Trouble is a traveler that never planned on being homeless.

– [Interviewer] Trouble. – Hi. – [Interviewer] We’re
out here in Los Angeles. – Yeah, unfortunately. – [Interviewer] You’re out here homeless. – Yeah. – [Interviewer] Tell me about it. – I wasn’t planning on
being homeless in LA. I don’t think anybody’s ever planning on being homeless though. I’ve been traveling on
and off for five years and it started out
politically motivated actually and health wise as well. My boyfriend at the time,
he’s now my husband, we – Puda, come here, sorry. We were in neck deep of a
pill addiction in Florida and just didn’t want to do it anymore. I got ahold of one of my
ex-boyfriends actually, who was a traveler and I was just like, I obviously can’t do anything
where I’m at right now, I want to kick, I want to get
out of here, can you help me? Where’s the train yard, basically. Ready to fucking just get on a train. He came, he was actually already
on his way down to Florida in a car with two of his other
friends, so he picked us up and we started touring
the east coast basically. Just going to protest
after protest after protest and fighting cops actually
helped us kick dope, which was really cool. – [Interviewer] What now? – Yeah. – [Interviewer] Who helped you kick dope? – Fighting cops. – [Interviewer] What is fighting cops? – I mean we were just going
to political protests. – [Interviewer] So fighting
police gave you purpose. – It was just like a
distraction, it was a motivation. It was a motivation and just educate. He and I have always been on
the alternative side of things. Our views of what’s going on
in this world is a skewed one. I don’t believe in anything
that the government does for this country, it’s just falling apart. Sorry, I could go on for
hours about that shit. We ended up in New Orleans. We went there to get off
the road for a little while and get married and we did. We ended up working with an art collective doing political
informatives through theater and puppet shows and shit like that. We had a venue for bands to come and play. We did an absent club every Sunday. It was really cool, it was
dream come true for us. We felt like we were at
home for the first time in our adult lives. We felt like we had a place to be. It fell apart probably a
year and a half in to it. Some people came and attached
themselves to the organization and had their own agenda
and we didn’t agree with it. It resulted in us walking away. We basically just fucking
went on a rampage for a while. We ended up drinking heavily and just, we were very angry and
sad at what had happened. We ended up back on the streets. I guess because we has our
place for a little while, so for two years after that we
were working full time jobs, everything but we were
functioning addicts, I guess you could call that. We were drinking a lot
and then weed, cocaine, basically anything that we
could put into our bodies we were doing it but we had to pay for it and we had to pay for
where we were living at, so it was just zomfing us
to 50, 60 hour work weeks to just waste on rent and drugs basically. We went back to squatting,
we left everything, our apartment full of our whole life. – [Interviewer] Back out to traveling. – Just packed up our bags. Well, that was the plan was to travel, but NoLa has this thing
where it likes to keep you if it wants you. We ended up on the streets
in NoLa, we were squatting but we were also working and shit, but not having rent that’s
more money to fuck off with. We got really, really fucked up. The NoLa street kid scene is, it’s kind of like a theme
park ride on steroids. – [Interviewer] Every
community has one though. You could find it. – Oh yeah, no it’s everywhere. – Us drug addicts we somehow
migrate to where they’re, so anyways you’re hear in Los Angeles. – We finally made it to Los Angeles, we were actually here three months ago. We couldn’t make any
money to save our lives while we were out here. Then we hopped on a train
to go to San Francisco. Our buddy was actually going
to bless us with some work, so we could make some money or whatever. We got out on a train in
Colton and woke up in Las Vegas and it was going to Salt Lake, it was going nowhere
near California anywhere. It was gone, so we got stuck
in Las Vegas for like – – [Interviewer] The
like of hopping trains. – Oh my God, we got stuck
there for like two months. My husband’s pack was
stolen, all of our IDs, birth certificates, his
service dog shit, everything. – [Interviewer] That’s Puda. – That’s Puda, yeah. – [Interviewer] Say hello, Puda. – Puda, say hi to the camera. We finally had a homie, it
basically came full circle, my buddy coming and picking
us up in Florida, my homie and her boyfriend that we
squatted with in New Orleans was actually, they had gotten
a car kicked down to them in Wyoming or something like that and so they came to Vegas and picked us up and brought us out here. – [Interviewer] Where are you sleeping? – Right now, we fall over
over there sometimes. – [Interviewer] That’s no way to live. – No it’s not and that’s what, it’s one thing when you’re
transient and you’re traveling, I love that life, I love being on – – [Interviewer] The freedom of it. – Yeah, I love it, but
being stagnant in one place with nothing gets really
old really quickly. Dealing with the fucking
home bums constantly. I’ve been on this corner
eight years and fuck you. – That sucks that you’ve been
on this corner eight years, dude, that’s nothing to pride yourself on. Everybody struggles with their addictions. We do, we’ve been on and off
shit our entire relationship. Right now it’s just about focusing and getting back on track. As soon as I have my fucking ID, dude, I’m back up north trimming fucking weed and having a good time doing it. Having a place to stay, stability. – [Interviewer] That’s your future. – Yeah. – [Interviewer] Getting a
place to stay, getting your ID, trying to get your life back up. – Yeah. – [Interviewer] Travelers are very unique. Whenever I talk to you guys, I get jealous because I want to go hop
a train but I’m too old. In fact, a bunch of travelers
in a school bus invited me two weeks ago that I
connect with on Facebook and I’m just like, I am too old. – You should’ve. – [Interviewer] I know, I know. – At least you would’ve been on the bus. – [Interviewer] Here’s the thing, how do people that want
to help homeless people. There’s a lot of kids out there traveling, how do we help people that are traveling? – Just don’t treat them
like their scum, dude, they’re people too. We’re fucking, we’re human beings too. We have dreams and aspirations, we just go about life
a little differently. – [Interviewer] A lot of the
challenges for youth service organizations, because you
guys pop in for a shower, and you’re gone. – Yeah. (laughing) Yep. That’s the trick of the trade. We appreciate everything
that people do for us. Granted there is some
douche bags out there, don’t get me wrong, there’s
douche bags working in these business towers. – [Interviewer] If you had three wishes, what would they be? – Right now one would be to have my ID. Two, to have a roof to
put this little guy under. Three, a car that would never run out of gas. – [Interviewer] Good wishes, thank you very much for talking. – Thank you. (light music)

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  1. A good temporary solution: Most homeless,.. at least those coherent enough and able to drive would appreciate a car, or for a couple – a van … given or loaned to them. It's shelter. They probably don't need overnight heat, but if they do, people seem to like the propane Buddy Heater. Maybe the gov can provide electric hookups with oil-filled space heaters in the cold months…. kind of like a drive-in. In cities like LA or in Florida – probably just a sleeping bag or a couple of blankets, and a pillow would do. Give them a weekly gasoline allowance, free vehicle maintenance, insurance, and special license plates as well. All these would be ran by the government, to keep these vehicles running….

    – Yes it will cost money, but this is a lot cheaper than the $millions that is spent on
    stick-and-brick public housing now. IMO, housing the homeless in buildings is a 20th century, expensive now obsolete solution… Buildings built as public housing almost always degenerate into massive slums… where even the people who live there want to leave. They breed ill will for people who live near them as well. NIMBY.

    – The homeless in vehicles is safer for them than sleeping in homeless shelters, on the street in some corner or doorway, or in 'the projects'.. Houseless, no longer homeless. Sometimes mobility can make all the difference.

    – Soup kitchens should remain open for those who can use them.

    – There's a whole community who live in cars and vans – who actually like it. See youtube channel Cheap RV Living (all one word- no spaces), Rolling Earth-Ship, etc. for details.

    – If they don't like it… they don't have to accept them. If they do, then maybe they will use
    them to look for and keep a job… Then they can move into a regular apartment and pay rent… just like the rest of us do.

  2. If you havent been on the streets dont make judgements of her drug usage.
    Drugs are a coping mechanism to block out pain from past issues and surviving on the streets whilst many rich silver spooned obnoxious twats make instant judgements.
    When in reality it can happen to anyone but those snooty rich people have no life skills and wouldn't last one minute.

  3. Doesn't sound too intelligent if she keeps getting "really really fucked up" STOP doing drugs and get serious about your life. I rolled into NOLA and had no home, until I got one, and a job, and made lots of bucks.
    Your "Serive Dog" isn't, neither of you are blind (unless drunk), deaf, or physically immobile. FAKE
    Drug addicts get no sympathy. Travelers?= FREELOADERS

  4. Wow on her 3 wishes. I could help her with 2 of the 3 . Dont think i could do the never ending gas tho. I dont even pray but i will for her. God bless this young woman.

  5. I feel solo bad for these ppl. I am homeless myself but thankful to God I have a van to sleep in with a mattress blankets pillows and a few clothes to wear. I am disabled and have been trying for yrs to get my disability but always gets turned down. I dint beg for money can't bring myself to do that but will do small odd jobs like cleaning to make a little money. If I get desperate I will ask my son but I hate even doing that I dint want to be a burden to anyone

  6. Truth is sheโ€™s a drug addict, and scoring drugs is her first priority when she gets money. A home is not as important as getting high to her, and the people she associates with are addicts also. She needs to kick her addiction first, and then she might be able to keep a roof over her head.

  7. No sympathy.
    Been there, done that.
    Lasted 2 months.
    Am officially a millionaire now.
    Stop complaining and get your shit together.

  8. Sweet girl๐Ÿ˜ hope you & your hubby hang in there…๐Ÿ˜Š…. honestly and this is too 'TROUBLE'….Sweetheart you & your hubby can have a better life. But I'm not gonna judge ya though. I hope the very best for ya in this crazy world.

  9. Your never to old in 68 and getting my bus ready for what hope is a really long road trip and if it is short then it will be a bunch short one

  10. I hope that she finds purpose in something else apart from being on the streets, she beat addiction so kudos to her. She could work in a community garden, she would find peace there .

  11. Every now and then I see slight victimization of the let's say a week Target homeless. I am saddened that our educational system is not humanitarian base and not nurturing children to be good upright humanitarian people. Ever since that the public educational system has taken God out we seem to be in Tribulation. These cities need to at least dress the basic needs of the homeless. They at least need a year around place to take a bath and do their laundry. Yes that would be a mission. And yes we will have concerns. These are not the homeless of the Great Depression that we excelled with and have a Christian victory in. Really a lot of organization can occur in small ways leading up to a good Triumph. I'd like to see a little mission that has a laundry room and a cub room I said Cub room and allow on an individual basis to come in and use the facility. But will they be generous and be able to cycle through in a generous two and a half hours per person. Or will we have a constant flow of squatters. And I have to have a heavy wait Christian to basically brute Squad them out while handing them a care package from the loving congregation that also flips the water bill the hot water electric bill. As well as whatever this city yearns to reap from having a structure in the vicinity of their city limits. More over a slew of liberals yearning to justify and themselves by regularization does a paycheck for them. It is like the Bible says we will be reviled for doing good. Even sometimes called complaining good. These cities actually needs to take tiny houses to a new level. I'll have tiny community where such facilities as I mentioned above have access to a community of tiny houses. It will be expected that we will always have the homeless as Jesus said. You got in this is our opportunity to do good and to yield treasure in heaven. But the General Public seems to not a knowledge this concept of the Bible.

  12. I believe this too. This young woman needs a second, third, or fourth chance, Jesus isn't in to numbers!

  13. Yes change your name! Trouble, doesn't sound very trustworthy, to a person wanting to help her.๐Ÿ˜‘๐Ÿ˜ She should shoot for something like Hope, Faith, or Joy!โ˜บ

  14. I was homeless yrs ago for short period of time.
    No drugs but depression was my fall..
    Out of so many , one friend went all out to help me..
    He had rental homes .
    Three vacant..
    He says stay there ( in one of them ) . He turned power on and said just pay the electric bill at the end of the month and he loaned me his second car…
    I remember my first night
    I thanked God ..
    Felt so good to sleep soundly..
    I did shower every day tho..
    During my homelessness , when sunlight came I would go to my mother's home and shower..
    My mother had no idea I was sleeping on the streets..
    She would have give me a corner in her small place, I just couldn't impose..
    Anyway, I realized I had been given an opportunity to get back on my own two feet..
    First week another friend talked to her friend, manager of a restaurant..
    Got a job as a cook for a Denny's restaurant..
    First paycheck gave it on a down payment for a car..I was short on down payment.. so I told him my next paycheck I would give him the rest, he said my shock he hands me the keys..I was shocked and so happy cuz I thought I wasn't getting the car til next pay week ..
    So I had a place a job and my own car..
    My friend offered me the place at a good monthly rate but it was three bedroom..I always have this thing about someone breaking in the place through one of the empty rooms and I wouldn't here anything until they're right up on me …even now I have a two bedroom and I am single so other room is just a spare room but I now have 45 next to my bed.haha.. I sleep good..
    I have always held him to a high standard among my friends..
    Ever since and up until today , I will drop what ever I'm doing if he calls and needs something from !!!
    I can never repay him for what he did for me , but he has a loyal and most grateful friend in me..
    God is good!
    And people are too!

  15. Homelessness is a clear signal that explains why our nation is caving in, especially to corporates and greed.

  16. No offence, but, if you have resources and energy to travel all over the country ' fighting at political rallies ' ; it's simply incomprehensibe to not want to use those factors to work – to live .

    Also, she is well aware that the earrings make her un- employable.
    – she doesnt want to work.

    Being a liberal sounds great, until reality calls you.


    She kind of thinks it's somehow funny- just traveling around partying… san fran – vegas- LA …


    I'm homeless- and i work; full time .
    I'm aware that presenting well helps me get a job.

    This girl just thinks its funny.

  17. You already know what I think you haven't heard from you in a long time you still need to get off that street keep a job hidden apartment I know it sounds like the normal thing that you weren't a rebelled against eventually it will make you happy

  18. Can kind of see the shame in her eyes… I don't think she even knows what good decisions are. Hope she gets her life together

  19. Protesting , fighting with cops , destroying properties , drugs , alcoholics and not having a plan traveling to different places can caused pattern of destruction to some one life.

  20. So many people take up issues when their own lives aren't in order. It's a drug in itself. They escape their own problems. They don't realize how much more effective they will be when their lives are in order. I pray they come to this realization.

  21. There are so many reasons for homelessness, some are the result of bad personal choices, some due to psych or medical issues, some due to economic falls….these people are the result of poor personal choices. Good luck to them.

  22. I was homeless in Phoenix one year and I learned something. What did I learn? That no matter what you think. Each and everyone of us is utterly, absolutely alone when we become homeless. What's that say about all this "to do". There is no purpose to any of it.

  23. She looks like a typical liberal cum dumpster. "I get paid to protest". Lol, I knew somebody was paying antifa for that protest bullshit. This is beautiful bitch you deserve to be homeless, I hope you die in the street. And you're lucky a conservative like me doesn't walk across you sleeping in the street or else I would stomp your fucking head in.

  24. Demon rats ruined california they rather give free health care, education, jobs and food to illegal aliens then it's own America people. Remember you liberals just kept on voting for them.

  25. "Don't treat us like scums dude"… as she admitted to traveling and fight with police just for the heck of it. Don't lecture us about what's wrong with this country when you paved your own pathway and choose to live that way

  26. One BIG, BIG problem is people are unable to face the reality of the real world.
    They live in a dream world.

  27. She still party's ๐ŸŽ‰ what a shame! Chasing dope? Wasting her life away!! God, is looking ๐Ÿ‘€ down, saying, what the hell, do you see in that crap? ๐Ÿ˜ฃ

  28. A hippie 50 years later. Refugee from the 60s? If she doesn't die of an overdose, in time, she may figure out who she is and get her life together. Praying for her.

  29. I'd roof for dog and car with gas even if it breaks gasses, but really every1 I know wud be a billion bucks bitches body cars ect. They want socks, roof not for her,but the dog,so real ly sad

  30. "homeless" is for assholes feeling sorry for themselves…my home is me & the universe…it's wherever I am and fuck the labels…I've spent plenty of time sleeping in tents in suburban bushland and stealth camping from place to place in a small hiker tent packs up in 5 minutes BECAUSE RENTS ARE TOO EXPENSIVE…if I aint living cheaply in south east asian countires I refuse to pay ridiculous prices for a tiny room in any western country…I see the main reason for folks sleeping on the streets and getting into trouble as either alcohol or addiction to drugs…if u wanna smoke a bit of dope…drop a trip or take some mushrooms best place is in nature & alone in the forest…when u have strong trip u get some vision..some shamanic power from it..most of the homeless seem to be meth heads..crack heads and thats why their lives are messed up..also some suffering child sexual abuse and mental problems…by the way there are more and more "working homeless" these days…folks that got a job but sleep in their car or van coz rents are too high…sure this opens them up to some dangers if they park to sleep in the wrong spot…murder possibly as has happened from time to time with young people stopping on the side of the road to catch some zzzs and a psycho kills them…after a bad experience renting I chose not to sign 6 month lease and pay huge bond for any property and not stay in any hostel or boarding house with drug addicts and arguements and fights between crazy people…there is really no fucken reason why someone in a jam for accomodation cant just go bush…I have camped near shopping centres…highways..train stations…there is bushland everwhere…sure I've been found a couple times but no issue…I remember camping a few days near a library and using the free wi-fi met a french guy working as a gardener…all he had was a bicycle and small backpack…he was riding around putting his flyer in letter boxes and getting plenty of calls…making big money…he had all his tools and mower in a storage shed and was sleeping in a hammock in the kids playground behind the library in sight of everyone and never got hassled…dude was making thousands of $ tax free and rent free…that is the smart way to do it…if u have a skill u can use…make your money working thru the day while stealth camping so u can save your money to travel…either to other states or other countries

  31. Well she admitted she & her husband are drug addicts, obviously prefers the street life. No doubt, her political activism was on the liberal side – smh

  32. The guy mike on the invisible i swear could come live at my home for free.he has a good head on his shoulders.and so much loss of family and loved ones.and now he has cancer.for real i would get him a bus ticket for alabama.

  33. She clearly has mental problems.. I agree the government sucks but this is not the solution. I don't even think she knows what she's talking about. You think this country sucks? At least you don't live in Saudi Arabia

  34. Gov. brought those pills…Much easier to fight corruption with a sharp mind (greatest weapon / tool) Speaking of social justice

  35. Are travelers homeless because they are travelling or travelling because their homeless? Seems you need to stay in one place for awhile to get things together if that is the goal.

  36. With young Americans like trouble, and her husband;itโ€™s no wonder why many software firms like to hire foreigners to work for them!

  37. Poor girl….how on earth does this happen….she should be cleaned up without those metal things in her ears, and silly tattoos, eating well…..she should be a leader cleaned up where everyone would be looking up to her. What a disaster, horror movie

  38. Mark, your videos often pull on my heart strings. This one did not. I couldn't feel sympathy for this person. God forgive me.

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