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Hello, and welcome to the Nice Jewish
Time Traveler where we ask, “If not now, when?” today we’re going to explore the holiday
of Tu BiShvat; the new year of the trees. For hundreds of years, we’ve been
celebrating this day by planting trees and eating fruits … … but how we celebrate Tu BiShvat hundreds
of years from now? I thought it might be nice to take a
look at Tu BiShvat in the year 2525. Let’s check it out! Whoa! What a ride! Excuse me, Sir … … Where can we find some 21st century Tu BiShvat festivities? Festivities? Are you meshugenah? Tu BiShvat is that day of mourning. I’m afraid you’re mistaken. Tu BiShvat is … No no no no. You’re mistaken. Tu BiShvat is the new year of the
trees. All of the trees in the planet have long
since been cut down and wasted by past generations who took
them for granted. No trees? Now that the trees aren’t removing
carbon dioxide from the air, the effects of global warming have some
Florida! Where’s an old Jewish retiree like me
supposed to live?! I guess the tradition of eating fruits on Tu BiShvat … Fruits! Times are so tough that some rabbis
accepting Soylent Green as kosher! Is there anything previous generations
can do to save trees and avoid this fate? Planting trees is great … but the real trick is to save trees by
knowing what to buy. When remodeling your home, use substitute
materials or reclaimed wood. If you must use real wood, make sure
it is certified that they were grown on tree farms
instead of natural forests. Buy recycled office paper for your printers and fax machines. Make sure that the throw-away products
you buy like napkins and paper towels are made from recycled material. We shouldn’t have to waste trees just to blow our noses! {honk} And don’t forget to bring your own bag to the grocery store Great ideas! I’m going to go back to my era and get the
word out. Zei gezunt. {“Tu BiShvat Higiyah” tune}

12 thoughts on “Tu BiShvat Holiday Cartoon – The Nice Jewish Time Traveler

  1. I laughed, I cried, I went for popcorn and almost missed a relly good part. The lightning was FRIGHTENING! From one guy to another: great job!!!!!!

    (Isn't that your schozola during the tissue scene???) 😉

  2. Nice touch that Soylent Green bit – you do know that the man who wrote that movie was Jewish – Stanley Greenberg.

  3. when i saw in the description that he travels to the year 2525, i wasn't sure, at first, if that was the by the Gregorian calendar, or by the Hebrew calendar XD
    but then i saw it's the future.

  4. @natashanataniela My apologies. I always thought it was spelled with sh'va (like "B'reishit"), but its really spelled with a chirik. I had never seen the word with nikudim before today. Thanks and happy Tu Bishvat. 🙂

  5. the "custom" of planting trees does not go back hundreds of years, the zionists made it up. It is true that we have been eating trees for hundreds of years

  6. For more on Tu Bishevat (a Torah Holiday btw) here is a useful link: http://www.chabad.org/library/article_cdo/aid/3264/jewish/Tu-BShevat.htm

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