Traveler’s Notebook SetUp 2018 and Small Michaels Haul

Traveler’s Notebook Set up for 2018 and a small Michaels Haul. This is my first traveler’s notebook that I’ve set up for 2018. I love the way it came out! I purchased many of the items at Michaels. Later in this video I share with you a small Michaels Haul. I hope you enjoy my travelers notebook dashboard, paper clips and embellishments ideas.

32 thoughts on “Traveler’s Notebook SetUp 2018 and Small Michaels Haul

  1. wow that's a lot of note books , They are so pretty I'm not sure I could use them . I don't do the planner or notebook thing but yours are amazing . Here comes 2018 .. Happy New Year !!! TFS

  2. OMGosh, absolutely beautiful. You make stuff look stunning. I just got home today and it is such a bummer that I missed out on the sale of these great planner accessories. 🙁

  3. I'm just got my first planner also, I would like to see how you set it up. Also when you have only one elastic, how do you add multiple inserts? Looking forward to see how you do it, TFS.

  4. Super cute TN, Sandi! Love the dangle charm! I don't do planners or TN's. I'd probably be more organized if I did. LOL! Thanks for the shout out sweetie! Hope you have a safe New Year's eve and a blessed 2018 with good health and success in your business. tfs Big hugs, Christine

  5. I loved the paper clip with the bow and the tule! I will probably steal that idea because it's so cute! One day I am gonna make a kind of travelers notebook. Everything is so pretty! Tfs, Sandi and happy new year! 💕🤗

  6. Gorgeous Sandi!😍 As usual you’ve taken a simple object and turned it into a work of beauty. You also kept it functional. That’s important to me. Great job.🎉 Can’t wait to see what else you have in store. Happy New Year to you and your family.🍾🥂🎉 Tfs sweetie. Hugs-Kristina 🤗

  7. Wanted to try a TN because I carry a pad in my bag and am bin watching all the videos lol I go to Michaels and they didn’t have any Love what you did so pretty
    Do you have a video on how to make the folder?

  8. Love everything, would love to see a tutorial. Sending my blessings to you. I'll have you in my prayers. 2018 is you're year for success. Tfs.

  9. This is so pretty, I don't think I could use it. I'd just want to look at its beauty every day! Thanks for sharing Sandi!

  10. I love how excited you got when you opened it to show us 😂 new viewer here! Going from EC planners to a travelers!

  11. Great setup, I was thinking setting up a file for my clients but didn’t come up with the ideal solution… until I saw this video…. Thank you! And good luck with growing your business!

  12. You are to cute!! I giggled the entre video. Your enthusiasm reminds me so much of one of my fav honorary aunties. I literally called her right after your video.

  13. This video is just too cute. How happy this TN makes you, makes me so happy. I smiled the whole time watching. It’s the simplest things 💕

  14. So I was scrolling through some videos to watch and your planner caught my eye. I have one of these and it's been sitting on my bookshelf for months. This video you put together his giving me inspiration to try this planner out. I purchased it at Hobby Lobby on sale only because the deal was too good to pass up and now I think I may have a great use for it because I don't have a planner setup for scripture writing or good quotes and things of that nature. Thank you so so much for sharing and I will be watching for future videos. All the best. Twanna.

  15. Just got my travelers notebook and I don't know where to begin! I want mine to be beautiful like yours! I love it! All the clips and charms are adorable!

  16. Stunning❤️🌟 Everything was creative, functional, cute and it's clear to see the passion, dedication and joy you put into your work. TFS 💓🤗

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