a sovereign state we do have the right to change laws and that we should do .

  31. The U.S. must do more the headline days. I hate to laugh but that's funny dont hold your collective breaths. It big business for the U.S. to spread death and destruction abroad, that's one of its major exports. How are you going to ask them to stop something they have been doing since their inception.

  32. Why would anyone in the right mind listen to a politician whose main aim is to create drama not having people interest at heart

  33. Washing dirty linen in public mr drayton shows the public the PNP is divided. Now how could u not agreed with the mass when they say both parties are very similar. I doubt you can brush a side the obvious the peoples observation. Shameful.

  34. So jamaica nah stop tek money from china and a put the country in more and more dept, when they should be putting more investment in the education system and the health system, AND DO MI NO WAH NO ILLITERATE FOOL SEH NTN…!!!!

  35. Customs and Jamaican police should conduct searches of all incoming ships and air planes on August 29th, 30th and 31st. Criminals may attack police officers during this period. Police raids on establishments of illegal activity should conducted during this time. The Jamaican police will notice a high occurrence of robberies and killings during this time period also. But most importantly, search all incoming ships and planes. Security check points on major roads in Jamaica should also be conducted. Coordinate this suggestion and police will see improved results in seizures and arrest of suspects.

  36. It's our own buying and exporting these gun.not U.S. we jamaican need to do better.every man is responsible for his actions

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