Travelon Wheeled Underseat Carry-on Bag | Excellent Luggage Option for Female Travelers

Hey, it’s Ernest from Trip Astute. In
this video, we’re reviewing the Travelon Wheeled Under-seat Carry-on with Back up
Bag. A compact carry-on bag designed to fit easily under an airline seat with
enough space for your travel essentials. And also sharing how you can win one of
these bags for free. as you all know I’m (light chiming music) As you all know, I’m often doing reviews for products that
are more male-centric. Whether it’s wallets or backpacks, most of my reviews
have been for products that I use when traveling. So today, we’re doing something
a little bit different. We’re actually going to be looking at a product that is
geared for our female audience. I know a few of you are active members of our
community, so I hope you find this video especially useful. And for you guys who
are thinking, “why should I care about this review?” Well, this is also a great
gift idea for a special female traveler in your life, especially with the
holidays around the corner. But first, if you’re new here, welcome to our channel.
Trip Astute is a travel channel that is focused on sharing ways to make travel
easier, affordable, and more enjoyable. Traveling can be stressful and expensive,
so we’re looking for ways to help you maximize your experience through travel
tips, points and miles, and innovative gear. If that sounds interesting to you,
please consider subscribing. Travelon was generous enough to provide us with this
bag to review. However, I want to emphasize that this is not a paid review
and our opinions have not been influenced in any way. We strive to
always provide our community with genuine authentic product reviews and
would never endorse a product or brand that we didn’t believe in. As I mentioned
earlier, this bag is designed for female travelers, so I asked Fiona to try the
bag out on a recent business trip. She’s now used it on a couple of trips
and has been raving about the quality and design of the bag. So, let’s dive into
some of the features of the bag. Number 1: Compact and lightweight design. The
bag is compact with space for a day or two worth of essentials.
This will definitely vary by person and the type of trip that you’re taking. It’s
also lightweight, weighing only six pounds. To give you an idea of how
versatile the bag is, Fiona has used the bag for shorter business trips as her main
bag and also as a carry-on bag for our longer trips to England. It’s worth
pointing out that you might struggle using this bag as your main luggage on a
shorter winter break, especially if you need to bring bulkier items like
sweaters, jackets, or ski gear. Number 2: Multiple compartments and pockets. There
are so many compartments in this bag including zippered ones, a detachable
mesh one, and even a plastic one for toiletries which can easily be cleaned in
the event of a leak. This makes for an easy and organized packing experience,
which is what we’re all striving for, right? There’s a large main compartment
which is good for storing clothing and shoes, especially in packing cubes, and a
front organizer padded compartment that’s useful for easy access to
carry-on items like a Kindle or tablet. There’s also a side compartment for a
water bottle with velcro tabs attached which makes it easy to slim the bag down
when the pocket isn’t being used. Number 3: Dual bag design. The bag comes with
an additional backup bag which is easy to fold and put in the main bag for
storage. This backup bag is a nice size, measuring 15 and a half inches by 13 and
a half inches, and has lots of room for a laptop, work notepad, and additional items.
It also has a strap which attaches to the main bag making it easy to transport
while traveling through an airport, and tote handles which make it comfortable
to carry on the shoulder. Because of the collapsible nature of the folding bag,
there aren’t any additional zip compartments, so we recommend using a
smaller pouch for valuables such as your keys and phone so you can easily find
them. Number 4: Fits easily under the seat.
The curved shape of the bag along with the padded material makes it easy to
slot under an airline seat. While it’s not ideal to have a bag taking up additional
personal space on the plane, I know that we’ve had trouble finding overhead space
on some short haul flights, so this is a good alternative to having to check
luggage at the gate due to a lack of space. Number 5: Various colors. The bag
comes in a few colors including black, khaki, eggplant, red, and chocolate. There’s
no difference in price, so it really comes down to personal choice. In Fiona’s case, she opted for the black color.
Number 6: Easy to clean and durable. The padded material is very easy to clean.
Also, Fiona used it on cobblestone streets in Europe and found the wheels
and handle to be strong enough to handle the extra wear and tear. Number 7:
Value for money. In my opinion, this bag offers excellent value for the cost.
You’re essentially getting two bags for the price of one. While the backup bag
isn’t one that you’d want to use as a regular purse, Fiona did find it useful
for a few days of traveling. The bag sells for just under $70 on Amazon.
Though if you prefer to buy directly from Travelon, they are offering our
viewers 20% off any Travelon products. Just head to the checkout and enter our
discount code TRIPASTUTE-20 which also gets you free shipping on orders
over $35. As a frequent traveler for both business and fun, Fiona has found the bag
to be versatile and easy to take on short trips. She also mentioned that
because of the compact size of the bag, it actually helped her to pack more
efficiently and question if she really needs as much baggage, particularly on
shorter trips. Overall, we’ve been really impressed with the bag and from looking
at the reviews from other customers, it seems really well-received by the travel
community. Lastly, Travelon generously gave us an
extra bag as a giveaway for our audience. Entering our giveaway is simple. All you
need to do is visit our website and enter using our contest link. I’ve
included a link in the video description. You don’t have to purchase anything and
there are multiple ways to enter and gain entries. By signing up for our
social media channels, you’ll not only earn an extra entry into our contest, but
you’ll also get content that we share outside of YouTube. All you have to do is
click on any or all the options to enter. The more options you complete, the more
entries you’ll earn. And of course, there’s no pressure to enter. The contest
runs until Friday, October 26. And then we’ll select one lucky winner on October
27th. Keep in mind that the contest is only for US residents. Though if you’re
not based in the US, don’t worry. We’re planning a big Amazon gift card giveaway
that will be open to everyone once we get to 10,000 subscribers, which
hopefully will be soon. Do you have a favorite bag for short trips? Let us know
in the comments section below. I’ve included an Amazon link to the product
in the video’s description below. Trip Astute does get a percentage
if you use our link. It doesn’t cost you anything extra, but it does help us to
continue creating content for this channel. If you enjoyed this video or
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others who might benefit from our content. Until next time, travel safe and
travel smart.

15 thoughts on “Travelon Wheeled Underseat Carry-on Bag | Excellent Luggage Option for Female Travelers

  1. The fact that it fits under the seat and has a lot of pockets/organization is hugely appealing to me. I dont worry so much about the leg room because we always buy economy plus/extra leg room seats. Plus I'm short.:-D

  2. Nice review! Wow, that backup bag is a major WIN! Not a bad price either. Great gift idea as the holidays are approaching!

  3. Thank you for the great review, the travel bag looks like a great value for sure ! Stay amazing have a great weekend.

    Jose P.

  4. I just can’t … I’m a woman with lots of make up and clothes … it’s so hard to have a carry on and an REI backpack … only a miracle for me to travel with such bag … but it’s an amazing one

  5. I own this bag and love it!!! Now I always check my larger suitcase and use this to put my purse in or things I might like on the plane or my valuables I don’t want in my checked bag. It’s been on several flights and different size planes and has always fit under the seat no problem. I could easily take this for a one or two night stay instead of a larger bag if I needed to. Definitely two thumbs up in my book.

  6. Hey Earnest! I actually bought an under seat carry on last year by travel pro. It’s similar to the travelon. I like it but this one seems a little larger.

  7. Love this bag!! I’d even try carrying everything in this bag even over-shoulder handbag. Travelling light is essential for transit comfort.

  8. Love your products! As a senior woman, I appreciate the convenience of under seat carryon luggage. Would love to see more 4 spinner wheels, as the 2 wheeled luggage gets too heavy on your arm. Once the handle is locked into place, it acts almost like a rollout cane, helping me navigate through the airport….love the 4 spinner wheels…need more of them! G.M.

  9. Nice. I’ll find this on amazon. I’m a disabled woman and always need some meds with me. This is a pain trying to fit in my purse. Some things just can’t be checked. I use a can or a walker and the 4 wheeled bags help with stability while ambulating.

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