Travelers | Official Trailer

We, the last unbroken remnants Vow to undo the errs of our ascendants. To make the earth whole, the lost un-lost, at peril, of our own birth. 30 seconds. In the future we developed the technology to project conscious minds to a host body. You recognize Marcy has a significant intellectual disability? Had. In our time, many years from now humanity’s been all but wiped out. We’ve come back to change that. Huh. 3 seconds. Welcome to the 21st. Let’s begin. My name’s Maclaren. My team has been tasked to prevent the beginning of the fall. We’ve just changed history. I thought that’d be a bigger deal. One way or the other we are seeing this through to the end. You guys pick out what you want I’m going to see if my babysitter’s home. We came here with the team of five we’re down to two now Don’t think the future doesn’t get his hands dirty. I’m just sitting here, waiting for orders from the future. I give over my will and my life to the director. We have all this knowledge and we do nothing. We are doing what we came here to do. I can’t keep pretending that this is normal. This isn’t about any one person’s happiness. Tell me What is it about? No plan survives contact with the past. Go save the world. No pressure.

6 thoughts on “Travelers | Official Trailer

  1. FINALLY! A trailer! This show is show great! Anyone who hasnt watched it yet do so! There are 6 episodes out already just waiting to be watched. Hopefully this lasts as long as they intend it to last. I mean Orphan Black is ending soon, so I'm glad Travelers has come-a-knockin

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