Trip to Penang | The Best Place in Malaysia 4K

– Hello! – You are taking my photo? – We need to go! – Great! Thank you very much! – How much ringgit? – Ten! – Bye-bye! Welcome to the Kapitan Keling Mosque famous Penang landmark built in 1801 by Penang’s first Indian Muslim settlers and it was named after the “kapitan” of the Keling a leader of the South Indian community.

4 thoughts on “Trip to Penang | The Best Place in Malaysia 4K

  1. мужчина в красной футболке на мопеде😂😂😂 голивудская улыбка)мечта стоматолога)

  2. Nostalgic Penang..made me wanna go there…but..wait…hey I am a Penangite and in Penang now! Maybe need more time to loosen myself a bit and enjoy my hometown more. Awesome video and thank you man. 😀

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