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you got a dream like this seems kind of
vaguely ludicrous and completely unattainable but this moment is directly
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bondage and relying purely on courage it’s possible! yeah ah hey guys
so I forgot to say something We are at Kerala now. We crossed the TN border. There is a small mountain pass. As soon as, we crossed, total climate changed. So, we reached here. There is one bus, looks like some crowd is there. But, the falls is currently closed. We don’t know when they open. Before that, there is a place below. Looks like no one is taking bath over there. Don’t know when they open it. Let’s go, once they open! Here itself is written. They open the falls at 8o clock. We came at 7 30. As soon as they open the gate, we go in! Here, already Time is 8:15. Still, they haven’t opened the GATE yet. So, If you don’t want to waste time, you can come here around 8:30. But, if you want explore something around here, there are some road side street food shops. We also had ourselves a POTATO type, called KAPPA KELANGU with coconut spicy sprinkles. 10/10 rating. And then we had EGG BONDA, good protein full breakfast. And then we had Tea, here they call KATTANCHAYA. Reddish milk less tea. We had those and just waiting here. Location is superb. Friend is photographing. HAMPI pyjamas While I wait idle, I am thinking to give a tip in photography. Just learn from my friend here. So, to photograph such waterfalls Instead of shooting very sharp, you can reduce shutter a bit Bring that smoothness in the photo, For that, many thinks we need ND filter, tripod. But, we don’t need those. We can just set set shutter speed to 1/5, 1/10. Infact 1/50 also works, if the waterfalls is very FAST. But for places like this, we can do in 1/10 also. But the point is, we need to be STEADY by sitting down and holding correctly. So, that is what my friend is doing! So, to take such photos, you can even use a BASIC DSLR. We can do in GOPRO also. But, before I put settings, GOPRO battery will go down and I can’t VLOG. Let me try in my DSLR. So, I heard it’s opened. Let’s go! AFAIK, people would be rushing to get tickets and rushing to the GATE. So, I don’t think we should be able to photograph the falls, beautifully. It’s crowded everywhere! Ok, let’s go! At last, they opened the gate at 9:00, which was supposed to be opened at 8:00 The falls is 650meter away from the gate and it’s the trek route we need to hike. So, you need to plan well for this climb. This forest is so dense even the sun light is not able to enter. This place is full of fresh elephant dung. Elephants has gone this way! So, save your energy man. If we see Elephant, we run back! Already people are there! Crowd is everywhere. yappa, whata climate. Super weather. If you see there, you can see a ray of sunlight falling on that particular leaves. I hope you can see in this video itself, the ray of sun light! If you take photos here, it will be very nice! Ok, we are close to the falls. Let’s put a BROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!Bro, go pray somewhere else! Hey guys, Time is now around 10o clock. We finished bathing. Now look at the crowd. Later it gets, more crowd comes here! So, the suggestion is, you can here by 8o clock, Forest officers will come. And then, you buy tickets, Let me get down. Then it will be nice, if you come up. No sure, if they are mushrooms. If I put this, people will unsubscribe my channel. There is some kind of mushrooms grown in elephant dung. Looks like mushrooms only. So, if you come here with GOPRO, you will have to do a lot of explaining! You want to try? So, this is provided here after we got down from fall. Palm wine and coconut tree wine are here! Overall year, this place will have waterfalls. water will be here, even when there is no season at courtallam. But the crowd comes here, only when the courtallam season is on POINT! What I drank is Cocounut type wine It was salty in the beginning. But, after that, I feel sweetness. I don’t feel anything. He just suggested for the BODY HEAT. All right guys, if you enjoyed this video, this video + previous 2 videos. Overall 3 parts. These vlogs are all about, not exploring inside courtallam, but looking around the courtallam for private falls and less crowded places. I have explained all those in these 3 videos. If you think, these videos are helpful, or if you think it could be useful to your friends, You can share, like, comment. And then, you can subscribe to this channel. To watch more CONTENT! Until then,

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  1. B roll is fantastic. The bokeh and the motion blur at the waterfalls is a visual treat to the eyes. 💥💥💥💢💢

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