Traveling as a BLACK girl with a “WEAK” Passport 😰

hello AE family and welcome to Ayo and Ebun entertainment . welcome to part 2 of this video. The Part 2 of traveling with a weak African passport have you watched part one? if you’re yet to watch part one, you can
check the link in the description below or click here. so guys, traveling on a weak African
passports is very very challenging. Like I said in Part 1, we need visas to go to almost every country in the world. this includes even other African I use a
Nigerian passport and thankfully we have something called ECOWAS. it’s like SCHENGEN And you can travel to other West African countries visa-free for 90 days
and because of that I’m able to go to other west African countries. For example, Gambia, Senegal, Guinea Bissau, Guinea Conakry, Ghana… This is for 90 days without a visa but for almost every other country, we need to go through the stressful visa process. This includes some African countries too it’s very interesting that
as an African I still need to go through the visa application process to visit
most African countries like tell me you a story It is about immigration so, something funny happened to me at one of
the immigration stand of an airport I don’t want to mention the name. so I went to the
immigration officer and of course, I am always smiling. I gave him my
passport.I was just going to stay there for like four or five days he looked at my passport . Federal Republic of Nigeria This already has a lot of disadvantages He went to my visa page and the next thing I saw was that he brought out this little stuff like an eye microscope and he was
scanning every detail of my passport and visas I have several visas on
my passport and he was going through them one after the other before my turn on the queue, there were only Europeans in front of me, all of them were Europeans
and they just need their ID cards to enter it took less than a
minute for each person to show their ID and enter When it got to my turn,I spent nothing less than 10 to 15
minutes at the immigration stand he was going through it detail by detail because he felt it was forged it’s a Nigerian passport with a lot of
visas and he just feels that it’s forged And that he is going to catch this Nigerian girl today I waited for him yes it was quite embarrassing
because there were a lot of people on the queue waiting for me the queue
was initially very fast and when it got to my turn, it slowed down that was it. but that is just one out of a
thousand travel stories I have as a black girl traveling on a weak passport let me tell you another story this happened to me at the airport in Antalya. Antalya is a
very beautiful place and a lot of foreigners especially Europeans visit there so the airport staff are so used to Europeans so I was traveling to….
and most of the flights from there are tosome European countries so I was
travelling to Berlin and I went to the counter to drop my luggage and to get
the ticket so I gave my passport and the lady Immediately she saw it, she just busted out laughing and she was saying in Turkish that “Oh, I have never seen this kind of passport before.” this is so weird and interesting then she was talking with the other lady
too and it was very embarrassing She then had to call a senior
officer to ask him about the process for allowing a Nigerian passport holder that is traveling to Berlin, Germany That was very crazy and very embarrassing. Everyone around me were europeans and their passports were just been scanned and the process was smooth. another crazy thing that happened which
was very shocking for me is this. I went to Spain with one of my friends. He is European. and
there is this part of Spain that is controlled by United Kingdom that is the first time I even knew that Gibraltar is controlled by United Kingdom he really wanted to visit Gibraltar. So, we decided to go after leaving Tarifa there was passport control . I had a Schengen visa and I thought that would not be a problem he just went with his ID card and crossed the border Then, I gave my passport to the lady and she asked if I had a British visa. I said
I have a Schengen visa Then she said,Schengen visa is not enough for you to pass this border. I was like, “wow!” so my friend had already passed the
border and I was telling him “ok you can go and explore
Gibraltar I’ll just wait here for you” but he refused and he came back and that was when I knew
that traveling on a weak African passport is very huge challenge other people were crossing with just ID cards. Not even a passport It was so easy Okay. if you want to see some of our travel videos and
pictures you can go to our Instagram page and our Facebook page (Ayo and Ebun Entertainment) we love traveling and exploring the world because there’s so much to see outside your home so go to our social
media accounts and check out our travel pictures do you like to travel? who doesn’t okay guys so another difficulty of
traveling is… but mostly this is for traveling as a black person there is this stereotype that as a black person, you are either a fraudster or doing drugs I have been stopped severally by security control or even on the queue ,
to be searched for drugs I know a lot of people don’t believe
in white privilege but unfortunately it exists t’s very easy for white
people to go through certain things compared to a black person this
includes security control the way a black person is being searched is
different from the way a white person is being searched a black person is automatically seen as a threat this should not be the
case. I have been stopped before for even extra checking. Something shocking happened to me at köln airport.
they took me to a separate room. scattered my hair to make sure there were
no drugs inside I had to remove everything. They scattered my bags and searched it thoroughly It was crazy.
one of my friends wanted hookah I bought it and put it in my hand luggage and they wanted to throw it away one of the officers wanted to throw it away but the other one said there was no problem with it the security lady took me aside and searched me from head to toes and I had
to remove my shoes it is very good to be security-conscious at the airport but unfortunately sometimes these people go over the board Because I am a black person, I subconsciously pose as a threat to them or I am being stereotyped as
someone having drugs there are so many many travel stories to tell you guys but all you have to do is keep watching this
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14 thoughts on “Traveling as a BLACK girl with a “WEAK” Passport 😰

  1. Everything you said it's the, but the sad story is that traveling through Africa as an African it even hard they visa is required almost everywhere, if we don't respect ourselves in the continent nobody will respect us.

  2. Hi! I am a white person and I do believe you when you say that we are checked less than African people. However, I don't believe it is about race but more about nationality. I would like to ask for your understanding since there is a lot of illegal immigration from Africa to Europe and we need to protect our borders. Indeed, recently here in Italy we have a lot of problems with Nigerian gangs that support drug-trafficing and prostitution.
    I understand that for a normal person like you it's exhausting and annoying being treated differently. Obviously, this is the price you pay due to the actual geopolitical situation.

  3. The problem is our Government's
    how ever i proud to be an African
    Camon Africa 💪
    i like you sister keep going 👋👋
    Somali Udiida Ceeb 🇸🇴✌️

  4. Ehh, your passport is "weak"? I don't think so. In Europe we are using standards that specify features and properties of the ID cards, cars and much more other devices – it helps control all sectors of ours life. You are suprised that Europeans can visit european countries without passport – it's the one of the main law of the union: free movement the goods and people throuth all Schengen area.

    But we can help You to travel to the Europe. Some of the european country citizens can invite You to go to their national country and help you get your visa. I will tell You more: You are holding the most powerfull weapon on the 21 century – Internet -> the connection between people is solution to resolve many problems.

    You can make the second video dedicated to the european watchers: How to travel to the Africa 😀

    PS. Never stop doing videos. We Europeans must open ours eyes and see what Africa really looks like

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