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Why do we downsize? declutter? live in a
small apartment and do a budget? We do it to have a simpler everyday life and we do it so we can travel and have lots of adventures as a family. We are going to get on a few Blokarts today. They are three-wheeled little things with sails
on them. So apparently we’re gonna go super fast down this beach and even
faster on the way back and Lars our friend is joining us, and Morten and I
are gonna go on one as well Max is testing them out right now and
thank you so much to Club Fanø for making this happen – this is awesome Let’s do this. Are you ready? yes ready to
race. I have no idea how I’m gonna do this but I’m just gonna try and try not to be too
scared. I’m sure the guys are probably gonna do a lot better.What about you
have you tried it before? No, never tried it before Wow that was a lot of fun. How was it? i It’s really a lot of fun yeah and it’s super easy just jump in
and it makes sense immediately. Spoken like a man! It didn’t make that much sense to me. It’s really awesome Thank you so much to Club Fanø and for
Visit Fanø for making this happen We have all packed up and we
are ready to head home, and we’ve had a great trip to Fanø. We’ve really enjoyed
it. Yes and I would like to say thank you to Visit Fanø for helping us
get here and all the different people who we’ve worked with to make this trip
happen. It has been an amazing weekend for us. What’s been your favorite? I think my
favorite was the little village called Sønderho who it has been nominated – as we told you earlier – as the most cozy town in Denmark I think like seven years ago
and it most certainly is It is amazing. It’s really high for me as
well and I think just seeing all of the kites down there on the beach was
amazing. I had a blast learning about all the seals with Klaus. That was a
lot of fun as well. I really like the Blokarts.. Okay so we can’t really sum it up. It’s a lot of fun and if you by any means can make it during the Kite
Festival do so because the kites were amazing the only reason I didn’t rate it
as my number one is because it’s only one time once a year. Yes. You can go here even though it’s not the Kite Festival season but if it
isn’t be sure to at least check out all the cute little villages and all the old
towns and and the Blokart thing is actually something you can do all year
round and it’s really famous for it here Apparently, I think it’s just that the
beaches are really undisturbed so they don’t have.. and they’re super broad as
you can see in the videos and they are kind of reserved for Blokarts and kite cards or whatever they call them and they also have these little wagons with
a kite and they can stand on like a surfboard with a kite after them.. So yeah
the whole beach is kind of made for that And this location we’ve worked with Rødby camping and that is really really cool. It’s right around the corner from the beach. It’s be perfect for families with kids because there are indoor and
outdoor facilities that are great for kids. We’re gonna wrap up now, hit the
ferry, and yeah hope you enjoyed this we’ll see you guys next time. Bye bye

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