Traveling Europe

– We made it to London. – And this is where my like
15th great-grandfather, Henry VII, King of England, lived. – So, every time we find
a castle, he’s like, “That’s my grandpa’s house.” – Yeah, this is my grandpa’s house. – We’re on our way now to meet you guys. We’re on our way to our very first meetup. Oh, you’re making me cry. Hey, girls! – [All] Hi! We love 8 Passengers! (calm music) (upbeat music) – We made it to London and we’re staying in a
flat above a bookstore. How much more Meg Ryan
could you possibly get? Okay, so I’m already out of breath and we’re not there yet. Pretty, huh? So, I guess if you’re mad at Johnny, he gets to sleep in a separate bed, right? – [Paige] Yeah, there you go. (laughs) – [Ruby] That looks fun! – It feels like a
sleepover, like a bunk bed. Except not a bunk bed. – Okay, so I woke up this morning, Johnny’s knocking on the door, he’s like, “Hope I’m not interrupting anything, “we’ve got breakfast downstairs.” And I’m like, “Who is that?” I slept so deep, I forgot I was here and so then when I like
came to, I was like, oh yeah, I’m on vacation, yay! I just slept so deep, so hard. I can’t believe how deep I slept. And I find out, oh
Johnny went like running and Paige is up and ready and. I gotta go get ready. I have no idea what I’m
doing today, by the way! (laughs) To be honest, we’re kind of the old fogeys to go on vacation with. I think we vacation
really like old people. That’s why we do it so
well with my parents. (laughs) We move slow. We move slow, guys. Okay, all right, I’m ready, I just need to fix my hair. (upbeat music) Well, we came to London for RootsTech but that is not the only
thing that’s going on here. There is Comic Con going on so, I don’t know, do Comic Con and genealogists
have anything in common? Yes, yes they do. (upbeat music) So we’re gonna go see
the Crown Jewels and– – Costumes, there’s a bunch
of costumes in there too. – Really? – Well no, costumes to us–
– Dresses? – They’re actual dresses.
– Dresses. If I could live in dresses. I don’t know, maybe that
wouldn’t be as comfortable, but it would be warm. I think they are velvet,
I want a velvet dress. – I ordered an appetizer but. – [Kevin] You ordered a birdcage. – [Ruby] She ordered a birdcage of food and the rest of us ordered mashed peas. – It’s actually, I think
it’s how I ordered. – So, my side, she says, “Do you want regular peas or mashed peas?” Oh, look. And I was confused. – [Johnny] Sausage and mash.
– That looks good! In America, I think the
only time we use peas is when we’re feeding our babies. But I’m excited to try them, I don’t think I’ve had
peas since I was five. (calm music) Okay, so this was the castle where the King and Queen of England lived for years, hundreds and hundreds of years before they moved to Buckingham Palace. – And this is where my like
15th great-grandfather, Henry VII, King of England, lived. – So, every time we find
a castle, he’s like, “That’s my grandpa’s house.” – Yep, this is my
grandpa’s house, I’m here. – He’s been learning, so I guess a lot of people are
related to Scottish royalty because one of the kings– – Had illegitimate kids.
– Had illegitimate kids because he liked the peasant women and so he would, you know,
have these illegitimate babies with all of these peasant women. So, there’s a lot of
relatives to the Scottish, however, Kevin was not born,
is not related that way. He was born as a direct descendent– – Yeah. – As a direct son. – Right through the legitimate lines, so. – Yeah, as a great-great-great
something grandson. So, the way he’s related
is actually pretty cool. And now I’m going home with
this bighead, he’s like, “Oh, well I’m royalty.” – Oh come on, I’m having fun. (laughs) – I asked him to button my
Peter Pan collar this morning, he’s like, what did you say? You’re like– – I’m like, “This is not–”
– I’m like, “Kevin, will–” – “A job for royalty.”
– I said, “Kevin, will you “come and please button
my Peter Pan collar?” And he’s like, “Um, that is–” – That job’s beneath me.
– “Your Highness, “please, Your Highness.”
(laughs) And I’m like, “Okay, this is only funny “the first two times you say it “but I’m quite sick of it now.” He’s like, “Okay, peasant girl.” I’m like. (laughs) This is worse than you were
teasing me about the cow outfit. – It sounds like you
have some insecurities you’re dealing with. – I think you are! I think you’re insecure!
– I’m very comfortable with my new knowledge. – As he says, peacocking around. When you’re peacocking, you know you’re insecure about something. – Do you see what learning about your past can do for your confidence? It’s amazing. (upbeat music) – That’s cool. Okay, so King Henry VII was one of my direct great-grandfathers, and King Henry VIII was
one of my great uncles. So, I came through his sister’s line. (upbeat music) – What’s amazing to me is how much London has these beautiful,
old-fashioned buildings, old-fashioned, what? Like ancient buildings and then they’re juxtaposed
right next to these new, modern, it’s just, it’s amazing to me because you don’t have
anything like that in America. So, super special that
I get to witness this and to see it. We’re on our way now to meet you guys. We’re on our way to our very first meetup. (upbeat music) – [Kevin] Say hi! – I love hearing stories like this. Do you mind saying it– – Yeah, no that’s fine.
– Sharing it again? – Okay so– – Tell us who you are again. – All right, so I’m Finn
and because of 8 Passengers, I’m gonna join the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Well, not just because of you but, other reasons too. (laughs) – I knew that, it touches my heart. I love that. He said that he watched one of our videos and we were singing,
was it the whole family? – It was all your kids on the carpet and someone was playing the piano and you were singing
“I Am a Child of God.” – “I Am a Child of God.” – And that’s my favorite hymn, apart from “I Stand All
Amazed”, that’s a good one too. – Oh my gosh, that’s amazing. Thanks for letting me film you. – That’s all right. – Oh, you’re making me cry. This is Phoebe–
– You’re making me cry. – We’re making each other cry!
– Hello! – I love hearing all the
stories of our viewers, and I have to share this one for Shari. – Yeah, so I just started my job at Google and Shari motivated me to
apply and carry on working and work hard, so thank you! – [Ruby] I know these girls
are excited, hey girls! – [All] Hi! We love 8 Passengers! (calm music) – [Ruby] Okay, it is three in morning. – [Kevin] 4:30.
– [Ruby] 4:30? Oh my goodness. I know you can’t see me,
but this is what jet lag is. We finished up with the meetup, we actually ended up going out to dinner with one of our viewers,
Belle and her husband, Josh, which was kind of great. And now we’re laying down,
listening to the sirens and the crashing bottles and the garbage being collected, yelling and screaming, all the sounds of the London streets in the early hours of the morning. (calm music) – It burns. – [Ruby] Oh my gosh. ‘Kay, we’re totally cutting
out you saying that. – It does!
– [Ruby] That was so cheesy! – It does. – You’re ridiculous. (calm music) Good morning, passengers, we’re
on day three of being in UK and we are leaving London and we are heading up to Preston. How many hours of sleep did
you get last night, Kevin? – Three. – I think that was more than I got. – Some people really don’t
like that hard bread. – I think Americans might
just be the only people who don’t eat heavy
sandwiches for breakfast. Every, like New Zealand, you eat heavy sandwiches for breakfast and we did that in Italy. (laughs) Why do I get a big kick out of you eating that big sandwich for breakfast? Take another bite. (laughs) – [Kevin] Hey, Johnny, if
you get tired of driving, don’t ask me to drive, okay? (laughs) – [Ruby] You drove in New
Zealand, I think you could– – I know, I don’t wanna do it again. – [Ruby] I think you could do it. – [Johnny] Seriously– (calm music)

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