TVJ Midday News: Road Safety | Protecting Personal Data | CMU Scandal – November 14 2019

good afternoon a machine masters with
the midday news a special welcome to Vera’s on one spot despite
efforts by road safety officials the country’s target for recording on the
300 road fatalities will again and not be meted this year this comes as the
National Road Safety Council is predicting that 2019 could end with more
than 400 road deaths meanwhile the director of the road safety unit can you
adhere has renewed his call for motorists to do more TV J’s Anthony log
reports 365 the number of persons killed in road crashes since the start of the
year the Christmas season is fast approaching with scores of party
scheduled it’s expected that the figures will increase the country’s target for
recording under 300 road fatalities will not be met this year with predictions
from the National Road Safety Council that the number could be higher than 400
speaking at the red stripe occupational safety and health knowledge forum
director of the warning for its workers the National Road Safety Council has
been in a campaign to keep the number of road fatalities below 300 on an annual
basis but has faced significant challenges mr. haire noted there almost
90% of persons killed in road crashes are males meanwhile since 2012 road fatalities
have been steadily increasing and in recent years motorcyclists have become
the new cause for concern to work that you earn to go to school to go to party
Anthony look TVJ news the issue of the protection of citizens data will be
taken more seriously speaking at the latest edition of a gia as a think-tank
CEO of each of Jamaica Maurice Bishop noted that what was transpiring within
government offices and agencies was independent storage of customers
information on servants and many data centers but there were great risk in
that the level of security of that data was way below international standards as
TV days Prince more now reports that will change with the centralization of
information which we which will be taken over by igorevich America increased
security of government documents and the personal information of their customers
that is what is being promised by yegor Jamaica with the centralization of data
from government ministries departments and agencies for years questions have
been lingering about the safety of documents within government agencies and
the likelihood of cyberattacks it was again brought to the fore when the
Angelus led administration pushed for the national identification system needs
the opposition had challenged aspects of the bill dealing with the security of
personal data which led to the court ruling it null and void but CEO of ego
Maurice Bishop says with this new approach of a centralized data system
the prevalence of cyberattack will be less if you have one weak link
system that can affect your entire system so no matter how strong it is
that you want to make what are two entities because the government is
connected and that is the way we’re going now we can put systems in place
where we can ensure that the the monitoring of the email systems goes to
each and every entity are not just those entities which can afford to put in the
expensive equipment or monitoring tools or antivirus solutions or anti-malware
mr. Bishop also noted that all the measures of security are being looked at
to protect personal information such as public key infrastructure or PKI
just have a username and password to authenticate you is not strong enough
and so it introduces concept of public and private keys and a digital
certificate but what needs to be done to have that sort of infrastructure we have
to improve our PK infrastructure and that will include what we call a
certifying or authority in fact laws currently exist to support that right
now and it has been there through our electronic transaction act and the trade
board is the official certifying or authority right now what we want to do
we want to know quote-unquote almost so to implement that so having it on the
books is for so long we actually have not utilized that the ego of head says
that system will ensure that the entities are authorized to conduct
business through the centralization of information Prince more TV despite the
depreciation of a Jamaican dollar over the past few weeks the government is
insisting that it is good for the foreign exchange market the currency has
been on a downward trajectory for some time but the Jamaican dollars selling at
a high of 142 dollars 23 cents on Tuesday but speaking on TV days all
angles last night finance minister dr. Nigel Clark says
the day-to-day fluctuation will not affect the country’s economy he says
what must be watched is the average rate of a currency and the country’s
inflation rate is the average exchange rate over a
period of time that matters and when you look at the average exchange rate over
the last 12 months and compare it to the average exchange rate over the previous
12 months you will see that the variation is quite small in comparison
to what we are you are described in terms of the point-to-point moves and
then that the third thing else there is that what ultimately affects individuals
consumers and businesses is the rate of inflation now the rate of inflation
definitely incorporates the exchange rate but it incorporates the average
exchange rate not a point on November the 13th or what the exchange rate is on
March the 5th meanwhile in a bid to temper the depreciation of the currency
the bank of Jamaica injected a total of 70 million u.s. dollars in the foreign
exchange market over two days Mr Clarke says that interference by the central
bank will have to end soon and it’s no time for a break but still with us more
stories right after these messages welcome back continuing opinions the
plan to move a motion to suspend the council for the brownstone division came
Brown Lawrence from the same time Municipal Corporation may not happen
today as was planned by minority leader Winston Brown on Tuesday the Minority
Leader announced his intention to move the motion to suspend mrs. Brown
Lawrence because of her arrest and charged in connection with former
education minister well read in the CMU scandal however may our sentence be
Michael Bell Navis says required one month notice for motions to be presented
was not given they brought in a letter to the council during the course of the
week indicating that they wanted to present this at the meeting but the
regulations show that it has to be given a notice has to be given in writing to
the council and then will accept it based on the Chairman’s acknowledgment
of the of the resolution Mia Bell Davis believes movies being
made to score political points however he says since a proper procedure was not
followed no such action can be taken a Thursday well it is straightforward no
notice was given so they cannot come with anything to present to have any
sort of action taken against the councilor unless they present the notice
and that notice can be can be done at the consummate and I presume they’ll
they’ll do that recognizing that they heard and weren’t able to get themselves
together quite honestly it’s a bungling on the part of the Minority Leader and
the VMP consulates and they should have taken opportunity from last month if
they really want to get this thing going however the minority leader Winston
Brown is refusing to budge from his intention to table a motion to have mrs.
browner inspired I’m a little nervous and what is he but if he should go
further as a local government up sections were for one state any member
misconduct our bring our broad comes into disrepute
then we have the we has a right to move a resolution at any meeting of the
council with 2/3 members of the council but me about neighbor says mrs. Brown
Lawrence did not bring the council into disrepute
the fact is that she has not done anything within the country’s spectrum
of the cones or as a counselor bring the Consul into disrepute that situations
almonds are separate a separate situation outside the sphere of the
problem is for cooperation Justice Minister Delroy chuck has identified a
temporary location for some court staff who have been displaced by a fire the
Mandeville court house in Manchester last Thursday he toured a nearby Plaza
on Wednesday which he says can be retrofitted to house several officer
also rules there that we think and the retrofitted to have the court – courts
operating from there whether the circuit court will be able
to operate from there still undecided we have to look at other possibilities of a
circuit next year but that is on not immediately urgent
where is urgent is for the parish ports to be able to operate and he says the
Commissioner of lands has sent evaluated to help us as another government owned
property in the Manchester capital which will provide a more permanent quarter
once this purchase is about three acres of land right here in central Manchester
and if that purchase comes off court staff have been temporarily relocated to
attend following Thursday’s fire which destroyed a section of the parish court
there is a call for more Jamaicans to get tested for diabetes as the deadly
disease is on the rise and causing serious complications TV jays Sharmila
Pollan reports diabetes affects an estimated two hundred and thirty six
thousand Jamaicans and the figures could be higher the 2016-2017 Jamaica health
and lifestyle survey shows that four out of ten persons with diabetes were
unaware they had the disease consultant physician and lecturer at the University
of the West Indies dr. Swan regardless says this points to the need for more
Jamaicans to test for diabetes so Mary Jones was living her life going to our
usual meetings and job etc but one day she started having some symptoms of just
generally feeling malaise not feeling well so Miss Jones went to see the
physician and the doctor hearing her story thought it would be important to
check for diabetes mellitus doctor said Miss Jones your fasting blood glucose is
high it’s really high in fact it is 23 and
normal is 11 and you can imagine the distress questions that she will ask am
I going to die and I’ve had patients ask my question how long do I have to live
now am I going to die no you know I don’t think I can live with this
condition and those are some other questions that Miss Jones begin to ask
yourself what am I going to do now am I gonna still be able to do my job would
have to stop working dr. Roy Gardner says if Jamaicans fail to do early
checks for symptoms it increases their risk of dangerous complications such as
stroke heart disease and even amputation damaged you will step on us something
that will break the skin or cause a bruise or laceration you don’t know you
actually do not feel it and when you recognize that the other injury the wood
is infected and it’s smelling and sometimes I saw a person with that it is
know they have a wound Doctorow garden says there are persons
who have been diagnosed with diabetes but are afraid to face the reality she
encourages them to change their mindset and start managing the condition you
used to eat five Mongols eat half Thursday is celebrated as World Diabetes
Day under the theme family and diabetes Shamala Pollan TVJ news Jamaica could
play host to a meet a Caribbean Leadership Conference next year it is
being contemplated by famed international coachman bishop TD jakes
as you’ll hear in their support local tourism officials are already excited
about the prospects first came a Kanye West with his Sunday
service at Emancipation Park in October now the head of united states megachurch
potter’s house bishop TD jakes revealed plans on Tuesday for Caribbean type
Leadership Conference December 2020 is the tentative timeline it’s among the
highlights of talks with Minister of Tourism ed Bartlett the two met in
Trelawny on Tuesday where ideas for collaboration were also discussed and
we’re excited about the possibilities of perhaps doing some events here in
Jamaica that I think would be of interest not only to Jamaican people in
general but we we set on the precipice and the intersection of business and
faith so leadership development business and faith can collaboratively create a
more wholesome atmosphere for opportunities for education Bishop
Jake’s explained that the event will open opportunities for a wide
cross-section of local professionals I want to make a special a crowd to all of
the artistic people of producers developers so forth and so on we stand
on the verge of perhaps creating opportunities for your expertise to be
used and I look forward to discussing it further artists ministers business
leaders CEOs executives we covered a wide berth of subjects then I think he
would find interesting not just faith but faith and business because jesus
said if you see a man naked he doesn’t need a word he needs a coat
if he’s barefoot he doesn’t need god bless you he needs shoes and so we’re
talking about practical izing our faith in ways that you can have a tangible
impact and I believe that’s possible there’s a minister at Bartlett
highlighted the importance of the event because he has a database and a
following of 16 million people across the pond
just a single posting about Jamaica on his page is going to be seen by 16
million people the invitation therefore is huge
and the implications are equally huge for growth and development for for our
industry to begin with but beyond that we are talking about practical
investment we talking about investment in hotels we’re talking about investment
in real estate but also investment in community development and the potter’s
house and the community around it the bishop was among 1,800 Cruz visitors who
were part of the Bishop TD jakes 2019 faith and family cruise on the MS New
Amsterdam which birthed and the Falmouth pier on Tuesday in news overseas a
shooting at a Southern California High School in the United States this morning
left multiple people injured while at least two are in critical condition the
Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said the suspected gunman an Asian male
wearing black clothing who has now seen at Sega’s High School in Santa Clarita
was at a large sega’s high was placed on lockdown as well as neighboring
elementary schools News Now in sports at sports time Afghanistan needing 165 runs
for victory are 97 47 in their first t20 international against the West Indies in
knock know India Najibullah that ran 27 in Ashgar Afghan
25 were the top scorers for Bangladesh so far the carbon side batting first
posted 164 for five with Evan Lewis 68 and Captain Kieron Pollard 32 not out
the top scorers gulbadan nyeba was a pic of the afghanistan borders with a tool
for 24 and the West Indies woman will look to keep their twenty20
international series alive when they face India woman and a third of five
matches at the Providence Didem in Guyana today the carbon date is war
playing without captain Stephanie Thiele who is out due to injury have lost their
last two t20 series to England on Australia they lost the first game of a
series by 84 runs and the second by 10 wickets the match goes off at five
jamika time and advance the midday news a machine masters join us at 7:00 for
primetime news on behalf of the news sports and production teams good

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  2. Okay Mr Clarke can you explain why prices are constantly moving in an upwards direction on a daily basis. There has to be direct correlation between the exchange rate and the prices in the shops. By your explanation it should be inflation that affects prices in the shops but, this do not seems to be the case, with inflation in single figure how does the shops justify the consistent movement in prices.

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