Trump Forwards His Xenophobic Agenda | The Daily Show

It’s easy to forget that
while impeachment is going on, Donald Trump is still in office
pushing his agenda forward. And you have to admit
it’s a kind of weird system. He’s being investigated for
high crimes against the country, but in the meantime,
it’s just like, yeah, just keep doing your thing,
it’s all good. Like, imagine if other jobs
worked this way. Just like, “Bill, we’re pretty
sure that you’ve been drinking “and driving the school bus,
but, uh, until we figure it out, “you just keep popping
those wheelies, man. -(laughter)
-We’ll, uh, we’ll let you know.” So while the trial continues, Trump is still doing
president stuff. And at the top
of his to-do list lately is keeping people
out of America– starting with supersizing
the travel ban. President Trump
is planning to widen his controversial travel ban. The plan will prohibit
nearly all people from seven countries. Now, the new restrictions
are expected to be announced on Monday. Our country has to be saved. You see what’s going on
in the world. Our country has to be saved. So we have
a very strong travel ban, and we’ll be adding
a few countries to it. Yes, Donald Trump is expanding
his infamous travel ban. And it looks like
it’s gonna be six countries from Africa and Asia, and one from Europe, just
to throw people off the scent. -(laughter)
-You know? Yeah. Trump’s travel bans
are like a reverse Oscars– a bunch of brown nominees
and then one token white one -thrown in for diversity.
-(laughter) It’s, like, “Yeah, yeah, yeah.” Now, I know, I know
Trump’s State Department claims they’re doing this
to keep America safe. But it is starting to feel like
Trump really just wants to ban the entire world, but he’s doing
it a few countries at a time, just so he doesn’t look crazy. You know? It’s almost the same
way like how I treat the des… the dessert at a buffet,
you know? Yeah, I’ll just be like, “Yeah,
I’ll just have one of these. “Yeah, and maybe some of these.
Yeah, yeah. “Oh, I didn’t see there was
cheesecake. There’s cheesecake? “Do you want… I’ve got-got-got
to have the cheesecake? Oh, I’ll come back.
I want… Rrr…” Either way, the travel ban
is about to get even broader. While Trump is trying
to stop people from moving here, he’s also preventing them
from being born in America in the first place. The Trump administration issued
new rules today aimed at cracking down
on so-called “birth tourism,” when women travel here
to give birth so their children will automatically become
U.S. citizens. NEWSWOMAN: And it comes after
President Trump has railed against birthright citizenship. …you’re a dictator who we hate
and who’s against us, and that dictator has… his wife… have a baby… on American soil. Congratulations,
your son or daughter is now an American citizen. Does anybody think
this makes sense? Okay… (laughter) Why would a dictator want
their child… -(laughter)
-to be born as an American? What’s the game plan? What, just have the kid born
here, become a U.S. citizen, and then when the kid
returns home, be like, “I have an American hostage,
and I have some demands!” Like, “Dad, what are you doing?”
“Shut up, infidel!” -(laughter)
-Now, now, even though Trump’s example
is crazy, he’s not wrong about people abusing
birthright citizenship. Every year, thousands
of rich foreign women fly to America
just to give birth so the baby can be a U.S.
citizen, and then they fly home. And if you ask me,
it’s a good example of the Constitution being
behind the times, all right? ‘Cause back then, when they came
up with birthright citizenship no one was just flying in
for the weekend. Yeah. Back then,
you were considered an explorer if you went
more than three towns over. -(laughter)
-Yeah, people in New York were like, “Did you hear?
James went to New Jersey, -and he survived!”
-(laughter) So I get… I get wanting
to limit birth tourism, but the question is,
how is Homeland Security gonna determine who’s coming in
just to give birth? ‘Cause that could get
pretty awkward at the airport. The border agent
is just gonna be like, “Hey! “No pregnant women allowed. “Oh, you’re not pregnant?
Okay, fine, you can come in, but… take a spin class
or something. Come on.” (laughter) So maybe curbing birth tourism
isn’t the craziest idea. But… Trump isn’t just
going after rich families. No, he’s also targeting
the tired, huddled masses yearning to breathe free. The Trump administration
has scored a victory in its effort
to place new restrictions on legal immigration. The Supreme Court has cleared
the way for the government to deny green cards
to immigrants if they sign up for public
assistance, like food stamps or Medicaid, or if they’re
considered likely to apply for such assistance
in the future. Yeah. In other words,
Trump wants to block poor people from staying in America. Which explains
the updated inscription on the Statue of Liberty:
“Bitch, better have my money.” -(laughter)
-And honestly, this is… it is kind of depressing. Because coming from nothing
and building a life for yourself is literally the American dream. It’s basically
what the country was founded on. Well, that and the freedom
to get weird-ass haircuts. But that mostly. And the irony of this law
is that Trump’s own mother arrived in America
as a poor immigrant with barely any money
to her name. So if these rules were in place
when she came over, she probably wouldn’t…
have been allowed to stay. She would have been denied
a visa and sent packing. And then there would be
no President Trump. So I’m not saying
the law is terrible. -(laughter)
-I’m just saying… it’s about a hundred years
too late.

100 thoughts on “Trump Forwards His Xenophobic Agenda | The Daily Show

  1. Sad that this guy gets paid as a comedian. Was there anything funny here? Apparently using the same formula over and over with an applause sign keeps him in business.

  2. if tou want to talk about Xenophobic, look no further than the racially divisive likes of Trevor Noah, Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff

  3. Canned laugh, really makes this not funny. This socialist snow flake gets paid for what, nothing here to listen too.

  4. The Daily Show is stupid & dishonest. Trump is NOT doing anything they're trying to get the "sheep" (the ones who don't do their own research & will believe anything CNN tells them to think.) What the hell is so wrong for Americans to love this country. What is so wrong for us to want to help fellow Americans 1st before those who come here for hand outs. I admit not all do but my experience with illegals has revealed their arrogance & entitlement. The ones I've gotten to know have no idea money for welfare, school, healthcare, etc comes from tax payers. They have no allegience to America, don't know American history & think we should learn to speak Spanish instead of them learning English. Sadly, they actually believe Dems care so much about them when really they're being played in order to keep whatever power they still hold. The mass immigration they espouse & cloke as alltruism is a plan to hurd population into zones for better control or even faster depopulation. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!

  5. Please call your senators (202) 224-2131 if they made a cowardly, despicable decision, preventing witnesses and docs. Thank you

  6. How did he know about my 2 grandmothers who were anchor babies back in 1913 & 1916. I guess eventually the truth comes out.

  7. So many trumptards watch this I knew their was a reason i stopped watching when Stewart quit. This guy is lame.

  8. Your an entitled American. You have some sort of guilt because you worked hard and are successful. You make a lot of money. You don't live where most middle class people do. Immigrants and illegals have a stronghold on our communities. They don't want to be American, they want to be safe and live the exact same culture they came from which is impossible because their culture has no laws, no consequences for their violent actions. So do we create laws that promote peace for legal citizens already here or do we have a big heart and allow just anyone to come here and hope their intentions are pure. Trump is protecting us and he will be our next president. 46

  9. Wealthy elites like Trevor Noah never have to live with any of the repercussions of their own ideology. All most all the countries that have unconditional birthright citizenship are in the Americas. Only something like 35 countries out of the 195 countries in the world have unconditional birthright citizenship. But no worries, as every single Democrat running made abundantly clear in their debates, when Democrats gain back the presidency the borders in the U.S. will be flung wide open & anyone who wants to come to America, will be allowed in no questions asked, over filling her schools, housing, healthcare system & hospitals because you know, according to democrats they are so much more compassionate than anyone else. It will break the existing safety net/welfare state and destroy the job market & wage gains for low income earners (of all races & ethnicities ) that have been made under Trump. Don't believe me? I live in the broken bluest state of all, California, who now gives free healthcare to illegal aliens under 26 and to any others who can't afford to pay. I have (& pay for) what use to be good insurance but for the last decade it's declined year by year. It's now at the point that I've currently been waiting since last July for a routine eye surgery that a decade ago would have taken two months tops- from first being diagnosed to having the surgery. I'm a Labor & Delivery nurse & I've cared for hundreds of women who come to have their babies in Southern California so that they are citizens. Typically they don't speak any English & neither do any of their older school age children. They have had no previous health screening. It's not uncommon for them to turn up positive for TB & to report that they haven't had any vaccinations. The UC & state colleges in California have had to drop their admittance qualifications & revamp their GE courses because about 1/2 the students graduating high school in the state can't hack the basic English & math requirements. What's now consider a third grade reading level use to be what was traditionally a 1st grade level. If your child is in a school where a third of the class can't speak English it slows down the whole class. Of course this doesn't affect wealthy people like Noah who can put their kids into private schools. But you know, #OrangeManBad.

  10. Everyone in the United States of America needs to kill traitor high treason pig Donald Trump and the Republicans for traitor high treason now before they kill all of us in the United States of America, death to traitor treasons pigs.

  11. 0:56 Anyone else think he just put a Middle East-centered map of the world on a dartboard, and wildly missed the bullseye 7 times?

  12. someone should call up France and ask if the want the statue of liberty back because we sure as hell don't deserve it anymore

  13. Every year thousands of rich people spend a fortune buying jewellery at retail prices. every year thousands of women inject botox into their faces to look like startled rubber people. Having a US passport is a curse.

  14. One point I differ on with the media is their attitude of really trying to see the purpose of Trump's policies. The man is a total doof; he just looks at websites of people who support him, and then copies their dreams and wishes, proposing them as policies. That's way he comes up with very weird policies like the War on Immigration, while having an immigrant wife himself!

  15. Most people argue with logic of things that happened in their state, to people around them, someone they know, or to themselves and/or those close to them. I would like everyone to keep that in mind and to also remember not everything is reported on news or gets any light shed on it. So don't think all the information you received explains everything.

  16. Guys! What is the Problem of Countries on the List, Somebody tell me Please, The answers from the Godless ones is also welcome, I Love your Show Trevor, You are really funny 😀🙋‍♂️

  17. Most of you here blame Trevor Because you are really Backward, What is the Problem of the Countries on the List, Somebody tell me Please 😀🙋‍♂️

  18. It's a shame Americans won't be able to visit mayanmar, it is a heavenly place of worship. Perfect weather, utter peace. Truly beautiful place

  19. You dumb liberals don't realize how many dictators there are having American children. It happens all the time. The dictator from Palestine, the dictator from Australia, the dictator from France …

  20. Trevor Noah, stop joke about your own president. You have benefited from Trump greately, so don't be hyprocrite and tell America the truth.

  21. I really don't understand why the countries he's banning are not banning Americans from traveling there too. It seems like something that should be reciprocal.

  22. This is coming from a guy who fled the communist shithole that is South Africa, to come to a healthy successful democratic nation like the US…What a Fucking hypocritical peice of garbage…

  23. JOB KILLER DEMS KILL JOBS! so u approve of these fcnn commie pricks idea that the GOVERNMENT should take 50% of your salary and assets and redistribute what you WORKED FOR? u dumb fcn ckksukkets! INDIA HAS 400 million english speaking college grads who will take every job you lose when corporations flee America u idiot fcn snowflakes! so wheres the $$ coming from kiddies?

  24. They've called him Hitler, and a Dictator. . . I believe due to their delusions, and their hate, and their unwillingness to accept the election – they have forgotten President Trump is our Commander in Chief. The president's most important duty as commander in chief is to defend the United States, its territories and possessions and its armed forces . . . P.S. I bet if a person comes here the right way – getting parents here wouldn't be difficult. What they normally want to do is bring every mother's cousin, aunt, and uncle.

    The 14th Amendment was written for a reason – not for every illegal immigrant who can set foot in America. . . . . . . .Before the Civil War, the issue of citizenship was largely seen as the jurisdiction of states, leaving the case of freed slaves to be a point of ambiguity between slave states and free states. Yet with the Dred Scott v. Sanford decision of 1857, a clear line was drawn. It declared that African Americans, as “beings of an inferior order,” were not and could never be citizens of the United States. And thus, citizenship was used to formally declare that ‘we the people’ would never include Black Americans.

    After the Civil War, the 14th Amendment reversed Dred Scott and granted citizenship to African Americans, declaring that “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.” Birthright citizenship was won by freed slaves, “a radical act that disentangled citizenship from whiteness, and extended legal rights to black people—

    This has been taken advantage of very badly by illegals.

  25. Well, at least he is no longer singling out only muslim countries. That said, america has to be safe? The country that is one of the biggest exporters of violence to the world and also has a high internal violent crime rate has to be "safe" from the world? You kidding me? Let's be honest: U.S has a lot of plus points. Lack of violence and hypocrisy isn't one of them.

  26. Wait, you don't know how the government will decide which rich, pregnant women will be allowed to give birth here? …the White House will decide who gets a special visa, of course.

    For a price, also of course. They and their families will owe the current President a favor, which he can use to help his businesses make international real estate deals.

    Trump is nothing if not a corrupt wannabe oligarch.

  27. imagine if the russians or the chinese sent their pregnant women to give birth in the usa in a plot to bypass border security and immigration controls so that they could then get their foot in the door to sway future elections and sell the u.s. government to communism

  28. Trevor you racist shit is getting boring. He is protecting all Americans and even you you idiot.
    If you’re want to talk about race, talk about the blacks in South Africa murdering the white minority to an alarming degree. No you won’t talk about the genocide because it is white being slaughtered by the thousands. If it was one black guy that was killed in Sa , by a white, you’ll make sure that it was all over your show and news. Not to worry, the AMERICANS shall soon know who you really are!!!

  29. Did you tell the Americans of the black Eff people that were shouting one American one bullet!!! No you’ll never do that because it doesn’t fit into your agenda

  30. I wonder if all those talkshow hosts are afraid of Trump loosing in 2020. They lose 4 more extra years to talk about him.

  31. How's this Xenophopic? He's just trying to keep out leeches which feed off the benefit system without giving back to society.

  32. people are just used to hating trump,otherwise all the laws that he passed are sport on and good for well being of USA.Trump is not a pussy,media can attack him left and right,but he still do everything that is right for US without fear.US will never,ever get a president like him,coz all others after him will do things just please people even if those things are problematic to US as a country.

  33. I am very impressed with the job Fox News did brainwashing white bigots. Its been very helpful for the Donald and his batshit agenda.

  34. Why the hell is Nigeria on the list. Nigerian immigrants are the most successful ethnic groups in the United States of America!

  35. What the literal frick?

    How are you going ban the GIANT of Africa? Is he insane? Jesus Christ help us all he's going to destroy America before the next generation could do anything to save it. There's even Sudan Christ. 😥

  36. There's not poor people in 🇺🇸.only lazy people that don't want to do more than enough to improve their life.and abuse the system.or cheaters working 💸 no paying taxes.except elderly and disabled people.

  37. Trump doesn't have a xenophobic agenda. Israel does. The left is usually quiet enough on Israel and we all know why . Remmeber when Ppl said trump had done a Muslim ban? If it was a Muslim ban why weee so many Islamic countries (and doesn't th e world have enough of those?!!) excluded, namely oh IRAN?!

  38. It wouldn't be a bad idea, the dictator's son could eventually run for president, and then the dictator could maintain control of the country.
    Given that the dictator's son has the appeal necessary to win such an election.

  39. Well, the women pay medical bills to give birth in the US and when the children becomes grown they have to pay tax to the US no matter where in the world they live. Doesn’t necessarily sound like bad business for the US.

  40. Sounds like some Terminator shit should happen. 😂😂 imagine Arnold Schwarzenegger going up to trumps mom….lol

  41. he said that the ban will be until the government figure out what is going on. so is he still didn't figure out what is going on after 4 years as president?

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