TVJ Midday News Tourism Section Continue to Grow – August 5 2019

good afternoon it’s Monday August 5 I’m
Herman green with your midday news for those of you watching online at one spot
mediacom a very special welcome to you the country’s tourism sector continues
to record improvements on a yearly basis the latest figure from the tourism
ministry showed a nine point eight percent improvement in stopover arrivals
for the first 7 months of a year ending July 31 compared with the corresponding
period last year the details in this report from TV J’s Kirk right despite
reports of sexual harassment at some of the islands tourist resorts the Minister
of Tourism is reporting significant improvements in earnings for the first
seven months of 2019 speaking with TVJ news recently tourism minister edmond
bartlett pointed out that the sector recorded over 2.1 billion u.s. dollars
in the past few months this is 12 point 7 percent higher than the corresponding
period in 2018 mr. Bartlett says the improvements in earnings was in relation
to the number of visitors that stopped over in the island this currently stands
at 1.6 million for the year so far Jamaica has welcomed 148 thousand more
visitors than last year and earn somewhere in the region of nearly 300
million dollars mr. Bartlett added that the arrival figures over the past four
years have also shown incremental improvements the fact is that the growth
that Jamaica has seen in tourism in the last four years is absolutely phenomenal
and more than quadruple the growth rate that we’ve had in the previous four
years Kirk right TPJ news in the meantime tourism minister admin bar that
is issuing a call for farmers to furnish the hotel Isetta with more fresh fruits
and other agricultural products such as beef and eggs
he says currently the local supply to the sector is below what the tourism
ministry hoped for TV days Prince more has
details farmers and members of the agricultural society for years have been
complaining about the lack of local produce being taken up by the country’s
tourist resorts they had contended that they would be able to supply the sector
with the requisite food items however speaking at the country’s premier
Agricultural Show dem be on Sunday Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett says
the needs of the hotels are not being met by local farmers hence he’s calling
on the Jamaica agricultural society Jas to increase the productivity of the
nation’s farmers mr. Bartlett says for one the hotel sector is in need of fresh
fruits which are currently not being supplied what I’m saying to you
therefore is that when we examine the demand that exists for agriculture in
our own Jamaican tourism arrangements it’s not just about the forty billion
dollars that we calculate the demand for fresh fruits and vegetable is forty
billion dollars of which we are only being able to provide 10 to 12 percent
the Tourism Minister says that with the country currently only able to provide
4.8 billion of the forty billion dollars worth of produce needed per year there
is a huge deficit meanwhile mr. Bartlett is calling for an improvement in the
delivery of meats and eggs would you believe that on a consumption level in
any given hotel the average consumption on a visitor for eggs is exceeding 5
eggs per day one visitor we have 4.5 million coming to Jamaica this year do
the math and then we can look at the other demands that exist for prime cuts
of beef we can’t compete with some of the destinations of the world in terms
of that element of the culinary offering we are not even being able to attract
some of the big brands in terms of restaurants and Michelin’s
quality restaurants that will enable us to ha
the higher end of the market coming to Jamaica Prince more TVJ news the
opposition people’s National Party PNP says the trustworthiness of the
integrity Commission could be compromised by its continued silence in
relation to the prime minister statutory declarations pressure has been mounting
on the Commission to publish the summer report on the filings by prime minister
Andrew Holness the details of the earnings and other financial information
for opposition leader dr. Peter Phillips were published in the media more than
two weeks ago however there’s been no word on the Prime Minister’s filings
despite his promise it would have been published a week ago
TMP general secretary Jewell and Robinson says the situation is
unacceptable and the integrity Commission must speak now we have heard
prime ministers on decoration we don’t know whether it has been passed by the
integrity Commission or whether there are issues with it and the integrity
commission remain silent I think at this point their own integrity is going to be
called into question if they don’t make us tea and on this particular issue mr.
Robinson also describes the current situation as unprecedented in every week
we hear that the report is going to be done this week we have heard that for
the last three weeks and yet nothing has come on he has remained silent which is
totally unacceptable and the integrity Commission has remained silent I would
think that of the head of government he shot himself indicate what the state of
obvious report is has he answered all the questions that have been asked of
him satisfactorily has he provided all the documents to the integrity
Commission it is quite a scandal of that for the first time in our history we
have a premise of whose own integrity report cannot be cleared by an integrity
Commission this is unprecedented in Jamaica and we don’t take a break here
on the midday news but stay with us more stories when we return welcome back continuing the news
residents in names and Elizabeth are demanding that more resources be
allocated to the police station in their community
their frustration boiled over after a woman narrowly escaped death last night
the details in this report beverly car is a victim of a latest attack in named
cinta Lizabeth on sunday night she was asleep at her sister’s house when she
was awakened by the smell of smoke on the door I went on the door that’s the
fire in my room it came from the door bottom and catch the two blows of fire
in the house so when I opened it when I come out as the outside and purifier
both side and purifier then I run through that door is opened here no one
caught my head my nearby demco money about am calm that’s got 20 walk up the
swift actions of her neighbors prevented serious damage no one was injured
however when the nine police were contacted the initiation told me that
they McCall Junction I’m back with a recall and Junction a no calm so we are
processing for a car for inane and support police we need some more police
on a car and it because the police to save us we wouldn’t get anything because
they took two hours to come because they don’t have a vehicle and one vehicle
ahead it was on the road and it has to save for two station we named the
residents say the lack of mobility has severely impacted law enforcement and
community policing activities they are calling for the minister of national
security dr. Harris Chang to resolve the matter urgently Oh Shane masters TVJ
news taxi operators especially in Saint Thomas are again being criticized for
their poor driving habits it was one of the focal points and a peaceful
demonstration by members of the commuting public from Marin Bay in st.
Thomas recently according to organizers of the event
Bishop Winston Bell the taxi operators are driving without care we are finding that the transport system
in Jamaica do not suit us it does not keep us safe as passengers as commercial
as commuters and we want as a church as a body to send a message to the entire
Jamaica that this must change president of the Jamaica Association of Transport
owners and operators yeah – Louie Barton is also calling for improvements within
the sector we support dear effort we want to tell Jamaica that the transport
system the transport sector is unregulated it is not regulated for
passengers for commuters or for the players but the owners and operators in
the system in the meantime Bishop Bell said he will
continue his campaign with similar protests across the island
he is also calling for others to join in the protest action to rid the nation of
these so called ruthless drivers I am more than willing and ready to take this
across Jamaica which is what I intend to do and I hope that you will come out and
join us if you are so moved but this country is lacking in nationhood and as
a result all kinds of systems have been put in place that does not serve the do
not serve or people well residents of high gaygent sent Mary are breathing a
sigh of relief as they were provided with water from recording artist Anthony
Clark more popularly known as Devon the doctor in a cobbler in collaboration
with with Cinco through their water brand the initiative by the artist saw
residents from capture land in Highgate taking home at least four cases of water
to battle the summer heat TVJ News caught up with the artist who organized
the donation to be here giving back water emphasis smile fun everybody face
because when area of water like that what I see a car River cane or country
with it but to get pure drinking water where we never go catch water boil
myself is that German the residents say they are grateful for the donation as
the country is being severely affected by the we go down to news in sports
Jamaica’s under-19 women’s lacrosse team lost their fourth game in a row at the
World Cup after going down 22:10 to South Korea in Ontario Canada
earlier today it’s by losing to make a score their most goals in one game at a
tournament with 10 thanks the hatrocks from Jada Williams and Alisha Baxter the
jam lacks girls who returned to action on Wednesday with the second round robin
phase of the competition this is jamaica’s first ever
participation at the under-19 women’s lacrosse World Cup and chief executive
office of cricket West Indies Johnny graves says Andre Russell’s decision to
withdraw from the t20 series against India and play in the global t20 Canada
is part of his rehabilitation plans the wind is announced on Friday that the
Jamaican all-rounder was feeling discomfort in his knees in the Canadian
t20 competition and would not take part in the series however rustled play
Russell played on the same day for Vancouver nights on Friday and will
remain active for the team but speaking with ESPN cricinfo grave said the board
has cleared the 31 year old to continue playing in the league and that the wind
is physios are monitoring his knee grave also praised Russell for listening to
their medical teams advice and says he will return for the Caribbean men when
he’s 100% fit enough to bat ball and field rosslyn go in surged in June after
damaging his knee in the ICC World Cup in England and that wraps up the midday
news I’m Herman Greene please join us at 7:00 for the prime time news package on
behalf of the new sports and production teams good afternoon

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