Trollbeads World Tour – Denmark

My name is Benedikte, I’m 26 years old
and I live in Denmark. I’m from Værløse,
where I have lived all my life. I’m employed as a remedial teacher, I’m a fan of Trollbeads,
and I have a sizable collection I simply adore the little, shiny things. I have received an invitation to have a look at the four new
Trollbeads that are to represent Denmark so I’m very excited about that. Hi, can I help you? Yes, thank you. Oh, they’re beautiful. This bead, decorated with spring anemones, is simply lovely. Wonderful colours. And this is the Arne Jacobsen chair, with a small silver troll. That is pretty.
Yes, isn’t it? Then we have the viking ship, also in silver.
Oh, that’s also pretty. This will bob up and down a bit. Have a look, this amber bead is inscribed with tiny runes. Very nice.
Yes. Won’t it be hard to choose?
Yes, very. Which one would you like? I think I’ll choose that one… and that one… …and those two.

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